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Blood and Chocolate: The Next Generation

May/June: Midsummer Moon

Chapter 1. Legal to Drink

Ugh, I groaned waking up to realize what day it was. Was it really necessary to celebrate a twenty-first birthday so thoroughly? Besides being the legal drinking age what was so important? You were legally an adult at eighteen, so what was so important about twenty-one? Normally I wouldn't complain about something like this-a birthday for the entire pack to celebrate, especially if it was mine. But things were busy right now, did it have to be now? And why this year? The last few years had been a simple bonfire and run, some cake and some drinking and everyone going home happy. But this year? This year was big. My wedding wasn't even this extravagant and half the other pack had been invited to that!

"Viv?" Ulf knocked on the door of our bedroom, it was only then that I realized Gabriel wasn't in bed, or even in the room for that matter.

"Yeah?" I answered groggily, my body still asleep under the comfy covers.

"Gabriel wants to see you." Ulf sounded a bit like he did when we were teenagers, skittery and nervous.

"Where the hell is he?" I wiped sleep out of my eyes and jumped out of bed. "Oh you can come in by the way, I'm decent." Ulf seemed to be the only one of the five, or the pack for that matter that cared whether they saw me, or any other member of the pack, nude. Since he and Tasha got a place of their own a few years back he's been very…prudish, though I think that's just his way of signifying commitment, something that his mother never did.

"He's in the inn." Ulf answered while entering the room just in time for me to throw a pair of shorts on. "Oh Moon Viv, I thought you said you were decent."

"I had a shirt and panties on you prude, jeesh been hanging out with your granny too much?" I rolled my eyes and ran a brush through my hair.

"Well get dressed quickly, you're needed." Ulf ignored my comment.

"What's the emergency?" I quirked an eyebrow.

"I don't know. Gabriel didn't say." Ulf shrugged his shoulders.

So I pulled a bra on under my T-shirt, just to be professional, and followed Ulf to the inn. Gabriel was waiting in the dining hall a mysterious grin on his face and I began to wonder if this wasn't just a ruse to get me up early on my birthday. And sure enough there was no emergency, Gabriel just wanted to see me.

"You know next time, when there really is an emergency, I'm not going to come running."

"Don't be silly, babe, you would come."

"That's actually a very prophetic statement." Jenny passed by.

"Her's or mine?"

"Her's." Jenny smirked and continued walking on her way to the garden.

"Well of course." Gabriel rolled his eyes, "Its only cause she likes you more, you know."

"Bull," I leaned up to kiss him before moving on to the kitchen to grab some orange juice.

"Hello Vivian!" A regular guest, Abigail, called from her usual table in the corner.

"Hello Abigail!" I called before greeting a few more guests on my search for juice.

When I finally found a pitcher in the kitchen it was whisked away from me by Renata.

"Um, excuse me I was going to drink that." I muttered.

"No we've decided to celebrate your twenty-first birthday you are not allowed any liquid that doesn't have some form of alcohol in it." Only a friend of my mothers could say something like that in complete seriousness.

"You've got to be kidding." Honestly, alcohol wasn't that pleasant. It messed with your head and no matter how little you drink, at some point you end up with your face in a toilet.

"Nope, completely serious."

"I get thirsty a lot. Do you want me to remember this extravagant party you're throwing for me tonight?"

"Don't worry, we'll tape it for you."

"Is this really necessary?" I asked when she handed me a glass of wine to start out my day.

"Yes it is." She smiled sweetly before sneaking off, presumably to hide the juice.

"Vivian! Vivian!" My name was shouted out only it sounded like "Iv-i-ann, Iv-i-ann"

"Hey, Kaleb!" I whirled around to catch the boy up in my arms just as he jumped.

"Guess what?" My half-brother asked. By far, he was the coolest pup I knew.

"What?" I asked playing along.

"Mommy's gonna let me stay up a little while of your party."

"Is she?" Well then it can't be too wild.

"Yep. And she even said I could play with you all day!"

I tousled his cute little light brown curls, "I'm sure she did."

"And what exactly is she going to do all day?"

"It's a secret." Kaleb got a mischievous look on his little face.

"Would you tell your favorite sister in the whole wide world?" I smiled my most angelic smile.

He nodded his head, then shook it, then shrugged, confused.

"It's okay, you don't have to tell me. Hey, how about you go find Abbey, she should be out in the garden with Jenny."

"Alright!" I smiled and shook my head watching him literally skip out the door.

"Vivian!" Magda called. What now?


"The triplets are bothering the guests again!"

"And you can't handle this because…?"

"You know how Lucy gets."

"Yeah, I know."

No offense to Gabriel's mother, because at least by him she did alright, but she had no control over her girls! They were always running around bothering guests!

Well maybe bothering is a strong word.

"Oh, yeah?" I heard Lucy reply to a young male guest in a throaty whisper.

The moment the girls turned twelve and realized that for their age they were amply developed and could pass for a fifteen, even sixteen year old, they had been causing a lot of ruckus. More trouble than even me at their age, but to be fair there are three of them. And of course there's Lucy.

"Lucy." When Maggie and Elsie saw me they scattered.

"What?" She batted her blue eyes at me innocently.

"Could you come here a minute?" I asked biting my tongue in front of guests.

"Sure." She waved goodbye to the human boy, probably fifteen or sixteen himself, and followed me into a deserted hall.

"Would you please stop…distracting the guests?"

"That sounded like a request. And it's not hurting anyone." Her look became defiant the moment we entered the hall though her second trail of thought sounded like a complaint.

"It wasn't a request, let me rephrase. Do not go near the guests, male, female or otherwise. Got it? I don't care if its not hurting anyone, I said to leave them alone. If you don't listen I'll give you something to complain about." I'm sure my glare alone at that moment was enough to complain about, but she didn't say anything turned and walked away. Sometimes I wondered if she had walls around her ears.

"Vivian!" Charlotte sprinted into my arms in an exuberant hug.

"Um, hi?"

"I just got the most amazing news!"

I had never seen her look so happy in the four and a half years I'd known her.

"Well tell me then!"

"I'm pregnant!"

Well she had been looking a little round around the middle, but I wasn't going to say anything.

"Does Jacque know?" I guess that's the first logical question you ask your unmarried friend when she gives you such monumental news.

"No, I just found out like five minutes ago, so far I've told my parents, Adelaide, Philip, and you!"

"Don't you think you should tell Jacque before he finds out from someone else?"

"I can't find him anywhere and I'm so excited I can hardly-oh I just cant stand it!" She fairly bounced.

"Uh, I honestly am not trying to be a smart ass or anything but why are you so excited?" I mean she was pregnant and I was happy for her, and she had every right to be excited but this seemed a little excessive.

"Because we've been together since I was fifteen and I'm turning twenty-one in a month! I can't believe we aren't married yet! You and Gabriel were married after what less than a year right? You were seventeen! I don't know what Jacque's waiting on, I mean I'm already his mate, the queen of his pack and we've been living together for two years! I'm hoping that maybe if…"

"Charlotte, were you trying to get pregnant?" It was a logical question. I didn't really understand what her rush to get married was about, I mean Gabriel and I had been in a different situation, we had been through so much uncertainty that having something real, official and lasting was something we needed. But Charlie didn't need to worry, life was always stable in Green Mountain Valley.

"No, but I'm happy now that I am." She looked at me then, really looked at me and seeing the other thoughts I had hid not to spoil her mood she explained. "I feel like things are going to go crazy again …like they did when you first moved here and Giles…" Her voice trailed off, "Anyway I just want …something." The stability thing. Wow, was everything feeling prophetic today.

"Vivian!" It was Willem this time. Charlotte turned with me at the sound of his voice.

"What?" I snapped. I vaguely wondered if my birthday was going to be so spectacular after all, if they were making me handle every little crisis.

"Gabriel wants you!"

"Oh, not this again, tell him he has to come to me this time." I was really tired of this, I wasn't going to come running just because he asked me to.

"No its really important this time!" I took in his flushed cheeks and worried eyes and decided to believe him.

Charlie and I followed Willem back to the dining hall. It had been cleared of guests and filled with every adult member of the pack. Plus Jacque was there, looking worried. This could not be good.

"What is it?" I asked coming to stand by Gabriel. He put an arm around my waist and whispered, "We were waiting for you, I'm glad you came." To Jacque he said, "You can go on now."

Charlotte had moved to stand by Jacque and his eyes lit up when he saw her. She placed her hand in his and he began to address our pack.

"Most of you know Pierre Carver from town and from runs, well he was running around in the woods yesterday and he found a body. It looks like it was attacked by a loup-garou and I've just spoke with a few of my own pack to spread the word around town. I'm pretty sure it wasn't one of our own because the bite marks were fairly far apart, too large for a Green Mountain native, but of course we'll look into it. I hope that Gabriel will do the same for yours."

"Understand I'm not pointing fingers, just trying to get to the bottom of this. This isn't the first body that was found. In the last few months there have been several bodies turning up all along the Vermont/New Hampshire border and they all look like loup-garou attacks, though the authorities are crediting it to some large animal. Now Mike, the sheriff and our officers are trying to shield the blame from our area but the attacks are getting closer to Green Mountain Valley. It's time we came together to defend ourselves regardless of who's doing it." Jacque stepped back to let Gabriel speak.

"How do you know its one of us?" Someone shouted.

"We are the only loup-garou for a 300 mile radius, and its getting closer to home. Either there are larger wolves like us from the south coming to frame us or its one of us." Gabriel answered simply. I could already see he looked stressed, but to the average person, he would have appeared calm, collected, and in control.

The pack was looking uneasy I could see what was happening, the same thing that happened in West Virginia and Maryland. The only question was: who was doing it this time?

But in my mind there were more questions: Why was this happening to us again? What was it about this generation that just kept seeing the same problems over and over? Is that what Persia meant on her death bed when she said we were the only ones suited for these times of trouble ahead? Was this really what this was all about? To test us?

I looked up at Gabriel who was, with Jacque, answering questions and calming the pack. In his eyes I saw the same questions.

"Can somebody get me a drink?" I called because there seemed to be nothing else I could do.

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