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Blood or Chocolate: A New Generation, Part 1

Chapter 21: Finally

Is it really so much to ask to have one nice, peaceful day with my husband? A day without having to worry if any moment the FBI is going to descend with fire and silver bullets? Of course it is!

But, as Gabriel and I walked down the hall into the front parlor of our inn, we decided that, for now, all we can really do is wait for Mahone's next move. And that there is no reason we can't relax while we wait. Worrying until we pull our claws out won't do us any good.

"Let's stop by my mother's first. I haven't checked in on her since ….Well I want to check on her." Gabriel said as we crossed the backyard towards our cabin.

"Sure." It didn't take a genius to figure out he was worried news of his father's return had reached Naomi.

Naomi Devereux lay curled up on the living room couch when we arrived minutes later. She was sobbing and when Gabriel hurried to her side to ask her what was wrong, I knew, just like he did, that it was his father.

"He was here!" She wailed. "He was r-r-ri-ight here at the i-i-inn and he didn't e-e-evan come here b-be-before he took off a-a-again!"

"Mother that's my fault I-" Gabriel started but was cut off when I advanced forward….

And slapped his mother.

If Gabriel had known what I was going to do, he would have stopped me. But, as it was, I saw a sad, pathetic woman who sorely needed a wake-up call, and I gave it to her. Never-mind that she's my mother-in-law.

Her sobbing ceased.

"He's an asshole. A lazy, good-for-nothing, asshole. Do you know what I would do if Gabriel ran off on me and treated me like that? I wouldn't sit here on my ass and bawl about what's never going to change! I'd kick his tail to the curb, and tell him he wasn't welcome anywhere near me ever again! Why's that? Because I have a backbone and it's about time you grew one. Erick Devereux is never going to change and unless you accept that and move on, you're going to live the rest of your life crying over a stupid male who's not even worth it."

She just looked at me and blinked. I don't think anyone had even told her that before. I doubt anyone has ever done anything but pity her. Well, that was about to change. I wouldn't let her sit around moping any longer. Tomorrow I was sending her to Esme, with strict orders to straighten her up and teach her how a loup-garou female should act; we did not cower and whimper when our mates disappointed us! We went out and ripped payback on his ass!

"Vivian." Gabriel looked at me like he didn't know quite what to do or say. It was a rare thing when Gabriel didn't know what to do. I smirked in satisfaction.

The triplets crept around a corner and stared, glancing between their mother and me. Lucy looked at me with something like awe on her face. Finally. After nearly 5 years since Gabriel and I first got together, I was finally getting some respect.

"Tomorrow, Esme's going to take you to town. You're going to get some new clothes, and troll the town for any poor, unsuspecting male who looks like he'd be a good rebound." I almost expected her to argue, but she didn't.

"Okay," Was all she said, still in a state of shock.

"Okay," I took Gabriel by the arm and led him toward the door. All my good work would go to waste if he babied her now. "We'll see you tomorrow."

We were almost out the door when Lucy called my name. "Vivian?"

"Yeah, Luce?" I turned back.

"How's Pierre doing?"

Oh no. The last thing we needed was Lucy growing too fond of a Carver brother nearly twice her age.

"He's gonna be fine." I reassured her and led my mate out the door.

Gabriel and I walked back to the cabin in silence.

Finally, Gabriel had to say, "Someone's on a roll today: first Jacqueline, then Bridget, and now my mother."

"Someone has to take care of things around here." I teased and brushed against him as we past through our front door.

"Does taking care of things mean keeping secrets?" His eyes, so piercing and so blue, met mine and I knew he was wondering about earlier with Aunt Abigail.

"It wasn't a secret I was going to keep for long." I tugged him to the couch.

"So tell me." It wasn't a demand, but with Gabriel statements often sounded that way.

Somehow, this seemed so anticlimactic. For four years, we had wrestled with the knowledge that we may never have children. Now, when we could, I was faced with the enormous task of telling Gabriel; and it was happening right here on the living room couch: no fireworks, no spectacle, just him and me and monumental news. I felt as I had that first day we were together: nervous and afraid he might not care. Of course, I know now that that was crazy. But back then, nothing was as unnerving as the uncertainty of what lay ahead. It was the same now. Only now, it wasn't just mine and Gabriel's future I was unsure about.

"Vivian." Gabriel nudged my face up to his. "Tell me."

"The remedy worked." I blurted out, and then bit my tongue feeling the taste of blood in my mouth.

For a moment Gabriel's face was blank as he processed what that meant. Then he exclaimed, "You're pregnant?" His eyes held a barely concealed gleam of hope, as if he dared not believe.

"No, not yet. I just mean that I can now. I think. I haven't exactly had a chance to test it out…yet." I smiled, relieved now that I'd told him. I was glad that this was finally happening.

Gabriel's face broke out in the brightest grin I'd ever seen on him. All at once, he was holding me tight and close.

"We can have pups!" His happiness was barely contained in the hushed whisper he breathed into my ear.

"I know." I felt the tears leaking onto my cheeks before I knew I was crying. They were happy tears, but Gabriel wouldn't stand to see me cry.

He kissed me roughly, but tenderly. "No more poison remedies, got it? No more," He growled. I hadn't realized that had bothered him so much; every cure has its risks.

"Okay," I agreed. I didn't plan on needing any radical treatments any time soon anyway.

"Oh, sweet Moon." Then he was laughing into my hair, pulling me tighter and I was laughing with him, because right now, at this moment, I don't think we'd ever been closer.

"I love you," I snuggled my head into his neck, kissing a familiar scar there.

"I love you too, babe." His fingers ran from my hair, down my back, and around my waist.

"So, when are you gonna give me my pup?" I pulled back to growl.

"Hmm…" He stroked his chin in mock contemplation. "How's your schedule looking for the next few hours?"

"Well…let's see…" I pulled out an invisible itinerary. "I think I can pencil you in somewhere in between killing the rogues and running the FBI off."

"Between?" Gabriel raised an eyebrow, and wrapped his hands around my body to cup my rear, pulling me up on his lap so I pressed against him. "I was thinking before."

"I'll see what I can do." I smirked, lowering my lips to his.

"You'll see what you can do?" Gabriel's brows arched. "I think you're going to have to do better than that. You have five seconds to get to the bed."

"Or what? Little Amber Persia is gonna be conceived on the floor?" I tossed my tawny mane over my shoulder and dashed down the hall.

Gabriel gave chase, catching me around the waist and throwing me on the bed when we reached our room. "That would make an interesting story, 'Sweetie, did I ever tell you the time your mother was reaping havoc all through the pack: punching prisoners, yelling at mothers, baiting me, and I was forced to punish her?' And since when did we decide on a name?" He was making quick work of disrobing me; my shorts and tank top were already on the floor.

"It was written in the stars." I mused. "You can't fight fate. Amber is my middle name and it only makes sense to name her after Persia, her being the last true healer and all."

"I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. You have to get pregnant first." Gabriel huffed out as I pulled his T-shirt over his head.

"Oh and I suppose you think you should be the one to do that, huh?" I snaked my fingers down his sides to his boxers.

"Why? Were you hoping Agent Mahone was up for the job?" He kicked the sheets out of his way so he could lean over me.

"Oh dear Moon! Horrible mental image there! I may be scared for life. How dare you?" I nipped at him playfully.

"I'm so sorry, how can I ever make it up to you?" Gabriel's voice was a deep throaty whisper that thundered huskily from deep within his chest. His hair had lengthened into a shaggy curtain of darkness and he took great care not to scrape his elongated talons over my wounds. I don't think I'd ever wanted him so badly.

"Oh, I can think of some ways." I licked my lips and pulled him closer.

"I'll bet you can." It was the last thing I heard before I was surrounded and filled with everything that was Gabriel.

"If you come after any one of us, we will come after you." Gabriel told Mahone simply, much later in the day as the waxing moon rose in the dark night sky.

"Are you threatening us?" Mahone's bushy eyebrows rose.

"No, we're promising you." Jacque stepped forward.

Gabriel went on. "We know you've been trying to find a way to get out of our deal, sending Claire and Abigail off, but if you do, we won't wait for you to make the first move. We will attack, before you can get word to Washington for more reinforcements. There are a hell a lot more of us in this town than there is of you, confined to this inn. Do you know how easy it would be to make it look like you and your team never showed up here?"

"Get rid of Jacqueline and the others quickly, otherwise we'll do it for you and it will not be pretty." I finished, not waiting for an answer. This, to me, was the most important part. I was no longer scared of the FBI. Yes, they could kill us, test us, or lock us up, but when forced we could do what loup-garou had been doing for thousands of years: fight or run. But, with monsters like Jacqueline? You couldn't run from them. Their spirit would spread like a sickness and infect others of our kind, creating a distrust of humans and a savage thirst for blood. Her influence had to stop here.

Mahone regarded the four of us, standing there in the parlor of the inn, united and strong. We exuded what I'm sure was an inhuman hostility toward him and his plans. It was enough for him to see we were serious. And, in the end, the human instinct for self-preservation won out; he gave in.

"Have it your way then, beasts."

That was exactly what we wanted to hear.

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My fav. moment in the chap?

"I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. You have to get pregnant first."

"Oh and I suppose you think you should be the one to do that, huh?"

"Why? Were you hoping Agent Mahone was up for the job?"


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