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Or rather, King Mickey and Queen Minnie. Again, I envision Mickey to be 22, and Minnie to be 21. Didn't think I'd write Disney stories without writing one Kingdom Hearts story did you? Heck no! This story is post Kingdom Hearts 2. This chapter is split into two sections. The first section is set at the end of the day that King Mickey came home. The second section looks back on the year that he and Queen Minnie were apart. This is my version of how Queen Minnie dealt with the year that King Mickey was gone. The second chapter will highlight his return. It did take a while to work out all the details that spanned over the three games and work my own details into it. I hope you enjoy it. No flames. Review if you want.

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It was a peaceful and tranquil night at Disney Castle. The crickets chirped and the bull frogs croaked amongst the glistening yard lights. The stars shone brilliantly on the flowers and the freshly watered grass. The stars themselves were a beautiful sight to behold. They twinkled and glimmered in the clear night sky. Two people in particular were enjoying this night.

King Mickey Mouse and Queen Minnie Mouse were sitting snuggled up together on a swing on the balcony outside their bedroom. They were wearing their pajamas. King Mickey wore a pair of red brick-red lounge pants and a red, short-sleeved t-shirt. Queen Minnie wore a pair of red lounge pants and a pink, spaghetti-strap tank, along with a red ribbon. Both were bare foot.

They sat enjoying the warmth and comfort of each others company. The King sat up with his arm around her waist and his other hand on hers. The Queen sat with her feet up on the swing, her head resting against his chest and shoulder and her hand on his chest. Their tails were intertwined on the swing.

"It sure is peaceful tonight," the King said with a smile, looking up at the starry night sky.

"It sure is," the Queen said, snuggling against him. "The stars look so peaceful," she said.

"Yeah, they do," he said.

"And they have you to thank for it," she smiled proudly up at him.

"Thanks, but I didn't do it alone. I had help," he said modestly.

"Maybe so, but the others couldn't have done it without you," she said.

"I couldn't have done it without their help, either."

"Well, together, you succeeded. You saved the worlds, and you're home." The young King and Queen shared a loving smile. They nuzzled their noses together, then cuddled up against one another again.

"It sure feels good to be home," the King said with a sigh of contentment. He felt her snuggle closer to him.

"It sure feels good to have you home," the Queen uttered with a sigh of happiness and contentment. They met each others smile and eyes. She leaned up and pressed her lips to his in a loving and passionate kiss. They each broke the kiss after a few seconds and pulled back to meet each others smiles and chocolate brown eyes. They then snuggled close again. The mice sat there enjoying being together again.


It had been a year since they had been together. The King had left a year ago to find a way to defeat the looming darkness that threatened the worlds. After finding out about the words being in trouble, he left to find out what to do. He snuck out one night and left the castle. He wrote a letter for his friends, letting them know what to do and why he had to leave.

He laid in bed that night with his Queen next to him thinking about what he had to do. He looked down at her. She had fallen asleep cuddled next to him like she had done so many nights. He felt a tear streak down his cheek. She looked so happy, content and peaceful nestled against him. Her head lay on his chest with her hand on his chest and her body against his. How he wished there was another way. But he knew there wasn't. And it pained him. He knew he had to leave without telling her. It was to protect her. If something ever happened to her, he didn't know what he'd do. He had to do this.

As he lay thinking about his options, she shifted and rolled onto her back, though she still directed her face toward his. He knew what he had to do. Regardless of how much it was tearing at his heart, he had to. For the worlds, and for her. He gently and quietly pulled the cover off him and slipped out of bed. He stood up and he gazed at his angel again. Another tear fell from his eye. He walked over to their closet and got out his red shorts and yellow shoes. He quietly took off his pajamas and put on his shorts and shoes, putting his pj's back in the closet. He walked over to their bedroom door and opened it.

"I'll be right back," he whispered. He snuck into the Library and began to write a letter for the wizard to find. Once he finished, he then begun to write a letter to his Queen. He glanced up to the picture of them together, and another tear fell down his cheek. He left the letter for the wizard on the throne in the Audience Chamber, then went back to their bedroom. He got a thorn-less rose and placed it in a vase, and tied a red and pink ribbon around it. He placed them, and the letter, on the table out on their balcony. He walked back into their bedroom to find she had rolled over and was know facing the balcony. He walked over to her side and looked at her.

He couldn't help it as a few more tears streaked down his cheeks. It was tearing him up inside. He saw that the covers were at her waist. He gently took the covers into his hands and pulled them up to her shoulder. She smiled and sighed softly in her sleep as she snuggled further under the cover.

"I love you, Mickey..." she uttered in her sleep. Another tear fell from his eye. He leaned down and kissed her softly on her cheek.

"I love you, Minnie. I'll come home. I promise," he whispered. He softly stroked her shoulder, then walked over to the doorway. He turned back to her as he stood in the doorway.

"I'll come home as soon as I can. I promise. Please wait for me. I love you, and I'll come home. We'll always be together no matter how far apart we are. I'll come back. You can count on that. I love you, Minnie." He smiled at her sleeping form and quietly closed the door. He snuck into the Gummi Hanger and got into a ship. As he fired up the engines, he leaned back against the seat and let out a sigh. He looked up to the ceiling of the hanger and said a prayer.

"Please watch over her and keep her safe. Help her while I'm gone, and please watch over her." He lowered his gaze back to the front of the ship. He pulled out his wallet and looked at his picture of her. A smile found his face.

"I'll be back, Minnie. I'll come home. I promise you that. Please wait for me." He put his wallet back in his pocket.

"Open hanger doors," he said. The doors below the ship opened. "Blast off!" he said. The ship fell through the exit and out of their world. The ship stopped in space outside their world. The King ignited the engines and blasted off. It hurt him. It hurt him to leave his friends without saying goodbye. And what tore at his heart the most... Was leaving his Queen. But he had a duty. His heart aching inside his chest.

He knew if he told her that she would want to come with him. It wasn't that he didn't want to be with her. He loved being with her. He left without telling her to protect her. He knew that she was skilled in magic. But he didn't want her to be in danger. As skilled as she was, he still didn't want her to have to face the darkness. He trusted her. It was the darkness he didn't trust. If something happened to her, he didn't know what he'd do. He hoped she would understand.

And she did. When the Queen awoke that morning, she found that her King wasn't lying beside her. She knew that was the reason she didn't sleep well. She got up, changed, and began to search for him. She ran into the Lady-in-waiting, Daisy, and she joined her on her search. She was looking for her companion, Donald, the Royal Court Wizard. The Queen looked all over for her companion, but she couldn't find him. With every unsuccessful search, she became more and more worried. While looking in the courtyard, they found the wizard and Goofy, Captain of the Royal Knights. The wizard had a letter from the King.

When the Queen read the letter, it felt like someone had punched her in her stomach as hard as they could. Her mind reeled with thoughts, and her heart with emotions. She didn't understand why her beloved King didn't tell her he had to leave. She didn't know why he left without even giving her a goodbye, a kiss or a hug. She felt hurt that he had done this. But even so, her love for him and her trust in him remained as strong as steel. She had faith in him. And she didn't doubt it. The Lady-in-waiting asked what the letter meant.

"It means we'll just have to trust the king," the Queen answered. She did trust him. She trusted him with her life. It was the darkness that she didn't trust. She fought back the tears that threatened to fall. A small bit of relief went through her when the wizard reassured her he and the knight would find him. She thanked both of them for their effort.

"We hope for your safe return. Please help the king," she told them. It was a request, plea and demand all rolled into one. She let the wizard and knight leave to find and help the King. Though she wished that she could have went with them. She wanted to jump in that ship and leave the castle to find him. But she knew that he was counting on her to look after the castle. He was counting on her to wait for him. And she would not let him down. As the wizard and knight boarded the ship, she folded her hands as she looked up at the ship and said a prayer in her mind.

"Please let them find King Mickey and help him. Please let them find and help him. And please let him be okay," she thought.

After their friends had departed, she left the hanger. She just wanted to be alone and collect her thoughts. Truth was, she just wanted him back and wanted to be alone with him. When she emerged into the courtyard, she felt hot tears begin to sting her eyes. She could see him everywhere she looked. In the clouds, in the flowers, everywhere. She felt alone without him there by her side. Her heart didn't even feel right and neither did her soul. It felt like a major piece of her heart was gone. King Mickey was half of Queen Minnie's heart, and vice versa. When he left, half of her heart went with him. And she knew that it would never be complete again, until he came home. Everywhere she looked in the courtyard was memories of moments they shared. Each memory was blissful, but right now, it seemed to only torture her heart. She wanted to make more memories with him. Her heart ached. She ran. She ran through the castle and into their bedroom and locked the door behind her. There were more memories that came to the Queen as she entered their bedroom.

She collapsed on their bed and began to cry. She couldn't help but feel a little angry with her King at first. She didn't understand why he left without telling her anything. But even still... She loved him. She thought about all the wonderful times they shared. How he had never let her down. She couldn't stay upset with him for very long. She always trusted him. And he never gave her a reason to doubt him. She always trusted his judgement, and believed in and had faith in him. She had sobbed for a while on their bed. When she begun to collect her thoughts, she begun to cease crying and wasn't crying as much. She sat up and wiped her eyes. She decided to get some fresh air and try to calm down a little.

She got up and stepped out onto the balcony outside their bedroom. She was again met with more memories of him. But something caught the corner of her eye. She turned to the small, white, round glass-top table on the balcony and noticed a beautiful red rose sitting in a small white vase with a pink and red ribbon tied around it. Curious, she stepped over to it. She picked up the rose, held it to her nose and sniffed.

"Mickey..." she whispered with a smile. Her heart knew it was from him. She lightly stroked the petals of the rose with her fingertips. It was soft and still had a little dew on it, so she knew it was freshly picked. She wished that it was her lovers face that she was touching. She then viewed the ribbons. She smiled. The red represented him, and the pink represented her. She just had that feeling. And they were tied together. She felt a warmth in her heart. That represented them. The ribbons being tied together was a symbol of them. They were tied together by love. Their hearts are connected. She couldn't help but smile. She then noticed a white envelope under the vase. She sat down in one of the white chairs and picked up the envelope. "To Minnie from Mickey." was etched on it. She knew the handwriting. It was her King's. Her eyes widened slightly and she gasped softly, then she opened it. It was a ray of hope and joy for her. She took out the letter and begun to read.

"To Minnie.

Hiya, Minnie. I hope you're reading this. First of all; I don't want you to worry. I'm all right. There's so much to say, but I only have a little time. There's another letter to Donald and Goofy in the Audience Chamber on the throne. It will explain a little and tell the guys what I need them to do. If they haven't found it, go look for it. This letter is to you and you only.

I'm really sorry I left without telling you. I didn't want to, but I had to. Please let me explain: The worlds are in danger. Something is wrong and I have to find out what. The stars have been going out, and that means there's something wrong. You know that there are other worlds. Well, some of those worlds have been covered in darkness and vanished. I have to find out what's going on. I left without telling you because I wanted you to be safe. I wanted you to stay at the castle where you'd be all right.

I love being with you, Minnie. If I could be there with you right now I would. But I have to do this. I left without telling you because I knew if you found out that you would come. It's not that I don't want you with me. I love you and I love being with you. It's just that I want you to be safe. You're my light, Minnie. If something happened to you, I'd lose my light. I'd lose what keeps me going. I left without telling you to protect you. I hope you understand.

I don't know how long I'll be gone, but I promise you I WILL come back. You know me. You know I wouldn't make a promise I couldn't keep. So when I promise you I'll come back, I'm giving you my word. I promise you... I WILL come home. I'm entrusting the castle to you. I'm counting on you to look after things. Don't worry. I'll come home as soon as I can. I promise.

I've got a hug and kiss for you when I get home. I hope you'll wait for me. Remember; I'm always with you. No matter how far apart we are or where I go, I'm always with you, and you're always with me. You and I are connected. We're linked. I'll come home to you. I promise. And I promise that I'll continue to write you while I'm gone. If you need any help, summon Donald and Goofy, or Master Yen Sid. I would come, but I have to stay on the trail of whoever is behind this. And I don't want whoever it is to find my home, or you. I hope you understand. Don't worry. I'll be okay.

Take care of yourself. I promise I'll come home, and to keep writing. I love you, Minnie. I already miss you. And I'll keep missing you till I get back. I'll talk to you again soon. Love you, Minnie.

Love always. King Mickey."

A tear fell from the Queen's eye and onto the table. She held the letter to her chest tightly and closed her eyes.

"Oh, King Mickey..." she whispered. She opened her eyes. She sniffed as she looked at the rose he left her. A smile crept to her face as she thought of her King. She gently put the letter back in it's envelope and held it in her hand. She gently stroked a petal of the rose with her fingers. She stood up and walked over to the banister with the letter grasped firmly in her hand. She raised the letter and held it to her chest as she looked up at the clear blue sky. In her heart earlier, it felt like a storm when she found out her dear King was gone. But his letter and the words he had said was like a ray of sunshine that broke through the dull grey clouds, and cleared the storm to reveal a brighter sky in her heart and soul. She smiled. It was now clear. The young Queen knew now what her own duty was. She smiled as she thought of her King.

"Don't worry, Mickey. I'll be right here waiting for you. I'm so sorry I felt hurt earlier. But I feel a little better now. But I won't feel completely better until you come home. I understand why you left. And I understand why you left without telling me. And I forgive you. To be honest... If I had've found out about the darkness before you... I would've done the same thing to protect you, too. I'm not mad or upset with you because you left. And I'm not mad or upset with you because you left without telling me. I understand why, and I thank you for it. But I do wish I could be there with you to help you." She looked over at the rose. Determination begun to build inside her. She looked back up, the letter grasped in her left hand and her right hand balled into a fist.

"Don't worry. I'll keep an eye on the castle. You can count on me. I won't let you down. You made me a promise, and now I'm making you one; I promise. I promise I'll be waiting for you. No matter how long it takes, I'll be right here waiting for you to come home. I'll wait forever if I have to. I just want you home. I just want us to be together again. I'll be waiting right here for you however long it takes. I promise you. I love you, too, Mickey. I trust you and I believe in you. You're my light, too, Mickey. And I'll be waiting for my light to come home to me. I promise you," she smiled as she finished. Although he wasen't there to hear her, she knew he did. She knew, in her heart, he heard her. That was her duty; To look after the castle and to wait for him. Just then, a gentle breeze blew and brushed against her. She smiled as she looked up.

"I love you, too," she uttered.

With determination built up within her heart and soul, and a promise that they'd be together again, Queen Minnie took the letter, rose and vase and walked back into their bedroom. She sat the vase on the night table next to their bed. She got a box and stored his letter there. She slid the box under their bed where she knew she would always find it. She then got a cup of water and watered the rose. She sat down on their bed, and her gaze fell upon the picture of him she had on the night table on her side of the bed. She picked it up and held it tightly to her chest. She pulled it back a bit and gazed at the picture of him with a loving smile.

"I promise, King Mickey. I'll wait for you. And I'll look after the castle while you're gone. Just please come home soon. Please be careful, and please come home safely." She kissed his picture, then looked at it again.

"I love you, Mickey. I'll be waiting, my King." She set the picture back on the nightstand facing her. She gently stroked her fingertips down it.

"I'll wait for you. I promise." She did feel a little better. She stood up, wiped her eyes and cheeks, unlocked the door and walked out. And true to her word, she waited.

It was hard for Queen Minnie many days and nights. She missed her beloved King so much. The first night was the hardest for her. She lied alone in their bed, feeling alone, worried, and scared. She missed feeling him next to her. She cried herself to sleep that night. She spent many lonely nights in their bed. If she didn't cry herself to sleep, she'd lie awake worrying about him. There were some nights she had nightmares that would wake her with a start. She'd see that he wasn't next to her, and instantly it would tear at her heart. When he was there, she'd awake from a bad dream and he'd wake up and begin to comfort her. He would always make her feel better. She'd lie back down, snuggle up to him, and she'd sleep peacefully. But now he was gone, and she would have to endure those nights until he came home. The worst was the first few weeks. After that, she began to calm down about it. Though her worrying never stopped. She would lie awake and wonder how he was. If he was okay. If he was eating enough. If he was coming close to finding out who was behind the chaos. There were a lot of nights she didn't sleep. And she noticed something else on the nights that she did manage to get some sleep. It wasn't very good. She wasn't sleeping as well without King Mickey next to her. The only thing she had to keep her company were her memories of him. Although it was hard, she never forgot her promise or his. And she never gave up on him.

But she tried to be strong. She had to be strong. For him. She had gradually come to accept what was over a course of a few weeks. Although there were still days and nights that she cried. Days that she would confine herself to their bedroom and sob. And nights she would lie in their bed and weep. But she still remained strong. Although half of her heart, and the reason the remaining half was still beating, was gone, she still believed and had faith that he and her would be together again. And she never gave up on him or her faith and beliefs. So she continued to wait. She also started to wear his pajamas to bed. She could feel and smell him when she wore them. She could feel his love and warmth around her. They helped to bring her some peace and tranquility. But she was strong. And she remained strong. There were also nights she'd sit up and try to think of who could be behind the chaos. Every night she'd pray for him. She'd pray for him to have a safe journey, for him to come home soon and for him to have a safe trip home. She knew her King was strong and that he could take care of himself. She didn't doubt that.

Queen Minnie planted the rose her King left her in the courtyard. She tended to this rose everyday. It was the rose her dear and beloved King Mickey had left for her. She made sure it got enough water and sunlight. She took especially good care of this rose, since it was a gift from her lover. Some nights, she would stroll out into the courtyard and gaze upon it. She loved how it glistened with fresh dew. And she loved how soft to the touch it's petals felt when she touched them. Every bit of it reminded her of her King. Sometimes, she could look at the rose and she could see her King's bright face looking back at her. She loved that. She hoped the rose would live. And it did. Over time, the rose grew into a beautiful rosebush, with many beautiful roses on it.

One evening Queen Minnie and Lady Daisy were walking through the castle when they saw the wizards nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, running through the courtyard. The Queen felt a little happy that the boys were home, but she really wished it was her King. She just stood there as she watched the boys run through the yard. She couldn't help it as her imagination began to envision her beloved King coming through those doors. She relished the thought. But she knew that it weren't an option right now. But she knew, in the future, it would be. Lady Daisy also helped Queen Minnie through. Because Donald was gone as well, both women could relate. The women would try to comfort each other when the needed it. And they would try to reassure one another when needed as well. But the Queen remained strong.

Every letter she got from him was like getting a gift from above. She would check the mail, see his seal on a letter and she would squeal with excitement. She would run straight to their bedroom, open the letter and read it like her life depended on it. In every letter the King told her how he was doing, how much he missed her and wanted to see her again, and how his investigation was going. Once she read the letter, she'd store it in the box with the rest of them. Some nights, she'd sit up and read his letters over and over again. She kept everyone of the letters he sent her. He sent her a letter every month he was gone. Sometimes she'd get a letter every couple of weeks. And she cherished everyone she got. He also sent her a letter for holidays as well. She got one for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, and Easter. He made it back before her birthday and their Anniversary. And he also sent her a card for every holiday as well.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day were the hardest holidays. Even though Queen Minnie knew King Mickey wanted her to enjoy herself, she couldn't. Not without him. She tried to enjoy herself a little, because she knew that's what he wanted. But she just couldn't do it. But she never forgot her promise to him, or his to her. She thought about him every single day he was gone. For Christmas, he sent her an extra letter. In the envelope, was a silver ring. In the letter he told her that he had that ring mad just for her, and that he even cast some of his magic on it, so she could use it to cast spells. He also told her that it could protect her if she was in danger, and that she could use it to summon Yen Sid, Donald or Goofy if she had to. He also told her that she could let Master Yen Sid teach her some spells if she wanted to. Master Yen Sid was the King's teacher. He had taught him what he knew in magic. And the King had taught the Queen.

The Queen finished the letter and looked at the ring. It was beautiful. And what made it even more special, was that her King had put his own personal touch into it. She slipped the ring on her right index finger, and could instantly feel him. She could feel his love and his warmth. She never took the ring off. She summoned Master Yen Sid to the castle and asked him if he could teach her some spells. He agreed. She asked him if he could help her find the King, but he didn't know his whereabouts. He explained that the King wanted her to stay there and wait for him. She agreed. She knew that's what the King wanted. And she still had her promise. Yen Sid taught her a few spells, and she picked up on them rather quickly. She enjoyed being able to use magic. She thought it was fun. She couldn't wait to show her King. And also couldn't wait for her and him to practice spells together.

Then the Heartless appeared in the castle. King Mickey had told Queen Minnie about them in some of his letters. It wasn't until they appeared that she actually knew what they were. Even then, she didn't know that was them. She just knew they were shadows or creatures of darkness. She began to fight them off using her ring. It worked. Now the Queen felt like she was actually helping her King somehow. She fought hard against them. She scoured the Library records for anything that could help. But she found nothing. She sealed off the entrance to the Audience Chamber so the Heartless couldn't gain access to the Cornerstone of Light. She went back to the Library to find out more about the Heartless. That's when the gummi engineers, Chip and Dale, came to inform her about the status of the Cornerstone of Light. She entered the Hall of the Cornerstone and was met with a ghastly sight: The Room was covered in darkness and thorns. She was concerned. She wished her King was there. She clasped her hands together.

"Oh, King Mickey, I wish you could hear me. The castle is in danger! We've got to do something soon!" She then thought about what he had said in his letter. So she summoned Donald and Goofy to the castle. She left the room and sealed the entrance to the Audience Chamber. She told the engineers to keep a look out for the gummi ship to arrive, and to tell Donald and Goofy that she'd be waiting in the Library. She made her way there. She steeped over to the table and looked at the picture of her and her King together. She couldn't help but let a few stray tears roll down her cheeks. She softly touched his picture.

"Oh, Mickey... I wish you were here. You'd know what to do." She closed her eyes. She then thought of his words in his letter. Those words were etched into her mind and heart. It was almost like she could hear his voice telling her not to fear and that everything would be okay. That he was with her in her heart and he'd never abandon her. She opened her eyes and looked back up at his picture with a determined look.

"Don't worry, King Mickey. I'll do whatever I can. I WON'T let you down. I'm gonna make sure that you have a safe home to return to. I'll be okay. You're doing your best out there, so I'm going to do my best here." She balled her right fist. "I promise." She smiled at his picture and stroked her finger across it. She stood up and walked over to the large bookshelf. She started to look through all the different books to see if there was any that could help her. That's when Donald, Goofy and Sora, the Keyblade master, walked in. The Queen didn't know him at first and looked at him quizzically. Then the wizard revealed his name. Queen Minnie knew him then. King Mickey had told her about him in some of his letters. She felt a little relief go through her. She knew that her King was a Keyblade master, and she knew how powerful he was. She knew from the Kings letters that Sora had progressed as a Keyblade master, and that he was quite powerful himself. Although he couldn't compare to her King in her eye. She knew that Sora could save their home while the King was on his important mission.

When Sora asked her if she knew where the King was, it tugged at her heart. She wished with every ounce of magic she had that she did know. She hung her head and shook it. If she knew where he was, and if she had another gummi ship, she'd go off herself to find and help him. But King Mickey and the wizard and knight had taken the only ships. And she did make a promise. And she would've rather died than to let her King down. The wizard revealed to her that it was the Heartless that had invaded their home. This burned at her. She would fight back. Her King was, and so she was too. As Sora escorted her to the Audience Chamber, she fought against the Heartless again. She took several hits as she fought. The claws of the Heartless tore through her dress and into her skin. Their claws scraped her skin, and left some scars. Some more deep, some minor. The cuts they made stung, hurt and made her eyes water with every hit.

She wondered how her King could take that kind of abuse and torture. How could her sweet and kind King be thrust into something so deadly? It wasn't fair for him to have to go through this! But thinking of how he was facing this every single day only made her more determained. She fought back the tears and the pain and fought back with all of her strength against the Heartless. She had to. For him. She used her heal spell, healing the wounds the Heartless had inflicted. The more severe ones were healed, and the rest would heal with time. She found that the Heartless had infiltrated the Audience Chamber and there were a multitude of them. With Sora's help, they made their way to the throne, where she pressed the secret button and uncovered the Hall of the Cornerstone. They entered the underground room.

Then the witch, Maleficent, appeared. Queen Minnie stood strong against her, along with her friends. Maleficent revealed that she wanted to cover Disney Castle in darkness. She left with a cackle. The knight suggested that they consult Merlin the wizard. Merlin, like Yen Sid, was a powerful wizard. But whereas Yen Sid was the King and Queen's teacher, Merlin was Court wizard Donald's teacher. Queen Minnie agreed that they should ask for his help. After Sora, Donald and Goofy left, the Queen stayed and kept watch after the cornerstone. She couldn't help but feel a little helpless. She didn't know what to do. But her Kings words kept buzzing through her mind. She couldn't give up. She had to fight back. For him. It didn't take the others long to get back.

Merlin gave his hypothesis on what could be the cause. After using his magic to conjure up a door to the past, Sora, Donald and Goofy stepped through. While they were gone, the Queen stayed behind in the Hall of the Cornerstone. She took the opportunity to practice her magic. After about a half hour, the room suddenly became brighter. She knew the three had succeeded. She watched as the thorns disappeared, and the heroes emerged from the door. She welcomed them back and thanked them for their effort. Lady Daisy appeared and was temporarily reunited with Donald. Queen Minnie was happy for her friends, but she couldn't help but wish that her King was home, so he and her could celebrate too. Sora's keyblade began to glow, and by using it, opened up he and his friends next destination. Sora told the Queen that when she seen the King to tell him that they were still looking for him. She told him she would. She wished that she could see him soon. Sora, Donald and Goofy departed once again for their journey, leaving the Queen at the castle. And Queen Minnie continued to wait, hope and pray for King Mickey. For her King.

The Queen got another letter in the mail from the King the next day. And just like with every letter, she ran to their bedroom and opened it immediately. In it, he described how his journey was going and how he was doing. He also told about how their friends were doing when he saw them. But there was another thing he said that raised her hopes. He also said that he was coming close to finding out who was behind the words disappearing and that he should get to come home soon. The young Queen smiled and couldn't contain the squeal of glee she let out upon reading those wonderful words. She folded her hands, looked up to the ceiling, closed her eyes and smiled as she said a prayer.

"Thank you so much. With all of my heart, thank you." She just knew... her King would be coming home. A couple days later,
her hopes, prayers and wishes would come true.