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The insult probably wasn't the best in the world but it hit me hard, right in the heart. My fur was a different color. I appeared different from the others and I received this insult so many times, each day and it dragged me down.

"Off-color's are weak! I could take you down any day!" The comment stung but I ignored it, as best as I could.

I walked past them, head held high, tail straight out. Each time my paw hit the ground I dug my claws in, preventing my anger from lashing out. I could feel the fire burning within me, aching to be let loose, building and building. But I would hold it in. My mother had taught me to hold it in.

I would get in trouble if I let it out. The pack law forbade the use of fire in fights. Forest fires would result and thus our home could be ruined.

"Any of us could beat you! Heck even a Caterpie could!"

I winced visibly, as though the insult had been physical and not just verbal. Laughter rang in my ears and I could feel the fire burning within me again, aching to be let loose. I swallowed it down.

Jeers and insults followed me as I went to the edge of the play area. The other pups hated me. I never understood why my mother made me come here.

I waited at the edge of the play area, watching the adults talk. They kept an eye on us but I knew I would be able to slip away unnoticed. No one but my mother or the pack leader would realize I was missing and I'd be back before that happened.

I needed to let it all out. I needed to get away. As soon as the adults had turned I was gone, slipping away into the dense, thick underbrush. No one would miss me.

Walking quickly, the anger still flared inside me. The fire threatened to explode from me but I swallowed it again; I had to hold it in until I got to my place.

After a couple of minutes I was there, deep within the forest. No one would find me here. I looked around the small clearing and then at the river which ran through the clearing. My clearing. Then my eyes traveled over the ground, my vision blurred by my tears. The ground had been charred, evidence of how many times I came to this calming place to let my anger out.

I ambled over, tears stinging my eyes and I lifted my head and howled my pain to the entire forest. I was far enough away that my pack would not hear it. My howls echoed off the trees, bouncing back at me.

My anger welled up and the next thing out of my mouth were hot embers. I spat them at the ground in my anger. As soon as my anger had faded to nothing more then a dull roar, I stomped out the small fires that had erupted on the ground around me, scorching the dirt and burning the grass. Smoke wound its way into the sky and I sat back, trying to hold in the tears, and failing.

The ground in front of me slowly started to become wet with my tears as I silently cried the rest of my anger and frustration away.

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