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---A Week earlier, Inside Poke'Partners' Main Office Building,14th floor---

A young man lounged in a chair inside a brightly lit, clean, office. He looked to be in his twentys, perhaps twenty five or younger. Although the room was sparkling clean and brightly lit he wore sturdy, slightly worn-out combat boots that were covered in mud and dirt. They were more brown then the original bright black they once were.

Whenever he shifted his feet, the boots scattered dirt over the pristine white floor. His pants were in no better condition than his boots were; they were worn and needed to be replaced, and if one looked closely then one would be able to see the patch marks where rips or tears had occurred and been fixed. Not only were there patch marks on the cargo pants he wore but also stains. Obviously they were well used. His shirt, however, was much nicer than either his boots or pants. It was faded, yes, but the dark gray fabric of the t-shirt was obviously clean.

His foot tapped a quick beat on the table in front of the chair he had seated himself in. Every tap of his foot caused dirt to fly from his boots to elsewhere on the floor. The secretary at the desk observed this with thinly veiled annoyance and frustration. But whenever the man's dark green eyes rose to smile in her direction she returned to shuffling papers or typing on the computer in front of her, avoiding eye contact.

He couldn't help but widen the smile on his face and turn away, pushing his shaggy brown hair out of his eyes and moving gloved hands to one of his pockets, and withdrew a cell phone from it. If he was going to wait here he might as well amuse himself. He scrolled through the games listed on the phone and was just about to pick one when the ring of a phone caused him to freeze and listen.

"Yes?" The Secretary had picked up the phone, answering it. Obviously it wasn't an outside call or she would have answered with the name of the company. "Yes. He's here." The disapproval was not veiled in her voice and he put his phone back into his pocket.

She hung up the phone with a click and looked to the man, he raised his head, feeling her eyes on him. There was silence between the two. They never had actually gotten along before. "You may go in." She told him with a small scowl.

Standing, he nodded and walked to the large, ornate doors that hid the inner office. Grabbing hold of a handle, he opened one and entered

A booming voice welcomed him. "Mr. Brunner!" He frowned at that.

"Please... Just call me Kale." He said, holding up a gloved hand to halt further speech from the thin man sitting in the chair.

Kale closed the door behind him and instead of sitting just stood in front of the oak desk that took up a good part of the office. The man sitting behind the desk was tall and thin, mid thirty's wearing a dull gray suit. His brown eyes flashed a smile and he waved to a chair. "Sit Kale. Sit!" Kale, however, did not.

" I hav-" But he was cut off.

"Now then; please call me David." The man's voice was stern, and held no room for argument

Kale could only shrug. "David, then. I have other work to do. You have another job for me?" They went through this every time they met, though this was only the fifth time. Why did they always have to go through the name thing? It did not matter anymore; it was business time.

Kale moved closer to the light brown haired man. "Another job correct?"

David nodded his head and leaned back. "You're one of our best Catchers." He started and Kale shifted, leaning his hip on the desk and crossing his arms over his chest as he waited. "We've got word of an oddly colored Pokemon in the Red Wood Forest."

A small smile crept upon Kale's lips. "Finally! You've had me catching small fry like Dratini or Lapras." The normal rare Pokemon of course, highly sought after. "But an odd colored? We're talking like, elusive-white-Eevee-type of odd coloring right?" Another nod and Kale was grinning full on. "Excellent. Do you know the breed?"

"Reports say it's a young Growlithe. Gold, rather than the normal orange." A nod from Kale.

"So then, when do you want me to head out there and start searching?"

"Wait a day or so." David advised. "That way my secretary can compile more information and send it to you."

"Works for me." And it did, he had other jobs for other agencies, though so far none offered him more pay that Poke'Partners did. His cell rang and he turned away, pulling it back out of his pocket to look at it.

"I need to dash." He spoke as he clicked the green button to answer it. "But you can be sure. That Growlithe is as good as caught." He made eye contact with David as he spoke and then turned. "Hello?" He spoke into his phone as he walked out of the office without another glance behind him.

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