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Chapter 1: The Beginning of The Aftermath

The white-haired bloke let out a yawn as he rubbed his eyes carelessly with one sleeved arm. It was a long languid yawn, accompanied with an abandoned drawn-out sound that stated his nonchalant attitude towards his sleepiness.

And for the current lecture he was attending too.

The unfortunate lecturer tactfully ignored the verbal feedback from Soul Eater Evans, as he continued his presentation. Sitting next to the offender sat a girl who glanced quickly over to Soul, her eyebrows furrowing slightly and an index finger shooting up to her lips. Stray strands of light honey-coloured hair fell softly over her shoulders by the movement, the rest lying demurely down to her waist.

"Shush, Soul. You're being rude."

"I was just expressing myself. It's my right."

Maka Albarn narrowed her eyes dangerously, a cue for Soul to shut up. He uttered a soft hmph, ran his fingers quickly through his hair, and deftly tucked his pen to rest on his ear. Maka, however, didn't leave the issue to rest. She reacted to his defiance by pinching his arm calmly, facing the lecturer as she did so. Soul hissed under his breath and reluctantly turned his attention back to where it should belong.

Today was a Monday, and Maka knew Soul utterly despised the arrival of a new schooling week. To reflect his 'grief', he would always select dark coloured clothes to wear to University classes.

As he stood in their living room waiting for her this morning, she wasn't surprised that he was doning a long-sleeved black T-shirt with grey wordings sprawled over its bodice, worn over a dark brown collared shirt, its collars just peeking out from his tee. Black heavy denim jeans adorned by a brown belt hugged loosely around his waist, and snow-white sneakers that he threw on since he couldn't be arsed to find his boots. It was a smart casual attire that made him look dressed-up, but still 'oh-so-cool'.

Maka got to know whom Soul learnt his fashion style from, but that was a story for another day.




"C'mon, Maka. You're always being so prissy about everything."

"What's wrong with being prissy anyway?"

Maka and Soul casually bantered as they strolled out of the lecture hall, which instantaneously burst into ear-shattering activity once the lecturer dismissed them. The University grounds were breeding areas for noise. There were stalls set up along the hallway for promoting causes or fundraising, others eating on the grassy lawns, some running to their lecture theatres presumably being late, and already, Soul had high-fived or exchanged 'cool'-gestured greetings with several faces as he walked along with Maka, who in turn only smiled and dipped her head courteously as an acknowledgement instead.

She also saw that some of the younger female students were giggling nervously whenever Soul strolled past them.

Maka clutched her dress a little tighter. Something from that stirred uncomfortably within her chest.

"Maka, I'm hungry. Can we stop by Cafe 99 today? I'll grab a hamburger."

"But I'm making dinner soon, like... in 1 hour's time."

"I'll eat that too, anyway. No difference."

Maka suddenly stopped in her tracks, and Soul instantly knew that this was her 'indirect' attempt in trying to make a point.

"Now what... !?"

"Well Soul, if you sooo dislike my cooking, just tell me. I can stop cooking... your portion, I mean. And you can have take-aways all day, all night, all the time. You'll like that, wouldn't you?"

"I didn't say anything about your food! I'm just hungry and I need extra portions!"

"So you're saying my food doesn't satisfy your cravings!?"

"Damnit, you're leading this issue far-off the point, Maka. What's 'eating' into you?"

Maka bit her lower lip, a gesture the beautiful girl indulged in, whenever she knew she was being unreasonable. She was close to pouting, an expression which Soul actually enjoyed looking at, although he didn't realise it.

She started walking, albeit a little faster and haughtier, her face now scrowling slightly. The white ends of her dress flapped urgently as a gust of wind descended upon them, the pastel-blue messenger bag slung across her body to rest on her right side was a birthday gift from Soul, many years ago.

Today, Maka was wearing an orange cardigan with a hood over a full-bodied white dress that came to her knees. Her black Mary-Jane shoes met the gravelled ground with loud crunching noises as she picked up speed, feeling a little stupid and getting far too frustrated. Her long hair fluttered after her as she walked against the wind.


She heard him beckon behind her. Again, far too many times, it was always Soul who would 'catch her out'. It was always Soul who saw straight into her 'hints', her 'cues', her sarcasm. And he always wasted no time in ironing out issues with her.

Sometimes, she wished she had more time to be decadently wilful around him. She felt the familiar clasp on her left wrist, always on her left wrist as he reached out with his right hand. The clasp was always firm but also gentle. And always, she was compelled to stop and turn around to face him.

"You always just shoot off with some random stewing issue in your head. You gotta let me in on what's going on. I'm a guy, I'm not another girl who can 'get' what's going on, y'know."

"It's not about that."

"Nice try."

"I'm not expecting anything from you, Soul. Just leave me be."


Maka winced a little, as she always did whenever Soul called her that way. Soul's hold was still firmly on her wrist, whilst his other hand was now tucked into his jean's pocket. Neither felt particularly embarrassed, and Soul was not even conscious of it.

Such was their 'comfortability level' with each other, in the physical sense. Growing up together and never being apart also contributed in stemming the awareness that both were evolving into adults. They just couldn't see each other differently, or treat each other appropriately as they grew older. In fact, neither of them wanted to break the status quo and 'rock the boat'. Deep down inside, they didn't really feel the need to reconsider their current relationship with each other.

But whilst Soul was contented at letting things stream on, Maka was gradually unable to block external expectations and perspectives from influencing her mind. Her friends were determined to pin Soul and her together as a 'couple', although she was absolutely sure that it wasn't possible.

Well, that was what she valiantly thought, in the beginning.


"B-but, Soul and I are a partnership. Of course we need to be together in order to train our Soul Resonance. It needs... 'maintenance'."

Her friends all chuckled at her apparent cluelessness, Jane in particular rolled her eyes and shook her head in an all-knowing manner.

"Oh Maka, you are so perfect in everything except this area. Well, this makes you human like us, I guess. But, do you really feel nothing when those little girls giggle and try to fawn all over Evans?"


Maka tried really hard, but it wasn't easy since she didn't consciously feel 'inclined' to pick up on such observations.

"Here's a tip then, Maka. OBSERVE. And then, I'll ask you again some time later."

[End of flashback]

It was a whole different ball game ever since then. She realised that Soul was really popular, although he was so nonchalent and clueless like herself, he just simply waltzed through the grounds without batting an eyelid. He occasionally greeted some guys who walked right up to him, or indulged in the occasional, ridiculous-looking 'royal luxurious greeting' with Black Star which involved complicated hand and arm gestures executed with perfect timing and synchronisation.

But otherwise, he was oblivious to the ladies.

"How can he be so clueless!?"

Maka was also surprised with herself, wondering how she allowed all these knowledge to go unfounded over these years. It was true that she never felt the need to learn these things, and it wasn't as if the concept of romance was totally foreign to her. But Soul and her were a partnership, dedicated to help each other grow and mature as Meister and Weapon, not as a Woman and Man. They worked and synchronised well because they didn't have reservations about being a girl and a boy.

Foremost, they viewed each other as an indispensible partner. Maka could not defend without Soul, and Soul could not attack without Maka. Maka viewed Soul as an annoying, rude but caring guy who was her weapon. The 'weapon' bit was always her emphasis, and no one taught her any better. If anything, the fact that her own parents' marriage went down the road to hell also securely sealed her imagination with anything to do with dating, kissing, romance, boys, fluffy clouds and marriage.

She celebrated her 24th birthday last year, and her 25th one was approaching. They were in their final year, and were soon to graduate very soon. She fulfilled her promise to Soul that she would train him up to become a Deathscythe, and she achieved that during the year when she was due to turn 21.

Coincidentally, that year she also commemorated her 21st birthday without Soul because he had to support Justin Law in Europe for a one-off assignment. She remembered that persistent aching emptiness, although everyone was in attendance and threw a fabulous and elaborate party for her.

She even started to harbour a very small feeling of regret at the timing of Soul's 'upgrade'. But she thought it was simply the fear of uncertainty, because he had been there for all her birthdays.





She turned away, knowing fully well that she 'acted up' without reason. She blamed Jane, she blamed herself. Battling with 'strange' emotions was something she needed guidance with. Soul's eyes were trained on her, scanning for any signs or hints which could help him understand what was bothering his Meister.

He was struggling just a little in trying to understand Maka's body language, especially recently. In fact, after his successful evolution into Deathscythe status, he felt that Maka was intentionally clamming herself up just to annoy him. It hadn't really happened before, since Maka was usually transparent and open with her emotions.

She had always been the one venturing into the unknown, like battling insanity manifestations head-on, or plunging herself into dangerous grounds despite knowing the risks and the implications.

Who would have offered a friendship badge to a psychologically unstable offspring of a witch, like Crona?

But, his Meister had always trusted him. And he always trusted himself to protect his Meister.




Soul still felt sore for leaving Death City just a week before Maka's 21st birthday. Shinigami-sama's orders were absolute, especially since Deathscythes weren't exactly common. They were a small group of elite weapons, and if he was ordered to provide backup and to learn from the others, he readily obeyed.

But that order was an emotionally trying one. He argued with Shinigami-sama for some time, but he also realised that he was being irresponsible. Gone were the days when he could be 'nonchalent'. He was sensible and smart, and he'd always been the one who was emotionally mature and saw fit upon himself to look after Maka.

But, just for that month, he had to put Maka as his 2nd priority.

Maka betrayed no emotions on her face when he broke the news to her, as carefree and casually as he could over dinner. She merely congratulated him on his 'first mission' and warned him about Justin's obsession with loud thumping music. She waved her 21st birthday issue away, as though she was swatting a fly, and started to gather the dirty dishes for washing.

Soul felt acutely his Meister's first emotional barricade against him, and he didn't know what to do.

From then on, it seemed that he could never reach out to her properly.




"Let me in, Maka."

"What do you mean?"

Maka looked flustered, as she started to wrench her hand out of Soul's grasp. Several students walking by shot them curious glances. Maka caught on quickly, due to her 'heightened awareness'.

"You're avoiding me. You're shutting me out."

"I'm not, Soul. And let me go, people are staring."

"So what? They can see that we're having an argument. Big deal."

"It's not that, Soul. I don't want them to think that we're- oh never mind."


Soul couldn't comprehend Maka's comment, and in his confusion, he loosened his grip and Maka's wrist slipped free. She didn't run away though, because she wasn't really avoiding him. In truth, she was trying hard to reconcile her own emotions, and she just didn't want Soul to stir up further questions within herself.

"Can you just... well, refrain from being inquisitive until we reach home?"

Soul peered curiously at Maka, but decided against talking. He would play by ear, so he grunted in agreement. Maka turned around again and started walking, this time side-by-side with Soul.

She couldn't help but feel bothered that she was focusing on that little bit of warmth on her wrist, left behind by Soul's touch.




Maka walked straight into her room and closed the door gently behind her. She heard Soul shut the front gate and door, and listened as his footsteps told her that he was prodding towards the television. An ad jingle came on, and she sighed audibly.

Maka was tired, and she wanted to laugh at herself.

"How can one become so tired just by thinking?"

She threw her messenger bag onto the bed, and slowly eased herself out of her cardigan. As she stood by the window overlooking a quiet back street, she sighed again because she just didn't know what to say, do, or even think. She wanted to spend more time with Soul, especially since he was 'on standby', and could be summoned to leave at any moment.

The phone started to ring in the living room, and she overheard Soul answer the call. There was a little conversation, and then she heard Soul shout for her.


She walked out towards him, and found that he was sprawled lazily across the couch, a hand holding up the receiver for her.


Soul grunted in response as Maka tentatively held the receiver towards her ear.

"Hello, this is Maka."

"Maka-chan, how are you? This is Tsubaki, I hope you're well."


Soul peered up towards her, obviously quite intrigued at Maka's perked-up tone and change in demeanour. Maka immediately cradled the cordless receiver closer to herself, and retreated into her bedroom. Soul didn't need to know what she was going to say to Tsubaki.

"Maka-chan, I'm glad you sound so happy."

"Well... actually, I'm not really in a good mood. I was just mulling over some matters when you called, so I'm glad to get my mind away from them."

"Oh, do you mind sharing? Is there anything I can help with?"

"You're back in Death City?"

"Yes. I sorted out my personal affairs with regards to my family lineage. I'll tell you more next time we meet."

"How about today? I really want to sound my thoughts out with someone I can trust."

"Anytime, Maka-chan. Anytime."




"Where are you going?"

"I'm meeting Tsubaki-chan."

"How about dinner!? I skipped Cafe 99 because YOU kicked up such a fuss."

Maka realised with horror that she had completely forgot about cooking dinner. She was so wrapped up with her issues, she had gotten herself into a deeper mess. Seeing her expression, Soul knew that she genuinely forgot, and he really wanted her to tell him what was going on. But he also knew that Tsubaki was probably the best person she could talk to, for whatever reason.

"Ah, go anyway. I'll manage."

Soul got up and was already shuffling to the kitchen, reaching for the apron hanging behind the door. Maka was burning up with embarrassment, furious with herself for acting like this. She could see that she was treating Soul quite unfairly, but she just couldn't see a solution, or where the problem was. She needed a second perspective, and it must come from someone who knew them well.

Tsubaki was the perfect candidate.




The 2 ladies were seated in a comfortable corner in DeLux Cottage, their favourite hangout since it offered them enough privacy and lush leathery chairs to relax in. Maka smiled and laughed at Tsubaki's anecdotes, especially those concerning her missions with Black Star. She felt her old self creeping back, and she welcomed it almost greedily.

"Oh Tsubaki-chan, it's always so funny to hear your adventures with Black Star. I see that he's still the same! We miss him so much in Uni."

"Yeah, he went onwards to Oceania after our mission in London was completed. I decided to make a detour to Japan for that lineage agenda of mine. I should expect to drag him to Uni again next week."

Tsubaki made an exasperated face, which made Maka giggle. Tsubaki smiled at her, happy that Maka was cheery.

"How's things with you and Soul?"

Maka froze for a while, and then she lowered her eyes towards the table. She wasn't sure where to start, or how to begin. She reached for her straw, which was dipped in a coral blue drink, and she began to blurt out how she reacted towards some situations she observed regarding Soul, the way she felt after fighting with Soul, her guilt at treating Soul in this way and that, and she recounted her feelings as factly and accurately as she could.




"Well, it's about time, don't you think?"

Maka's eyes darted instantly to Tsubaki, at the sound of her confidante's kind tone.

"Wait, Tsubaki-chan. I-I mean, what are you trying to say?"

"Maka-chan, you're beginning to feel what a normal girl would feel."

"F-feel? Normal girl?"

"Jealousy, irateness, irrationality... all because of love."

Maka started to chew on her lower lip again. Tsubaki was a little surprised, she was expecting a big reaction from Maka. Then she chuckled to herself, realising that Maka had probably arrived at that same conclusion a long time ago, but simply chucked that possibility far out of the window, and never revisited that notion again.

"Tsubaki-chan, h-how can it be? I mean, I don't really have a good grasp of what love is. Is it an affectionate feeling for a guy? The longing to be with him forever? The urge to get married? If so, I have already reasoned it out and I don't think I love Soul. I can't fathom us being married."

"Then, explain to me why you feel irritated when other girls ogle at Soul."


"Yes! From my own observations previously, I know Soul gets 'checked out' by other girls. Soul is a very decent guy, has good manners, is actually quite classical and intellectual only when he wants to. He scores brownie points because he can play the piano but is also a Deathscythe. It's a very good mix, he's not just about brawn. And really, he's much more tactful and sensitive than other guys, say Black Star. Now this, you gotta admit, Maka-chan."

Tsubaki leaned back into her leathery seat and took a big sip from her drink. Maka sighed in agreement, and recalled the many times when Soul made her throat dry just by inviting her into his inner world.

As he grew older, the appeal of that suit on him also grew. And when he played the piano, he emphasised that he only played for her. It always made her inexplicably happy.

"Only for you, Maka. You're my Meister."

"But Tsubaki-chan, even if I am to admit that he is attractive, it doesn't necessarily mean that I like him! There are tons of attractive Meisters and Weapons in the University, but I don't like them all in that way."

Tsubaki giggled softly when Maka professed her confusion.

"I'll put forth a scenario for you then. Let's say, Soul comes back one night and professes that he's dating somebody, hmm... let's use Willow from the Transfiguration lectures. He starts to whisper sweet nothings over the telephone, he brings her over to your shared apartment and they spend lots of time together. He plays the piano for her-"

Maka didn't expect this, but her heart suddenly pounded and protested painfully once Tsubaki mentioned the words Piano. For. Her. Tsubaki noticed her anguish and stopped, allowing Maka to deal with her feelings.

The imagery of Soul playing that piano, playing that tune, wearing that suit, teaching that dance with another girl instantly sent tears to Maka's eyes. She gasped softly, hastily using her fingers to brush them away. She had an overwhelming urge to wail and weep and sob, the budding frustration that had built up over the last few years suddenly swelled up to the surface.

And she did just that, when she realised Tsubaki had now sat beside her and placed her arms around her shoulders comfortingly.

No questions asked.




Soul washed and dried up the last few dishes before untying the apron and peeling off the rubber gloves from his hands. He shuffled to the living room where there was nothing good on telly. He was still left with an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach, but only because he was concerned over Maka.

They hadn't performed Soul Resonance often over the last few years, especially ever since he became a Deathscythe. There wasn't a need to, since he could resonate with almost any highly-skilled Meister.

But the sight of an irate Maka, angry with herself and refusing to share her burden with him was frustrating. He knew how his Meister worked, and he knew how she would pile all her troubles and worries upon herself. He was fully aware that she had been grappling with some issues and was trying desperately hard to resolve them, but to no avail.

Yet, she refused to let him help her, and it seemed that his attempts fuelled her temper at times. She would turn unreasonable, because he knew that it was her defence mechanism. She strived to be independent, but sometimes, he wanted her to know that she wasn't invulnerable. And if she should fall, he wanted her to allow herself to be caught by him.

In the past, Maka always came around after a guilt trip. She would open up and confess her fears, her worries and make peace with him. No matter how long it took, she always came around.

But this time, it was taking far too long.

A year went by, and Soul wondered if she was even aware that she had some issues within her. If he wanted to trash things out, he couldn't because he was occasionally sent away for missions and assignments. If he did have free time, Maka was already so closed up that he had to spend time knocking on her iron wall.

Strangely, she was always highly agitated whenever they came back from Uni.

"She can't possibly hate school."

Soul grinned to himself at that thought.


Soul almost fell off the couch in shock, blinking twice at the rude interruption.

"B-Black Star?"

He opened the door gingerly, and was knocked out of breath by Black Star's fist of greeting.

"YAHOO! Yo Soul! How are you? Pansy as usual huh!?"

Soul coughed and spluttered in response as he tried to recover from Black Star's 'enthusiastic' punch to his chest. He glared at the blue-haired Meister and thought of 1001 ways to kill his best mate. Black Star, on the other hand, was already making his way towards the couch and he happily plonked down on it.

"Y-you dumbass! You didn't need to beat the socks outta me!"

"Ah ha! Shows how lax you are. Just because you're some big ass Deathscythe doesn't mean you should be such a pansy. Be more alert!"

Soul groaned in response, but he was nevertheless grateful to see his noisy old pal again. It was definitely better than mulling over what his own Meister's internal soul was thinking.

"So, what would you like to drink?"

"Eh? Nothing I prefer really, just throw me anything you have."

Black Star quietened down as he propped his legs onto the coffee table. He relaxed considerably as he propped his hands up on the couch. Soul smiled and saw that Black Star was still as tanned as ever. He was tall, possibly just a little taller than Soul, and he was definitely towering over Tsubaki now.

Shinigami-sama once casually commented how Black Star looked more and more like his deceased father, growing up into a lean handsome assassin who could pack a heavy punch but land as lightly as a feather to avoid detection.

Soul reappeared again, holding 2 cans of beer in his hand. He threw one at Black Star, who caught it swiftly with one hand.


"When did you come back?"

"Yesterday night. A pain in the ass. So many protocols and document checks, the reports were such a nightmare."

"You mean from the Oceania Headquarters?"

"Oh yes, a group of pansies. I told them that me, the Great Black Star didn't need to bother with reports. They gave me the shits."

Soul chuckled as he took a swig from his can. He could just imagine the situation.

"How the hell did you deal with all those little politics and protocols!?"

"Nothing really. Just did what they wanted me to do. Saves me more time than trying to kick up a fuss. Gotta be practical, y'know. That's a cool thing too."

"Aw man, you've become a pansy. You are gonna join the ranks of Maka's father, another Deathscythe crybaby."

Soul huffed indignantly at the mention of Spirit, and he narrowed his eyes.

"No freakin' way am I gonna end up like that good-for-nothing. He messed up Maka big time, although I know he's a good father and all that stuff. But I am nothing like him."

Soul's eyes danced as he stared straight at Black Star.

"I won't treat Maka like that."

Black Star remained silent for a bit, as he took in Soul's strong reaction and defence on Maka's behalf. He took a big gulp, and then placed the can down properly, as if to make a statement. Soul picked up on his body language, and he wondered what Black Star was going to say.

"Oi, what do you mean when you say you're not going to treat Maka 'that way'?"

Black Star's eyes met Soul's squarely, one that conveyed the gravity of his query and an expectation for a serious answer. Soul slowly placed his can down on the coffee table, and he began to think and reflect upon his good mate's question.

"Maka is a good girl. She works hard, strives hard, lives up to expectations and promises. She wanted to make me the best Deathscythe, and she achieved part of it, by making me a Deathscythe. The 'best' bit will come later, although I'm not sure if it can be achiev-"

"You mean you don't trust Maka's abilities?"

"No, I mean I do. Well, recently she's been driving me nuts. We already don't share much time together, and I really want to spend some relaxed moments together, y'know, with her. But, she's just being kinda difficult, and it's been getting worse."

Soul leaned forward, clasping his fingers together. Then he ruffled his hair in exasperation.

"I don't know what I did to her, I only know she's just rejecting my offers to help. When we do the occasional Soul Resonance, I find that she resists my invitations to come into my internal world. She used to enjoy spending time with me there. And when I try to enter hers, there... there is no curtain in sight. I can't find the portal entrance anymore."

"So, you mean she shut you out."

"Yeah, that's the current situation."

"Any reason why?"

"Can't really tell."

"Hmm, can you trace back to a point in time when it could have begun?"

Soul immediately knew it began from his promotion and absence, all in a span of that one year when Maka was turning 21. But, were they really the factors spinning this whole web of confusion? Were there more?

He confided in Black Star candidly, stating what happened, the reactions Maka gave, and the suggestions he tried to offer to her. He talked about school, and how he would try to tug Maka around, and the comments Maka gave whilst trying to walk away.

He repeated anecdotes of Maka with her girl friends, and how some of them told him excerpts of their discussion on separate occasions. He wondered idly how Maka seemed to be particularly annoyed when he walked up to her and tried to introduce himself to some guys, but how those people walked away when he drew near.

As Soul halted to take another swig of his beer, he stopped in mid-action.

"Wait. Hang on a minute. W-why didn't I see this!?"

As he looked to Black Star, he immediately knew Black Star was echoing what he was thinking. Black Star didn't need to say anything, he knew Soul had found his own solution.

"Well then, old man, you sure think fast for a pansy."

"Shut up. It's not funny. I'm really trying to find my feet here."

"Are your feelings really so hard to reconcile with?"

Soul clamped up, and looked down at his fingers. All he saw was Maka's face, her expressions of hurt, her wants and desires shovelled up and discarded as she struggled to deal with her own issues. She had never wanted to bother Soul, never wanted to inconvenience him, but always ended up relying on him.

But he liked that. He wanted that reliance from her. Although he never found it hard to express his personal desires and goals, and share them with her, she had a major issue with sharing hers.

And the loss he felt was probably because Maka retrieved her need to rely on him. She plodded onwards, stumbling and gasping, but adamantly refusing to look at him.

"You're a Deathscythe now, Soul. You're an independent Weapon, able to be wielded by Shinigami-sama and other skilful Meisters for a better purpose."

"Yeah, that sounds cool. But I am still YOUR Weapon, Maka."

Now, he knew how empty his words rung as he wasn't there for her important birthday. He knew Maka never blamed him. She probably blamed herself for feeling wretched, for feeling lonely, for feeling abandoned.

He didn't know Maka blamed herself most for regretting her action in making him into a Deathscythe.

"Black Star, I think I know what she's grappling with. But somehow, this time it's different from the previous guilt trips she'd gone through."

"Of course. We're not forever 13, y'know."

Soul glanced curiously at Black Star, seemingly prompting him to continue.

"Oi, you idiot! She's a WOMAN now, and you're a MAN. Can it get any more obvious? It's no longer enough that she feels empty without you by her side as her Weapon. And it's no longer enough that you are so riled up and flustered just because your Meister is a mess. You're both beginning to see each other as a man and a woman. Both of you are growing a desire to see each other happy, and are so self-sacrificial that it's driving the other insane because of this."

Black Star sighed dramatically as he took an exaggerated swig from his can, nodding in agreement with his own statement. Soul's jaw just dropped open, as he couldn't believe that such words just came out from Black Star's mouth.

"... of all people!? Black Star, you amaze me."

"Hey Black Star, what exactly have you been doing in Oceania? And that extended long mission you took with Tsubaki... lead me in on it, man."

"Oi oi, don't you dare change the subject. It's all about you now."

Soul didn't appreciate a sensible Black Star at times. He had to admit, Black Star was all about the external facade and he knew what his best mate was like, really. This was one of those times when he didn't like him.

"Why are you still hesitant? Grab her for yourelf."

"Say what!?"

"Spit it all out, you dork. For someone so obsessed over being cool, you're terribly sloppy in this."

"Y-you mean, you just want me to confess and tell all? Like, relate my confusion and worries? How I... I..."

Soul stammered and lost his courage. He had just stepped over the fine line that he never thought of doing all his life, until now. That line of friendship, soulmateship, partnership... and a love relationship.

Soul's face turned pale.

"NO WAY, Black Star. That's like going down a dark abyss. I don't know what the hell will happen. This is way worse than being contaminated with the Black Blood, man."

"So, is that all Maka is to you, in the end? You don't even dare to love her?"

Soul leaned heavily backwards onto the chair, resting his head and covering his eyes with his arm. He was annoyed with himself, because he knew he didn't dare cross the line only because he didn't know how Maka would respond.

He didn't want to force Maka into a corner.

But likewise, he successfully stashed away any stray thoughts of his, before they even bloomed. He was contented to be her Weapon. In fact, he was so eager to hang on to this connection that he went to great lengths to comfort her, to be close to her, and those actions were directly setting Maka off.

"Black Star, I think... I think I already loved her for a long time."

Soul was suddenly sombre, but he felt all the tight bonds around his heart snap apart.

"Well, there you go. Wasn't too difficult."

Black Star stood up and walked over to Soul, who uncovered his eyes and blinked at Black Star's outreached hand.

"C'mon Soul, you have work to do."




Maka peered unbelievably at the mountain of tissues covering their table. Tsubaki smiled wryly and laughed uncomfortably as other patrons passed horrified looks at them. But she knew Maka needed this session to unload her problems, and it seemed like it worked.

"Thanks, Tsubaki-chan. I really feel much better."

"I'm glad, and I really want to see you happy. Well, shall we leave now?"

Maka bit her lower lip nervously again, and Tsubaki tried to refrain from chiding her.

"... already?"

"Yes Maka-chan, you need to face up to the problem. And you already know the source, now you just need to tackle it."

"B-but Soul will probably not be ready."

"He will be ready. Give Soul more credit, he's a really intuitive guy."

Maka reluctantly agreed by keeping silent. Soul was much higher in emotional intelligence than herself. On their way back, Tsubaki kept Maka distracted by talking about the Deathscythes in Japan and her own lineage, which Maka became genuinely interested in.

She only found that her throat was dry when she stood before her front door. Tsubaki pushed her gently forward, nodding encouragingly.

Maka opened the front door very slowly.





A jazz tune lightly floated past her ears, and Maka realised that the old gramophone in the living room was the cause of it.

"It could only be Soul."

Her reservations put aside for now, she started to look for him.

"Soul? Are you in here? Why is the record on?"


Maka jumped as she recognised Soul's voice, but it came from a direction she never anticipated. He had been standing in a corner of the living room, closest to the main door. He strolled over determinedly, and shut the front door with a soft 'click' with his back, his eyes holding Maka's.

"What's going on? Are we expecting a guest?"

Maka knew she was making idle talk. Soul never played music for anyone, except her. Again, that recollection of Tsubaki hypothesizing Soul playing music for another girl ached within her.

"No, that's a dumb question."


Maka's indignant retort died when Soul stepped up close to her. Very close. Their heads were almost touching, his body was inches away from hers.

But, he wasn't touching her.

"Tell me, Maka. W-what do you think of me?"


"I'm a man, Maka. When I stand next to you, do you feel conscious?"

Soul got his answer when Maka looked away, reddened in the face.

"Since when did you begin to feel this way?"

"Soul, why are you assuming?"

She was still not looking at him.

"I'm not, Maka. I'm your Weapon, I think I get bragging rights to say I know you better than anyone else. And likewise, you should claim that for me too, as my Meister."

"Don't, Soul. There's no need to know each other so well. It's okay, it really doesn't matter."

"Why not?"

"Because it doesn't really count for anything in the end! You're a Deathscythe now, Soul. You're a fearsome Weapon to be wielded by tremendously skilled people. You don't just perform Soul Resonance with me. I'm... I'm not the only one. We don't need to... to have this Soul Resonance anymore."

"Who said that!?"

Maka felt trapped by Soul's rising anger. She always felt this way, whenever she tried to reason things out with Soul. He had that effect on her.

"Ok, it's ME! I said that. Happy?"

Maka looked up at her white-haired Weapon defiantly, only to be stunned by his eyes. He looked hurt, he felt rejected. It was only for a few seconds, and when he blinked, it was gone.

But Maka was sure she saw it, and her heart seized up in pain.

"Oh Maka, you idiot! Why on earth would you hurt Soul again!?"

She wanted to scream at herself, as she couldn't fathom why she was intent on driving Soul away, only to regret her actions bitterly. Tsubaki reasoned out her feelings with her, but she couldn't say anything now, not when she didn't know how Soul would respond.

"I can't. It may really drive him away. To him, I'm just a Meister."

Then, a piano interlude began playing, and Maka took in a sharp breath.

"... play the piano for her."

Maka didn't know why, but that powerful image caused her to seize Soul's shirt and grasp it tightly with both hands.

"No... don't..."

Maka kept her head down, she didn't want Soul to move away. She just wanted things to be as they were. If grabbing his shirt wouldn't allow him to move, then that would be fine.


"Don't talk."

Soul was a bit confused, although strangely, he actually figured out that Maka wanted him to remain still until she sorted things out with herself. But, this was the first time Maka made a positive action, rather than a negative one.

Putting a hand on his chest, and restraining him from moving closer wasn't exactly encouraging at that time.

The jazz piece floated everywhere, landing lightly on them seemingly, a stark contradiction to the internal drumming within their own worlds. It was during this brief interlude that Maka realised that there was also the scent of lavender in the living room. She opened her eyes and lifted her head slightly, taking in the sight of lighted candles placed strategically around them.

"You mean you only noticed? Geez, you're really slow, Maka."

"I told you not to talk, Soul."

Maka bit her lip, and Soul reined in his instinct to touch her lips with his finger. He was still not touching her, and she was stubbornly pulling at his shirt.

This was a strange situation to be in.




"Soul, what do you think of me?"

Maka didn't look up now, she resumed focusing on the floor. She felt Soul take in a deep breath, and suddenly jumped when she felt his hands grasping both her wrists.

"Maka, you're my Meister. In the past, that meant I should protect you, because we had a bond. We could not operate without the other. Well, I may have wanted to be like Justin, but there's no way you would be displaced in my life. And then, you're my friend and soulmate. Beyond a Meister-Weapon relationship, we get on well. You are studious, I am lazy. You are meticulous, I am sloppy. Opposites attract, y'know. You protect me in your own way by striving so hard on your own, and I want to tell you I appreciate it."

A brief silence ensued. Maka heard Soul swallow a lump in his throat.

"But, it makes me lonely, Maka."

Soul's grip on Maka's wrists tightened, as he fought to get the words out. Maka was still looking down, afraid to cast her eyes on him.

"I know y-you don't blame me for not attending your 21st birthday celebration. But, everyday I wish I can turn back the clock so that I can defy Shinigami-sama, and be in that precious moment with you. I know it means a lot to you and I want to do anything I can to make it up to y-"

"No. It's not like that, Soul."

Maka finally looked into Soul's eyes and there was a fire burning within it. Soul was a little taken aback. He hadn't seen that determined look in her for a long time.

"I mentally cursed and regretted that I made you a Deathscythe, Soul. I wished that you weren't one when it was so close to my birthday. I selfishly wanted you to spend that day with me, all the more because it was a special occasion. But I shouldn't have, Soul. Now... now you know how I feel. As your Meister, I'm terrible. How could anyone- Ooph!"

Maka felt the air knocked out of her as Soul released her wrists, and grabbed her by her waist instead. She leaned against his chest, surprised at his ardor and pleasantly enjoying the exquisite sensation of this physical embrace.

It had been a long time since they last hugged.

"Maka, you silly girl."

"What now!?"

"I don't mind that, of course! If you told me you didn't want me to become a Deathscythe because you wanted to be with me, I'd gladly give up the pursuit."

Maka blushed deeply and struggled to get out of the embrace.

"S-Soul! I didn't mean it that way... it wasn't a confession, you idiot."

"Oh? Then what was that?"

Maka continued to struggle pitifully against Soul, who had a python-like hold over her.

"Soul, you idiot."

Maka softly chastised him as she slowly eased into his embrace. Soul brought one hand up to hold her shoulders, pulling her upper body close to him. Maka held her breath as she felt Soul's hand move up her back slowly.

"Maka, I see you as a woman. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, and I'm sorry I was too frightened to admit that to myself. You just blossomed without me noticing, and I think I was too stupid to realise that I was scaring away potential suitors of yours. I was too insensitive to ignore the fact that you were beginning to see yourself as a lady, attracting the attention of other men. And the fact that you began to resist me as a guy holding your hand in public... like today..."

"I just didn't want people to mistake us as a couple. We aren't one, Soul. I get a lot of queries from people who don't know our backgrounds, and I-I get flustered when other girls are around you."

Maka bit her lip as it quivered slightly. Blushing furiously, she cleared her throat before continuing.

"I-I am crushed whenever I think of you... erm, of you playing the piano for another girl. It's like my heart is pierced when that scenario pops up. I just can't seem to breathe."

Soul cocked his head slightly and stared at Maka, his expression bemused but enlightened.

"Oh, I see that the piano has a huge presence in your mind."

Maka looked away briefly, before nodding.

"But Maka, I never had the intention to play for another woman. Not once before, and ever since I shook hands with you and made a pact as your Weapon when we first met."


Maka whispered incredulously, not wanting to believe Soul.

"Why would I, besides playing for the group once because of an emergency? Maka, I told you. I was more conscious of my feelings. I was only too afraid to own up to them. I didn't even dare to acknowledge them."

Soul pulled Maka closer to him, his hand now moving from her shoulders to cradling her head gently. He dipped down so that his lips were brushing against her right ear.

"I want you, Maka. As a man who loves his woman, I will never hurt you."

Maka shivered as his warm breath and whispered confession fluttered down her neck. She instinctively grabbed his shirt again.

"Maka, tell me what I want to hear."

Soul excited her again with his whispers as he gently ran his lips up and down her neck. Maka's own lips parted, a small moan escaped beyond her control. She grasped his shirt more tightly as she found herself arching her neck towards him, like an offering.


"Tell me, Maka."

"I-I really want you too, Soul. Don't play the piano for others. Play it for me, and only for me."

Soul brought his head up again to look at Maka, quite surprised that she finally voiced out something selfish. She had always been so self-giving, so sacrificial, so guilt-ridden.

Maka looked a little sheepish, but she was smiling and it was a smile which had disappeared for a long time. Soul knew Maka was back, back into her original state which housed a soul with a sunflower field and a great bright sun.

"And... ?"

Maka looked confused.

"I want to hear three words from you, Maka."


"I'm waiting."

"It-it's embarrassing."

"No one's here, geez."

"It's embarrasing because I need to say it TO YOU!"

"But I want to hear it FROM YOU!"

Maka pouted this time, and Soul just couldn't resist. His lips caught hers fully, and he quickly nullified her protests by restraining her hands. He wasn't quite sure if he was kissing her correctly, but this would have to do. It was building up a fire within him, so he was contented.

Soul soon realised Maka had stopped wriggling, so he gingerly let go of her hands. To his delight, Maka didn't immediately break contact. He cradled the back of her neck with one hand and deepened the kiss. Maka breathed in sharply, her hands found their way to the back of Soul's shirt, and then they decided to move up and wrap themselves around his neck.

Maka wasn't sure what to do with her hands initially. Her mind was trying to teach her body what to do, how to behave, and obviously it kickstarted the protests at first. Gradually, the deep desire for Soul and the wants of her physical body took over. She found herself exploring new territory by allowing herself to stop thinking and do something.

This warmth that Soul emitted from his body seemed to enter hers, igniting a comfortable temperature within herself.

Soul started to demand entryway into Maka's mouth. With him picking up kissing techniques rapidly and instinctively, almost like a predator, he began to tilt his head to better accommodate their kissing angles. And his tongue flicked against her lips, easing its way in.


Maka made the mistake of mouthing his name, because she was met with a type of kiss that she was totally unprepared for. It made her gape for breath nasally, and it curiously made her excited that Soul was also fighting for breath.

His want for her heightened her senses.

She was starting to really desire for him.




The soft candle light made Soul hazy with temptation. The jazz piece only managed to make him in the mood for loving seriously. He was losing control, and rapidly trying to 'conquer' Maka. He knew it was wrong, he knew Maka was probably not ready, and he also knew one particular Deathscythe would stew him alive if he did the dirty deed with Maka.

But for now, his sensible side was obediently sleeping whilst his other side roared to life.

Maka's soft little moans and mews as he assaulted her lips and tongue only served to encourage him. She was new to this, as was him, but he was willing to take the lead. Her innocent little responses elicited from this activity was turning him on considerably.

Suddenly, Maka pulled away firmly.


He surprised himself at the low huskiness of his voice. It was raw, breathless and filled with desire.

"It's probably lust..."

He realised Maka was similarly taken aback, but she blushed and quickly turned away.

"She liked that huh."

"Soul, I don't feel comfortable."

"Oh. Well, sure thing."

As Soul was about to release her, Maka looked back at him and asked in a very small voice.

"Can we continue this in your room?"

Soul blinked twice, wondering if he heard her correctly.

"Did Maka just wanted to...?"

"A-Are you sure, Maka?"

"Yes, Soul."

Maka gasped as Soul suddenly lifted her up "bridal" style and marched off to his bedroom. She held on to him desperately by clutching his shoulders.

"You could have warned me!"

"I didn't want you to change your mind."

After he set Maka down carefully in his room, he closed the door behind him, followed by a firm flip of the lock. Maka was suddenly a little nervous.


Soul almost skilfully eased into his kiss with her, as though they had done this since forever. She didn't have time to soak in his new voice, which was intoxicated by his want for her. She reciprocated quickly, pressing forwards into their kiss, adding pressure and slightly parting her lips for Soul. Her hands wrapped possessively around Soul's neck, and then as Soul intensified their kiss, she ran her fingers lightly through his white hair, grabbing a handful when Soul ran his hands down her back.

This time, it was Soul who broke the connection. Maka was left panting softly, hungrily wanting more but modestly trying to mask that expression from her face.

"W-What is it, Soul?"

"You're driving me crazy, Maka. I'm getting really excited around you, and I think you know what I mean, don't you?"

Maka's eyes opened wide, and she blushed yet again. She couldn't believe Soul was so forthright in expressing what he was feeling.

"But even then, Maka... I can't fully indulge in this sensation."


"You still owe me three words, m'dear."

Maka couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. She never thought Soul was so insistent on affirmative words! But she had probably brought this on, since she was bad at being forthright with him.

"Soul, I-I love you."

"Thank you, and I love you too."

Maka squealed at the ferocity of Soul's attack. She was easily lifted up again, and this time, she found herself deposited on Soul's bed.

She'd been on his bed countless times; for discussion, for studying, for nursing him when he was sick. But they had never been in a situation where he was hovering on top of her, and hungrily devouring her lips.

Maka could only find herself meekly holding on to Soul's shoulders, and a want was developing there. She found that she was starting to spread her thighs apart, slowly but surely. This allowed Soul's body to fall squarely between them, and Soul froze in an instant when their bodies touched there.

"M-Maka... ?"


"... tell me when you want to stop... alright?"


Soul tentatively kissed her again, this time migrating down to her neck. Maka instinctively tilted her head and moved to press his head down towards her. Then his lips fluttered over her collarbone, and he began to whisper over her skin.

"Maka, I can't believe we're doing this."

"Me neither, Soul."

"We've got enough pent-up frustrations, perhaps."

"Perhaps. I can't think of allowing any guy to do this... except you, Soul."

Soul smirked as he looked at Maka's flushed face.

"I'm really glad to hear that, Maka. Your body is mine, and mine alone."

Maka blushed considerably when she heard that.

"Trust Soul to become so possessive!"

But then again, she had demanded that he play the piano only for her.

"Everything feels so right, this physical contact is so pleasurable. H-how strange."

It was causing an intense ache there for Maka.

"Soul, I guess we can say, we belong exclusively to one another, can we?"

"We already behaved like that... for a long time, Maka."

A look of understanding passed between the two, both red-hot with desire and impossibly closer to each other at the moment. Maka looked up at him with pleading eyes, as Soul caressed her face gently, peering down at her with loving eyes, filled with an unmasked display of affection.

As Maka shifted her legs, her white dress began to ride up her thighs. This didn't go unnoticed, as Soul's hands now roamed her milky legs. They weren't perfect, as he could feel bumps and scars from all the battles she had gone into, but she still had beautiful slender legs, and he now claimed ownership over them.

He sat up and tugged at his shirt. He was feeling unbearably warm, and wearing 2 shirts didn't help. As he shrugged off his black long-sleeved top, Maka also sat up and began to reach for his collared shirt. Her fingers deftly undid the buttons, and she leaned back to enjoy the view of Soul's lean body peeking out from the opened shirt.

She could also see the scar which was inflicted upon him, a long long time ago.

"Like what you see?"

Soul grinned mischievously as he closed the distance between their lips again. He placed Maka's slender legs around his waist and Maka instinctively responded by hooking one ankle over the other.

Soul was still being chaste, as he gently supported Maka by holding her by her waist and shoulders, but never touching anywhere else.

Maka, on the other hand, propped herself up by holding onto Soul's shoulders. An unbelievable urge there surged within her quickly in this new sitting position. She could tell that Soul was struggling against something.

"Soul? Y-you can do what you like, y'know."

Maka found herself looking into Soul's ruby eyes, half-crazed and half-wild with desire.

"I love you, but I'm going to hurt you if we continue this."

"I know what you're talking about, Soul. I'm 24, and I have basic knowledge on where this is going, seriously."

"Maka, are you really sure? Because I'm fine, honestly. We can stop this now and go to bed."

Maka boldly placed her hands on Soul's body underneath his shirt, and she caressed him as best as she possibly knew how to. Soul's immediate reaction encouraged her, as he growled softly with surpressed delight.

He didn't want to lose control.

But Maka decided that she wanted him to.


Maka tried to copy what Soul previously did, and her lips flew up and down the contours of Soul's neck. Soul drew in a sharp breath, and he hugged her tightly. His hips began to rock upwards, magnetically drawn towards Maka. Maka blushed when she felt his movements. It signalled Soul's need for her, and she felt a little concerned that she was driving him mad.


His voice was thick, he hadn't realised how wet his mouth had become. His body felt feverish, and he just wanted to gravitate towards his Meister. Even as she clung on closely to him, he soon knew that this physical proximity wasn't enough to dose the fire within him.

"Do you know how much I need you?"

Soul's hands slithered down Maka's back towards her bum, and he groped them tightly. Maka whined in protest and embarrassment, but Soul wasn't heeding. He could see it now, this was the perfect position for them together. He envisaged Maka being bumped up and down, face flushed and aching with pleasure, hands tightly wound around his neck, breathless whispers of his name in desire.

Soul growled within him. It was definitely starting to throb there.

"Soul? Are you alright?"

Maka's look of concern melted his heart, he was just bursting to show her just how much he loved her. He grinned, almost wickedly, as his hands went towards her dress. 2 fingers latched onto the zip, 2 others held onto the fabric as he slowly unzipped her from behind.

The shoulder straps began to loosen and fall over, revealing Maka's strapless bra. She was looking away, torn between her modesty, but also her heart's desire – which was not to stop.

"You'll have to step out of this dress, don't you think?"

"But you still have your shirt on."

Soul pondered for a while, and that wicked smile returned again.

"On second thoughts, it's more sexy to keep them on."

Maka blushed, but she knew Soul was right. She was strangely pleased by the sight of Soul's half-naked body, his abs revealed partially by his opened shirt. In fact, one side of his shirt had fallen off his shoulder, and Maka resisted the temptation to bite him there.

Maka cupped Soul's chin with both hands and kissed him on the forehead gently. Soul smiled, before he circled his hands around Maka's waist and pulled her close to him once more. Maka slowly let her weight down on him, sitting almost on his crotch. She wrapped her legs around Soul's hips, enjoying his hot breath on her chest.

"Maka, I need to ask you again. Are you positive you want this?"

"Want what?"

Maka smiled almost impishly, liking the fact that she had a small victory over Soul. Getting Soul to describe the current situation would be priceless.

"Oh, you're being cheeky now, aren't you?"

Soul suddenly lifted her up off him, and pushed her down onto his bed. As she laid under him, Soul gently played with a few strands of her long hair, his eyes focused on his prey.

"I want you. Give yourself to me, Maka. Be my woman."


Maka knew she probably would never win against her weapon. The bold words that he used surprisingly took her breath away and made her feel loved.

"To have you on my bed, to scream out my name in pleasure... I wouldn't have dared think or daydream about this. But you're here with me now. You feel the same for me, don't you?"

"... I do, Soul."

Maka closed her eyes as Soul kissed her again, as if he was thanking her for her reply. She felt her ankles lifted up by Soul, and felt him shift his lower body in, as her long slender legs were spread apart. Her white dress pooled around her hips, exposing her panties.

The kiss was then broken as Soul sat up to undo his belt. A loud clunk on the floor followed, before she noticed that Soul was unbuttoning his jeans. She quickly looked away, heart racing like never before.

"May I?"

Maka glanced at Soul, realising that he was looking at her undergarment.

"If-If you want to."

"I sure do."

Maka squeezed her eyes shut as she felt Soul's fingers latch onto both sides of her panties. As she felt it being pulled down, she covered her face with her hands. She felt her legs being lifted up together, her panties drifting down past her knees, her ankles... and voila! It was gone.

"S-Soul, I..."

"I can't hear you speak, Maka. You're being muffled by your hands."

"I can't look at you, Soul! This is humiliating!"

"It's not, Maka. I'm captivated by you."

Maka cracked open one eye and peered curiously at Soul, who was just sitting there in front of her, smiling widely. He dangled her panties with one finger, almost victoriously.


She saw him put her undergarment down and crawl back to her slowly. Hovering over her again, he pushed against her resistance to keep her legs closed. As he nibbled her right ear gently, he whispered softly.

"You're really wet, Maka."

Maka blushed and tried to sit up, away from Soul's touches and whispers. She was going crazy, even if Soul didn't seem to be so. She didn't want Soul to know that she felt the same, or perhaps even more for him.

It felt like she was showing him her weakness and vulnerability.

"You're not going anywhere, Miss Albarn. Since you're so ready, I'm more than willing to keep up the pace."

Soul unzipped his jeans in one fluid motion as he continued to nuzzle against Maka's neck. She was still adamant that she would make minimal noises, but she couldn't help but breathe more heavily.

She was starting to pant softly.

And that was really turning Soul on.




Maka had never been very well-acquainted with emotions and feelings. Once, during a class on human anatomy and intercourse, she wondered why a guy's reproductive organ ballooned up whenever he was excited.

"Why would it do so? What's its purpose?"

Interestingly, it was Soul who tried to teach her the theoretical aspect.

"Well, when a guy is excited about a girl, he wants to bed her. So, in order for that to be completed, he needs to live up to her expectations by staying like that. Otherwise, you can't achieve anything with a flaccid one."

"So, it only becomes like that when he's excited about the girl?"


"You mean when you're excited about a girl, you become like that?"

"Err... I would, yes."

Maka failed to see Soul's increasing reluctance to divulge more.

"But I still don't get it. Why must it balloon up? And why upon being excited?"

Soul began to thump his head on his desk, in rapid succession.




And now, Maka surveyed it with great interest as Soul revealed his. It looked big.

"Soul, I can't believe I asked you some really stupid questions about that back in high school."

"It's OK. It wasn't as if we were sexually active or thinking of each other that way."

"Yeah, but it was still kinda stupid."

"Well, I found it really cute actually."

Soul captured Maka's lips, to signal that he wanted to stop talking. He was eager to continue. Maka felt his breathing grow ragged, as he pressed his lower body close to hers. Their fingers interlaced as he began to shift into position.

"Don't tell me to stop now, Maka. I won't.... I can't."

Soul hoarsely pleaded with her as he led himself to push into Maka. But he halted nevertheless, as he scanned Maka's face for any resistance or last minute thoughts.

"Poor Soul, it must be taking a lot from him to do this for me."

Maka glanced up at the handsome lad before her, his face flushed with innocence and evil. He walked the fine line between a gentleman and a devil. He wanted her so bad, and yet restrained himself for her permission. He wanted to give her space, and then he wanted to possess her whole.

"Soul, I love you."

Before she knew it, she felt an intrusion pushing into her. She winced, only because she had never felt this way before. Her body concentrated on adjusting to Soul, as she gasped and uttered his name in wisps and broken pants.

In the midst of it, she came to realise that Soul had gripped her fingers tightly all through.

"I'm here with you, Maka. I won't leave you."

The friction stopped, and Maka looked up to see Soul looking at her intensely.

"He has been checking to see if he needs to stop? Soul..."

"Maka... I'm in. Are you adjusting?"

"Y-yeah, I think so."


Soul seemed to be in control, but he was far from sanity. He couldn't push in any further, and all he wanted to do was to pull out and thrust himself into Maka again.

But he couldn't do that to her, not her. He was dying to moan, from all the amazing sensory pleasures that were flooding his body. But, he couldn't. Not when Maka was in foreign territory because of him.

She still looked a little lost.

"It's not surprising, coming from Maka. She's slow in this."



"I feel weird."

Soul looked down to see that Maka was blushing furiously. Her mouth opened to take in small urgent breaths, and she half-closed her eyes, looking away from him.

"S-Soul, I feel... I feel you."

Soul knew he really couldn't take this much longer. Looking at Maka like that unexpectedly sent a jolt downwards. He moved experimentally, and was rewarded by Maka's surprised reaction.

"Ah... AH! S-Soul!"

She shot a glance up at him, her expression revealing desire and innocence, not knowing what to do, but wanting more from him. Soul grunted when she clamped down on him from within, probably because she was still nervous.

"I'm going to move now, Maka. You gotta relax, or else you'll make me come sooner. Uh... you're really tight."

He started to extract himself slowly, fully attuned to Maka's soft little noises. She was clenching his fingers tightly, almost as if she wanted to break free.

"S-Soul... wait..."

"Maka, forgive me."

Soul knew he lost his fight against his desire for her. He couldn't keep ahead of himself, his body was screaming for release. He had to succumb, because he wanted to.

Maka thought she would explode when Soul thrusted back into her again, this time with some force and speed. Before she could even react, he was gone and back again. He groaned deeply and whispered her name loudly, falling into a rhythm as his body rocked backwards and forwards.

She never knew she was capable of making such noises, but she did. She panted and moaned with his movements, becoming audibly louder and groaning with desire. She called out Soul's name in pleasure, encouraging him to continue.

"Maka... Maka..."

Soul looked at her almost happily, kissing her as he continued making love to her. Maka responded in kind, as she wriggled her fingers free from his, and wrapped them around the back of his neck and shoulders. He picked up speed, lifting her hips higher as he did so.

"Ah!... Soul!..."

For some reason, Soul knew Maka was close. She was clutching him, her panting becoming quicker and shorter. Even in this, Soul was amused to find that he still wanted to please his Meister by pleasuring her first.

Maka was surprised when Soul picked her up and deposited her on top of him. They were now both sitting up, and she sank onto him comfortably.

"Come for me, Maka."

"S-Soul, don't say that. It's-it's embarrassing."

Maka betrayed herself as her body started to pick up speed. She was now riding on Soul, her body determined to find its own way to derive maximum pleasure. Soul was blown away by her boldness, as he supported her by holding her butt cheeks.

Her white dress flowed down, covering their bits as she continued to make love to Soul. She embraced him closely to her chest, her abandoned moans filled the room as she felt something stir powerfully within her.

"Soul, you feel so good..."

"So do you, Maka..."

Maka felt saliva trailing down from the corner of her lips, but she couldn't help but only focus on that intense sensation overtaking her body. She squeezed Soul tightly within her, making Soul grunt loudly.

"M-Maka, don't... you'll make me come."

"Soul, let me make you come for me too."

She smashed her lips against his, ignoring his protest and gliding down powerfully onto him. She had a good rhythm, and strong thighs to support herself as she rotated her hips. She felt Soul respond in kind, a sudden gasp and a low drawn-out groan from his throat. His grasp on her bum tightened.

Maka felt a little embarrassed as she heard their juices mixing loudly, whenever she went down on him. She hadn't known she could be this wet. Trickling droplets fell onto Soul's sheets as Soul took over and thrusted upwards into her.

Maka bit her knuckle as the sensations threatened to overtake her rationality. Soul knew he couldn't hang on much longer. He wanted to come into her, he wanted to make her his. But not yet...

"Maka... you got to abandon your self-consciousness."

One finger explored Maka's lower region, kneading her exposed bud as he continued thrusting. It had become hard and red, and Maka was so overwhelmed by that sharp heightened feeling, she gave a loud "Ah!" and grabbed Soul's shirt furiously.


"Feels good huh."

Maka nodded hesitantly, as Soul smiled mischievously and continued to pleasure her.

"Come, come for me, Maka."

Soul whispered as he started thrusting rapidly into Maka, making her buckle and shout. She couldn't take it any longer, something was asking for release within her.

She had to obey.




What happened next was beyond anything Maka had ever experienced. It brought forth explosions within her body, making her almost scream by the intensity. She had nothing to say, except to shout her lover's name as she clenched around him from within. She was breathless, she felt like she ran a marathon. She was tingling all over, drenched with perspiration and the touch of Soul's body and fingers.

She never felt better.

Soul knew Maka was experiencing her first orgasm, but in his bid to please her, he was caught off-guard by how she was pleasuring him with such massive friction. She clamped down on him so hard, he could only release himself within her. He called out her name shortly after she did, enjoying the exquisite sensation of coming into the woman he loved. He was exhausted, but he managed to support Maka's body with his hands, hugging her close to him as they both tried to catch their breaths.

Maka was truly his, and he never felt more accomplished.




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