Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy.

AN: This is my second Buffy story, and my first attempt at humor in this fandom. The reason I chose Anya, Xander, Tara and Dawn as my main characters is because I'm trying to go for an "unlikely heroes" thing. This story is set early season six, before Once more with feeling.

It was just another ordinary night in Sunnydale, or at least, as normal as a night in Sunnydale can ever really be. Dawn and Xander were watching TV, Anya was counting her money, Willow and Tara were flipping through spell books, Giles was cleaning his glasses, and Buffy had just returned from patrol when suddenly, a strange portal appeared in the kitchen.

"Nobody go near it!" Buffy cried. "Especially not you Dawn, it's Tuesday." The matter could have ended there, and the portal may have been quickly dealt with with a spell, if not for the tragic series of events that followed. Anya walked past the kitchen on her way to the bathroom when all her money (Why the hell she took it with her to the bathroom is beyond me) was sucked right out of her hand towards the portal.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! My moneeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy!" she cried, running forwards and diving at the swirling vortex of doom.

"Anya, leave it!" Xander yelled, managing to grab hold of his fiance's ankle before she disapeared completely. "Oh crap! Somebody help me!" he yelled, feeling himself being pulled further into the portal. Dawn, being closest, ignored her sister's orders for her to stay away from the portal, grabbing Xander's shirt. The portal now seemed to be sucking them in even faster. Anya and Xander were no longer visible, and Dawn looked like she was headed for the same fate, when Tara seized hold of her around the waist. Within seconds only Tara's feet were visible, so Buffy, Willow, and Giles surged forward, making one last ditch attempt at saving her and the others. If Buffy had made it, her slayer strength may have given them a chance, but she tripped causing herself, Willow, and Giles to fall like dominoes, watching the portal close before their eyes. At this moment, Spike burst into the house, a basket of kittens tucked under his arm.

"Slayer, you've gotta help me, some bloody demon thinks I owe him five hundred kittens and-" he paused, seeing the slayer, watcher, and wicca attempting to disentangle themselves. "What the bloody hell happened to you lot?" he looked around, noticing something was amiss. "Where's Tara? And the Lil'bit?"

"It appears that Tara, Dawn, Xander and Anya have been sucked through a portal to god knows where" Giles answered, cleaning his glasses.

"Oh" said Spike, setting down the basket, which Miss Kitty Fantastico proceeded to sniff. "Well that bloody sucks now doesn't it?"