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"Okay people, up, up, up, everybody up!" Yelled Anya, beating a spoon against a pot as she walked past the tent Tara and Dawn had slept in. "I've got a fiance' to rescue and I can't do it by myself."

"Buffy, I don't wanna go to school today.." mumbled Dawn's voice.

"Come on, Dawnie" said Tara sleepily. "Xander needs us." Dawn grunted, but apparently got up, as she and Tara emerged from the tent a few minutes later. Dawn gaped at Anya, who seemed fresh as a daisy.

"Seriously, Anya, how do you look that good this early in the morning, and after sleeping in a tent?"

"I didn't sleep in a tent" said Anya. "The Chief offered me a bed in the part of his house that wasn't crushed by bunnies."

"That is so unfair!" Dawn yelled.

"Why? I am the hero, after all"

"Oh, come on! Yesterday you didn't want to be the hero. You hated it!"

"Well, that was before I knew all the perks" said Anya. Dawn opened her mouth to say something else, but Tara stopped her, taking her usual role as the calm voice of reason even though she too was annoyed with Anya.

"Easy there guys, this is no time to be fighting" she said, handing each of them a bag of supplies, as well as their weapon. Tara then helped Anya attach the scabbard for her sword, and Dawn's quiver of arrows. "If we have any hope of saving Xander, we have to stick together, okay?"

"Okay" Dawn sighed. Anya stared stubbornly at her shoes.

"Anya" said Tara, hands on her hips.

"Okay" Anya grumbled.

"Good" said Tara. "Now let's go save Xander."

Meanwhile, Xander was creeping quietly through the tunnels, being careful to not let any bunnies see him. He had to find a way to make it out of this place and go warn Anya and the others, before it was too late. But, unfortunately, he was beginning to lose hope. Xander had been wandering these tunnels all night, and was still no closer to getting out. Oh well, at least they'd all die together. Killed by giant bunnies. Even after all he'd seen and experienced in this world, that was still a tough concept for Xander to get his head around. Suddenly, he heard one of the creatures in question approaching. Panicking, he looked around frantically for somewhere to hide. Spotting a door labeled "Human Weapons", he quickly dove through it.

"Whoa" said Xander as he gazed in awe at the sight before him. The room was full of guns, harpoons, spears, and grenades. He smiled, this stuff could come in handy. He grabbed a few grenades and hooked them into his belt, then chose two small machine guns, loading them and stuffing his pockets with extra ammo. Xander then looked out the door, and the bunny that had been approaching spotted him, but before it could call for help Xander fired a volley of bullets at the floppy eared beast and it fell to the ground, dead. Xander smiled again. Yes, this stuff would come in handy, very handy indeed.

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