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Chapter Nine

When the Goldies arrived in Kido's mansion, the Bronzies welcomed them warmly. They directly guided by Seiya to the dining room.

"Waow…who cooked this?" asked Aiolia excitedly.

Ikki coughed. "Well, actually Seiya or—"

"SEIYA?!" all Goldies looked at Seiya in amazement.

"Whoa…I don't know you can cook!" beamed Aldebaran, grasped Seiya's shoulders.

"Yes, we can order meals from you sometimes!" yelled Milo in enthusiasm.

"You're really talented! It smells good!" Kanon gave compliment.

Seiya grinned hearing the praises. "Well…it's nothing at all…," he said, glanced at his friends who all gave him wrathful look.

When all of them have sat encircling the table, Shun expressed his idea again.

"Well, what if one of you give speech before we eat?" asked Shun cheerfully.

"Speech?" asked Saga.

"Yeah, give us your words about your powerless-state. Now that you've recovered there must be something you want to share," added Shun.


"Shun, should we remind them to that painful moment?" mumbled Ikki.

"No, that's not what I mean," said Shun. "I mean, there must be some lesson we can get from their illness."

"Naaaah, I just want to eat soon!" cut Deathmask impatiently.

"But I think Shun is right," said Mu, looked thoughtful. "There is no harm if we give some speech in this welcome party."

"Yes, I think about the same thing," said Kanon. "Now, who's gonna give the speech?"

"I think Dohko will," said Aiolos, caused Dohko to twitch a little. "Ah, no. You will be bored see me talking in front of you…I mean, I have often talked. What about Saga?"


"Noooo!" replied Saga, a little bit blushed.

"Come on, Saga, you're the one of the wisest," beamed Milo. "You're also our senior."

"Wise?" Saga looked at Milo in disbelief. "If I was wise I wouldn't shout to my brother for about an hour. Ummm…let's see…what about Aiolos?"


"No, no, no, I have no talent for this," cut Aiolos, the same as Saga he also got blushed.

"Brother, you're the main successor of the making of Greatest Caution's medicine!" said Aiolia enthusiastically.

"That doesn't mean I won't get claustrophobic when I stand in front of all of you," replied Aiolos. "What if one of our Bronzies?"

"Good idea!!"

All Bronzies got scarlet.

"Excuse me?" asked Ikki. "We're still kid!"

"That's making more sense!" beamed Dohko. "Youngsters usually are able to raise our spirits!"

"Yeaaah! Bronzies, Bronzies, Bronzies!"

The Goldies mentioned their title as if they were in concert stadium. Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, and Ikki looked at each other in distress.

"Look what you've done, Shun," mumbled Seiya.

"I didn't know it would end like this," replied Shun, his face went red.

"What about Shiryu?" asked Hyoga. "Come on, Shiryu, you're the wisest among us."

"Aaaargh, no!" said Shiryu. "I can't stand performing myself in front of those adults! Well….performing Rozan Syu Ryu Ha is ok, but giving speech…"

"Let's choose Shun, he was the one who planned this," grumbled Ikki.

"No, niisan, I'm claustrophobic!"

"Fine, let's do the old way," said Seiya in frustration. "We play rock, scissor, paper, ok?"

"Good idea!"

The five played rock, scissor, and paper then. After quite long elimination process, it was Hyoga who had to give speech in front of all of them.

"NOOO!" snarled Hyoga hysterically.

"YEEESSS!!!" yelled the other Bronzies in exaggerate excitement. "This has been a fair game!"

"Come one, Hyoga, be quick, before Deathmask destroy our dining room!"

Hyoga looked at his friends in desperation. He didn't know what his sins that he had to accept this punishment.

Finally, after all Bronzies cheered him up, and the Goldies mentioned his name over and over again (some of them punched their fists in the air), Hyoga stood up. His bright blue eyes swept the people in the dining room nervously. He gazed on his teacher who sat in the corner at last. Camus gave his slight smile at him.

As usual, his smile was always able to comfort Hyoga. The blond young man then took a very deep breath and began to talk.

"G…good evening," he greeted.

"Good evening," replied the others.

"Errr…," Hyoga felt his hands trembled, and he would do anything in order he could flee from his place. "Well…you know…," he muttered, swept the room again with his eyes, and he stopped at Camus again.

Suddenly he had an idea to begin the speech.

"Well…when my teacher was paralyzed…," he began, "…I was….um…I was so angry…with this condition. You know…this powerless condition…"

The room turned silent.

"But my master…he always says that he's alright. He's really tough. Well…he's so funny I think…he didn't even twitch when the doctor said he was paralyzed, but he was so sad when knowing that Shaka had long-term coma."

Hyoga looked thoughtful for a moment, then continued talking.

"Hmmm…soon my thought gradually changed when I discovered that…this powerless thing is not as bad as I've thought. You know…if this didn't happen to us…I wonder if we would realize that…that we love each other so much. Miss Saori…she'd ever told us a Greek proverb," said Hyoga, gazed on everyone in the room. "It is said that we can buy ring…but we can't buy the bride. She said it when we lost the Sagittarius helmet. She said…it didn't matter if she lost it…as long as she didn't lose us. And this time I think the same way…it doesn't matter if I lose my Diamond Dust, as long as my teacher is alright…"

Hyoga's voice suddenly broke when he said it. Why he always couldn't help to shed tears when he talked about his teacher…?

Meanwhile Milo smiled slightly, looked at Camus whose cold appearance had totally melted hearing his student's speech. His expression was so warm, something that only happened once in a blue moon.

"And of course all of you have the same thought as mine. I'm sure that when you watched your friends or brothers at Graud Foundation…you didn't have anytime to think about Galaxian Explosion or Excalibur or Lightning Bolt or whatever it is. Coz those are only rings…and your friends are the brides. You'll never can buy them. I see that when Milo, Aiolia, Mu, and Kanon woke up…it was like you were the grooms who found the brides that was missing for some times. Did you search on the rings then…? Who cares about rings? Who cares about powers? It's something anybody can purchase… But friends, brothers…teachers…"

Hyoga gave himself a time to control his voice. He was too busy to fight for his tears that he didn't realize that half of the dining room also began to cry. All of them remembered the time when they were still coma. It was the days when they were sure they couldn't gather with each other again. But now the situation was completely different. They were alive, sitting in the same room, looked at each other. It was the thing that, as Hyoga had said, no powers could purchase.

"Where'll you buy the people you love…?" asked Hyoga finally.

Silence for long time. There was thick warmth covering the dining room now. Seiya, Aiolos, and Aiolia encircled their arms to each other. Shura, Shiryu, and Dohko did the same thing. Shun was crying on his niisan's shoulder. Mu was crying as well, patted Aldebaran and Shaka's back. Aphrodite sat silent, seemed thoughtful, but beside him Deathmask yawned. Milo gazed at Camus with his eyes filled with tears, and Camus patted his back. And Saga and Kanon hugged each other.

"I'm sorry, Saga, I always shout at you!" cried Kanon.

"No, I'm sorry, Kanon, I always scream at you," whispered Saga. Both of them made the others chuckled in the middle of their tears.

"Well…I think that's it…," said Hyoga. He brushed away his tears and came back to his seat. He smiled when Camus clapped for him, and soon the entire room did the same thing.

"Wow…Hyoga, I didn't know you can be a great speaker," grinned Ikki, patted Hyoga's back.

"Runs in the family," said Hyoga, replied by Shun and Ikki's laughter.

"Well, only two words then!" said Seiya enthusiastically. "Let's eat!"

Everybody returned to be cheerful then and began to pour the foods on their plates. But Camus gave Hyoga sign to approach him. Hyoga did what he asked.

"Well done, kid," said Camus as he patted Hyoga's back. He gave his rare smile to his student.

"It's you who teach me that," whispered Hyoga.

"No," replied Camus. "In this case it is you who teach me, Hyoga."

Hyoga smiled at his teacher, and he moved his chair next to him so that he could eat beside him.


The Goldies and the Bronzies gathered in the common room until midnight. They shared jokes, stories, and astonishing question.

"What'll I do after my sainthood?" Aiolia looked thoughtful after receiving question from Seiya. Then he grinned. "Probably become an actor."

"Aaaargh, don't do that, Marin will be jealous if she sees you acting with beautiful girls!" said Seiya in panic tone.

"Eh," Aiolia got blushed. "You mean Marin likes me?"

"Dunno, ask her yourself."

"Come oooooooon, Seiyaaaaaaaa! Why didn't she come to see me in Graud Foundation?"

"Ask her yourself."

"What about you, Camus?" asked Shun to Camus, caused Camus blinked. "Me?"

"Yes, what'll you do for your career?"

"Ummm…," Camus seemed thinking of something, but Milo, laying his body on the carpet, grinned. "It's obvious. He will become librarian coz he'll read all books there in a day."

"Shut up, Milo," glared Camus, caused Shun and Milo laughed. "What'll you do anyway?" asked Camus to Milo. Milo looked at the ceiling for some times. "Ummm…a model? What do you think?"

"You want to be a model? Why?" chuckled Shun.

"It's obvious, isn't it, I'm sexy."

"Gaaah!" replied Camus, and Milo laughed out loud. "Kidding," said Milo finally. "I think I'll become…um…aargh, I haven't thought about that. What about you anyway, Camus, Shun asked you first."

Camus shrugged his shoulders. "A teacher."

"Great!" beamed Shun. "French-language teacher?"

"That's good idea," replied Camus, smiled slightly.

"Wonder what'll his students do in his class," mumbled Milo, then he imitated the voice of girls. "Oh, Mr. Camus, I want to take your picture…Mr. Camus…can I have your signatures? Mr. Camus, we'll have party tonight, will you come?!"

"That's not funny," said Camus flatly, but Shun and Milo laughed out loud.

"I think I will repair something," answered Mu after Shiryu asked him. "I have not had idea about what I will repair, but that is definitely the thing I want."

"You will be a devoted mechanic, Mu," said Shaka, caused Mu and Shiryu laughed.

All of them went to their rooms at one a.m. They said goodnight to each other and said "Have a nice dream". But Camus called Milo before he entered his room.

"What?" asked Milo.

Camus hesitated. He was not sure he could do what Shaka asked about the fruit basket thing. Indeed he himself wanted to tell Milo everyday about how lucky he was to have a best friend like him, but how could he do that…? He felt hating himself so bad for he only managed to say that when Milo was dying…. Yes, he indeed could say it again after Milo was just awake, but that's it. Only at that moment.

Milo smiled slightly. He knew what Camus going to say.

"I feel lucky as well," said Milo.

Camus was startled. But then he replied the smile, and nodded his head. That's the way Milo was: he understood, always understood.

After Milo closed the door, Camus headed to Hyoga's room.

"Shihyou?" Hyoga beamed seeing him. "Do you need something?"

Camus smiled slightly. "I have a folk-tale to tell."

Hyoga's eyes sparkled. He pulled his master's hand, and Camus started to read him the folk-tale after he lied on his bed.

When Hyoga had fallen asleep, Camus gazed at him. A slight smile on his face never went away seeing that his student was close to him, slept serenely.

When he began to lean on the back of his chair, and felt that his eyes going faded, he thought about facing the new days without powers. But he didn't mind. As Hyoga had said about the rings and the brides…it didn't matter if he didn't have Aurora Execution or whatever it was. As long as they are alright, thought Camus as he closed his wonderful deep-blue eyes, my disciple, my best friend, and of course my fellows…I'll always welcome the new days with joy and optimism in my heart….

The End