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I leaned into Edward's embrace as we walked back down the aisle and over to the other marquee that we had hired. It was only just past lunch time and everyone was hungry and waiting impatiently for the light lunch that Esme, Alice, Rosalie and I had spent the previous day cooking. It wasn't anything special, just different varieties of sandwiches and muffins and cookies. Despite the amount that we had needed to cook it had been a fun day.

"Hello Mrs. Cullen." Edward whispered in my ear as we took our seats.

I smiled and turned my head so I could kiss him, "Hello Mr. Cullen." I giggled and kissed him again.

Kiana jumped up on the seat next to Edward and eventually crawled on to his lap. "Daddy, what's a stripper?"

Edward gaped at her, turning bright red which was a first for Edward, "Kiana Cullen, where on earth did you hear that?" He asked, sounding as horrified as I did when she first asked me.

"Uncle Emmett said that you were going to see them." Kiana said looking at her uncle accusingly.

Emmett winced at Edward's glare, "Emmett, what is wrong with you?" Edward hissed, being careful with his language around Kiana, knowing some more appropriate words to add in if she wasn't sitting with us.

"She asked what we were doing. I didn't think she'd be so curious." Emmett said defensively.

Edward shook his head, gaping at his brother, "Didn't think she'd be so curious? Emmett she's five years old; of course she's going to be curious!" He said exasperatedly and then turned back to Kiana, "Uncle Emmett was just making things up." Edward lied and when Kiana had wandered over to Esme Edward turned back to me worriedly, "I still think we should send her to a nunnery. It's not too late."

"Edward she's not becoming a nun." I said firmly, silently killing Emmett in my head.

"She wouldn't be around boys then." Edward argued.

"No." I said firmly. "She will be fine."

Edward grumbled but dropped it, standing up to pick up Annabelle who had started whimpering in her pram next to our seats. She stopped immediately, as she always did when Edward picked her up and gurgled happily at him. Anthony and Carlisle were sleeping happily in their prams, curled up snug against their blankets. I had to wonder what Emmett and Jasper had done with them to make them so sleepy.

When the speeches began I was blushing after one minute of Emmett talking. He was repeating all the embarrassing things I had done over the time I had known him and Rosalie, adding just as embarrassing moments of Edward. Needless to say we were both blushing by the end of the speech but Rosalie managed to limit what he had talked about. She and Alice went up and talked about how we had met, and how we had come back together after five years.

By the end of the day we were both exhausted but Alice dragged me away so that I could change quickly out of my dress and into something "more comfortable" as she had put it. I hated to think about what she had planned for me to wear on the night of my wedding. We were supposed to be leaving for our honey moon but I was nervous about leaving the kids; I had never been away from them for more than a couple of hours and I had never left Kiana for any amount of time. Esme reassured me constantly that they would be fine and to have fun on the honeymoon.

It was finally Edward who convinced me that the kids would be fine, telling me that they would be too young to remember anything about us going away. Reluctantly I agreed and he dragged me to his silver Volvo, refusing to tell me where we were going for our honeymoon; all I knew was that it was still in Chicago.

I gaped at the fancy looking hotel he pulled up at and was about to protest when he kissed me heatedly, "You are not going to argue with me." He said firmly, pulling me out of the car, "This is the first time we'll be alone since the triplets were born and I plan to use the time effectively."

I giggled and didn't argue as he checked us in and led me up to the room. The room was beautiful, a big bed pressed against the wall and wooden floors. I didn't get to notice anything else as Edward all but threw me on the bed and pounced on me. Moments later we were both naked and going at it like rabbits except this time I was on the pill and he was using a condom.

We had enough kids as it was; we didn't need any more.

As we laid in bed, Edward pressed against me as he slept, I gently brushed back his hair, smiling at my husband. I had never thought that I could be this happy, especially with him. We had both gone through so much but we were both stronger because of the difficulties we had faced. I couldn't love him anymore than I already did at this moment.

Five Years Later


Edward groaned at the high pitched scream and a moment later a small bronze haired girl came running out sobbing. Edward picked her up, settling her on his lap as she cried, rubbing soothing circles on her back. A moment later Anthony slinked out of her bedroom to stand by me, Carlisle running out a moment later with a giant grin on his face.

"What did you do this time, Carl?" I asked him quietly, looking down at his dark brown eyes. He was the only one of our children that didn't have Edward's eyes.

He looked at me innocently, "I didn't do anything. Her teddy fell in the toilet; it wasn't me." He said earnestly.

"If you weren't grinning like a Cheshire cat I might believe you." I said poking him in the side gently, watching him squeal and giggle. He was so ticklish. "Go and apologise to your sister." I ordered, nodding over to his little sister.

He grumpily went over and apologised, looking guilty as she looked at him with tears running down her face. She sniffled and buried her face back against Edward's chest. He looked at me exasperated; this was a common occurrence in the household; Carlisle would do something to upset his sister, no matter how small or silly it was, and she would come crying to Edward. Anthony was always the one in the middle, not choosing a side and very much playing the middle child.

I smoothed back Anthony's hair gently and picked him up, "You wanna help me cook, Ant man?" I asked, knowing how much he liked watching me cook.

He grinned and sat up on the bench, watching as I continued making dinner. Carlisle was sitting on the couch next to Annabelle, watching a cartoon that Edward had put on for them. Edward was exhausted, sitting in his arm chair asleep; he had been asked to cover a lot of the night shifts currently, and it was beginning to take a toll on him. Thankfully he had the next week off for holidays.

"Do we have to watch this?" Kiana whined as she came out her bedroom and slumped down on the couch next to Annabelle.

As we had all predicted Kiana had come to love her little sister. When she was old enough she began to dress Anna and had even gotten in to the little make-up I owned and painted her face with eye shadow and lip stick. Anna adored Kiana, following her everywhere and even wanted to go to school with her.

"You used to love this show when you were their age." Edward said tiredly, his eyes still closed.

"Has daddy been working at night again?" Kiana asked me from the couch.

"Yes, so you all need to be quiet so daddy can get some sleep." Carl reluctantly nodded when I looked pointedly at him. He had been spending far too much time with Emmett.

"Mom, can I go to the movies tomorrow?" Kiana asked nonchalantly after a moment.

I frowned, "And who are you going with?" I asked.

She blushed, "A boy in my grade, Alex, asked me. He's really cute mommy." She gushed, seeming to forget Edward's presence in the room.

He jerked awake, looking at me in horror, "I just had a nightmare." He said, "Kiana just asked if she could go out with a boy."

I looked at him amused, "It wasn't a nightmare Edward."

Kiana sat up, realising that we were talking about her, "So can I go? Alex is really, really nice mommy."

"That does it; she's going to a nunnery." Edward announced.

I sighed, "Edward she's not becoming a nun."

"Why not? Boys are beginning to notice her." Edward whined, sounding a lot like Carlisle in that moment.

I eyed him pointedly, "She's not becoming a nun and that's final. You knew she would eventually become interested in boys. Besides, she's only ten; she's not going to go and get pregnant or married." I said pointedly, giving him a knowing smile.

Edward sighed, "Fine you can go." He said grumpily.

Kiana launched herself in to his lap, "Thank you, thank you, thank you." She chanted, kissing his cheek.

I snorted, knowing that she was minutes away from being sent to a covenant. Edward was looking at me pained and I knew he didn't want her to grow up, any of them to grow up and become adults. I smiled at him, picking up Anthony and taking him over to Edward so he could sit on his lap and watch the television with his brother and sisters. I kissed Edward's cheek and sat down next to Carlisle who curled up next to me.

These were our gifts in life.

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