It's lunch, and as Blair Waldorf exits her classroom with Serena, a pair of hands pull her from behind.

"Chuck! What are you doing?"

He smirks. "What do you think I'm doing outside your classroom?"

"Fine. But why?"

Now he looks just a little bit shy. "Well, I thought we could eat lunch together now."

Serena looks at the two and points outside. "Um, I'll be at the table."

Blair's too busy to notice her best friend had already left her side. Smiling, she replies, "You're making a good boyfriend after all, Bass."

He grins. "Better than Nathaniel, I presume?"

"Well. . ." Her lips form a teasing smile, and he joins in, feigning hurt. She kisses him on the lips slowly. "At least you certainly kiss better than him."

"I'm Chuck Bass, remember?" he reminds her, as they get back to walking.

She jabs his chest with her elbow. "Let's see if you last longer than Nate did. Or Marcus."


"Hurry up, will you? I'm starving here."

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