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I was like asleep for a century that I couldn't move my body. It was stiff, like I was on a nightmare. I couldn't open my eyes, no matter how hard I've tried. It was definitely a hard thing for just seeing darkness. With my eyes closed, it felt like I was falling in a black hole and the feeling was very weird.

As I hear the door creak, I was curious, and then shocked when I heard a voice. So velvet and so unusual, followed by a graceful chime of bells but there was no pull of gravity, no pull of strings, and nothing warm touching my hand.

"A while, Edward. Please wait, I can hardly control myself." Was the chime of bells said and I was too afraid to mention her name. Evil nightmares shot through my head as I recall painful occurrences.

"Waiting isn't my hobby," the velvet voice said.

"Can we tell her about Em— oops, sorry,"

"Will you just shut up? I'll be the one to tell her that."

"Sorry! I'm just asking!" the door creaked again.

I heard footsteps from afar, getting louder and louder. Something so cool—like ice—touched my hand. I couldn't shake it away or move my hand, but I couldn't help but feel the warm feeling of someone touching it. It was like home, light when I'm in the dark.

I noticed that my finger twisted, just a little and hardly noticeable.

"Bella, Bella?" the velvet voice was alarmed. He wobbled my hand gently, then I opened my eyes.

Like every past experiences, I opened my eyes into a sudden bright light, blinking my eyes before I could really focus on what I was about to see.

A godlike figure stood above me, glowing like a supernatural being that I gasped in surprise. It was no other than Edward.

"Wha-wh—" the words were barely understandable. The words were eaten and sounded like I was speaking in a different language.

Edward's face was frozen as his golden eyes stared into mine powerfully, anytime I could melt of embarrassment and consciousness. I was looking at him back in a curious gaze when suddenly the rest of the Cullen Family barged through the white door.

"Bell—" they all said in unison. I gazed back at the worried family as they continued gazing between Edward and me. Then, the light above me was no longer seen as Edward bent down to kiss my forehead, my cheeks and lastly, my lips.

The feeling was different. It was almost like a century when his lips touched mine again. "Welcome back, Bella." He whispered. The honey-scented breath of his made me dizzy, feeling of passion and love spread through me.

Carlisle, too, showed above me, smiling warmly that I almost smiled back "We've waited too long for you to wake up,"

"H-ho-how lo-lo-long?" I couldn't help myself shiver at the words, they made it sound like I was awoken from the dead. I feel so dumb that I couldn't even speak right.

"11 months." Edward answered with agonized eyes.

"You were in a coma, Bella. It was a good thing Edward found you before it was too late. You were dying that day, your heart… was dying away…" Jasper's face was very sad and sincere that you could almost cry when you look at his face.

"A coma?" I asked, dumbstruck. How on earth would I experience such a terrible tragedy, the last thing I remembered was the cemented road below me, and the sun burning outside and inside me. I never saw someone picking me up when I was about to die.

The Cullen family stood before Edward, gazing at me like I was someone to be pitied upon, and I didn't know what to do to stop them from looking at me in a strange way that made my heart flutter.

In an instant, I was breathing heavily, and it felt like I was breathing the whole wide world. A moment after, my eyes let go of the tears easily like letting a balloon float to the sky. It was—for me—involuntary for me to let go all that stuck up emotions, but I guess my system couldn't carry more of the pained feelings inside me.

A set of cold hands patted my back and a series of hushed voices that beautifully sang into a melody echoed inside my ears, and the blurry figures of the Cullen family faded away as the tears came and finally blocked my view of them. There were words that are meant to calm somebody, and words for realization.

I spoke inside my head with such deep feelings, and I can't take away the thought that I was unawake for almost a year. What had happened to the people I left? Did they die in my absence, thinking that I didn't care for them? Charlie? What happened to my father who had given me the love I have never deserved? Embry? The sweetest wolf I have ever met next to Jacob, are they true?

Then realization stabbed me like daggers. Mike, who I have recently found out to be a wolf, sliced me until I was left gasping for air in the road, but where was Embry? Somehow I was partially immune seeing myself in such tragic situation that I think that those things happen to me every single moment of my life.

My last sob ended and Edward placed his lips on my ear, "We're sorry Bella, but I had to protect you. I was the only one here for you, and he wasn't."

I couldn't help myself from hugging him tightly after those words. He was surprised, I noticed, but later on regained composure and proceeded with wrapping his cold arms around me.

Feeling a little dizzy when they helped me get up, we walked down the stairs while Edward kept a protective hold of me so that I wouldn't fall down. I am still human, you see, and I never chose to be a vampire. I know it sounds crazy, and I've been planning on being like them for a long time now, but I just want to have some life that I could cherish before I make my final decision.

Embry Call. He was there for me when Edward left me, but I guess he finally wanted some time alone. I really don't know if the 'imprint' thing is real or not, but let me tell you one thing: he wasn't there for me when I was dying. So that kind of proves that he's not ready to be with me throughout his life. I know it sounds weird, but the gravity pull I've been feeling when we first saw each other, I can't feel it now with the hands of the vampires on me, I guess it was the extreme depression of longing why I kept on making Embry an Edward. And it was wrong for me to do that.

I have the worst condition in my entire life. Even though I was in a coma for a long time, my leg still hurts whenever it touches the ground. Carlisle said it was because of the broken tendon I had when Mike massacred me, and the condition was so bad that it needs time to normally function again. I had a broken skull, and now there's a pattern of stitches from my neck to my stomach. I was lucky to live, I know that, and I cherish my life.

I reached the black velvet sofa that was lazily positioned across from the huge plasma TV that hung on the wall of the Cullens' living room. I sat on the sofa and Edward sat beside me, holding my hand while Emmett turned the TV on and watched baseball.

Of course, I'm having a hard time fathoming that Embry's gone. The Cullen never found him even after the accident. They tried to talk with the pack, but they said they never cam contact with Embry either. He was my source of joy, and now he's gone to some adventure. But you know what? I don't really care that he's gone. It's hard being angry and missing the person at the same time. My heart was a blender of emotions, and I'm not sure if any human being can take in that much emotion I've been keeping inside.

"What about Charlie? Is he okay?" I asked Edward, who was looking at me intently with his golden eyes.

"He's fine. He comes here after his work. I'll inform him after he gets off, don't worry." He assured me.


"She was desperate to go here in Forks, but she was so busy with Phil, that she said to inform her the moment you wake up."

"Did you inform her yet?"

"No. I'll inform her the same time as Charlie. For now, just let me have you."

I blushed and the Cullens hid a smile while they were doing their own business.

"GO NYY!" Emmett shouted.

"Shut up, Em." Rosalie rolled her eyes and proceeded on cooking my meal with Esme.

~ * ~

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