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Team ten stood on top of the academy eating lunch, after learning who was on what team after graduation. While they were waiting for their sensei to pick them up, Ino said "man, I can't believe that forehead got on the team with Sasuke-kun. Life is so unfair" she whined quietly. Seeing that neither Shikamaru or Choji was listening she focused her frustration on them. "Hey! Are you listening to me?"

Ino paused in her rant because she noticed that both Shikamaru's and Choji's attention was somewhere else. When she followed their gaze, she saw something of the side of the building.

"What are you looking at?" she demanded loudly. She walked closer to take a better look, and saw Sasuke eating lunch inside a classroom. A few moments later she noticed Naruto jump into the room through the window. She couldn't see more because the curtain fell down blocking their sight.

"What the hell is Naruto thinking that he's doing?" she grumbled. A few moments later they watched Sasuke jumping out of the window to who knows where. "Serves that baka right."

"Troublesome Ino, that's Naruto in a henge."

Ino blinked in surprise and was about to argue that when something or rather someone else jumped out of the window.

They watched as Sasuke took the opposite direction that Naruto had chosen.

Ino blinked and asked "Why would Naruto attack Sasuke-kun, only to henge into him? More importantly, how did he beat him?" she demanded. Half hoping that Shikamaru would answer her question.

Instead of Shikamaru the answer came from an unexpected source. Choji snorted in response. "I haven't talked to Naruto in a while, and even I know that he's doing that to trick Sakura. Just look down.

Ino did as Choji told her and noticed the benches down on the walkway not too far from the academy. They were often used to eat lunch from various academy students.

Ino watched as Sakura and naru-sasuke talked. Ino's eyes narrowed before a small smile appeared on her face. She watched as naru-sasuke and Sakura almost kissed, before naru-sasuke grabbed his stomach and ran away.

Ino's smiled dropped when she saw that. she and her two team mates kept watching what would happen next. A few moments later the real Sasuke came by and said something to her none of them could hear. It was obvious that whatever Sasuke said wasn't nice because Sakura looked ready to cry.

Ino looked very thoughtful at what she had seen. "Naruto, you just gave me a great idea to get rid of some competition…" Ino's smile had grown into a smirk, something Shikamaru and Choji had learned from experience that it spelled trouble.

When Ino looked at her two male teammates both of them raised their eyebrows'. "Not a word you two" she growled. "Not. A. Word."

"This is extremely troublesome" Shikamaru muttered. Choji just kept eating his chips.

Two hours later team ten had met their sensei. Currently, Ino stood outside of Naruto's apartment. She was startled when a voice interrupted her. "The beast is not home girl." Ino jumped in surprise. She looked behind her and saw a man at the bottom of the stairs. "What are you talking about? And who are you anyway?"

"Unfortunately I am the demons landlord and he's not here if you're waiting to see him. But if your here for the usual I got the lock on the second window broken so you can get in." The landlord paused for a moment. "But you didn't hear that from me. Cya girl." He turned and walked into his apartment on the first floor.

Ino blinked and thought "beast, demon? What the hell is he talking about? Why doesn't he fix the window if it is broken? Well if Naruto is not home I might as well get comfortable." Ino had made her way on the balcony to the second window and found that it was really easy to open and climb inside.

When she got into the apartment she scrunched her nose when she saw a few empty ramen cups around the room. The room looked like a normal bachelor's room. It wasn't a total mess though. The furniture looked like it belonged in the trash since it did not match. After she had explored the apartment somewhat she muttered to herself "It's not as messy as I feared it would be, but it definitely needs to be a lot cleaner for my plan to work.

After twenty minutes of waiting and tapping her fingers on the dining table, she got bored. "Maybe if I clean this place up a bit, I can make my plan work like I want it to."

Fifteen minutes later she had finished cleaning up the apartment and had thrown all the trash away in the dumpster under the stairs.

Ino made her way towards the fridge and opened it. She frowned when she saw that the milk was expired. "Damn it Naruto, you really need to stock and check the expirations date, damn it."

She slammed the fridge door closed, but it popped back open as the shelf in the fridge fell and the milk carton spilled over her dress. "Damn it Naruto!"

"This is all your fault for having shitty furniture." She growled.

She reached for the paper towels holder and began to pull a couple off to wipe the milk off of her dress when several $20 bills unrolled with the paper towels. She looked at the money and said "Idiot, what kind of person hides money in a place like that? When he gets back I am going to give him an ass chewing and teach him the proper way to hide money."

She grabbed the money and put it in her dress pocket and whipped the milk the best she could off her dress. She said "Damn it, the milk is staining my dress and is going to ruin it unless I wash it. My shoes are soaked too. I will come back later and deal with the baka." Her plans decided she left the room, but made sure to lock the window and the door on her way out.

About an hour later Naruto walked toward his apartment and thought "stupid sensei and stupid test. What kind of idiot tells us not to eat before training." as he approached his apartment he saw his manager at the bottom of the stairs and Naruto frowned.

The man said "Hello boy. Tomorrows the first and you know what that means."

Naruto said "Yeah, yeah I know. That means today is rent day. Let me run up and grab my money and come back and pay you." as he walked past the man and pulled out the keys to the door and unlocked the door before opening them and he went wide eyed and thought "shit, what happened?" as he ran inside to the clean apartment.

He looked around and thought "no, please god no, where are they, please someone tell me this is a joke." as he went through his entire apartment and he ran back out and saw his manager and asked "HEY, HAS ANYONE BEEN IN MY APARTMENT TODAY."

The man said "No, now where is my money."

Naruto walked back inside and he was biting his lip as he tried to hold back some tears and he walked over to the paper towel roll and began to pull and his eyes went wider the more he pulled and he thought "oh god, please no more, not my money to, please have mercy for me for once." as he unrolled the entire roll.

He heard footsteps coming up the steps and he looked around and saw his fridge door opened and he saw milk all over the place and he said "This is just great."

He heard his manager say "What's great. Where's my money and what's with the mess. If I see this mess again I will raise your rent now where is my money boy."

Naruto gulped with his back to the man and said "I....I don't have it. Somebody broke in and took it."

The man looked around the apartment and said "Doesn't look like a break in, you're not trying to pull a fast one are you?"

Naruto turned and said "No sir, I swear, I had the money hid but somebody took it and they cleaned my apartment. I swear."

The man said "Well I don't believe you. Since you don't have the money then your herby evicted effective immediately. Now leave."

Naruto sighed and he went to open the cabinet when the manager blocked him and said "No way boy. You forfeited your rights to everything in here for lack of payment. I am going to have to sell everything in here just to make up for the damage you did to the furniture and that broke window."

Naruto frowned and said "Can I at least....."

The man interrupted him and said "No, nothing. Get out before I call ANBU boy."

Naruto sighed and slowly walked out taking one last look at his things and walked down the stairs with his hands in his pocket.

He thought "what now? I don't have any more money and the old man already informed me that now that I am a genin I don't qualify for the orphan allowance I've been living off until now... I can't even go get any ramen because I owe them money as well tomorrow. Who would do that? Who would break in and take all my precious items and my money." As he looked up at the sky and thought "Great, looks like it's going to rain tonight. Where can I stay....hmm."

Ino walked into her bedroom and took her shoes and dress off and looked at the stain and frowned and thought "well this is ruined. Naruto you idiot, you owe me a new dress." as she checked the pockets and then her eyes got wide as she thought "shit, I took his money......Wait, he owes me for my dress and he would have to pay me for a new dress so I will just take this. Time to go Shopping." as she changed and grabbed the money before leaving.

That evening Ino was walking back into her family flower shop with a bag and Inoichi looked at her and said "Hey princess, what's in the bag."

Ino said "Oh, I got me a new dress today because that baka Naruto fridge shelf broke and spilled milk all over it."

Inoichi frowned and asked "What where you doing at Naruto place dear?"

Ino said "Well I was going to help him and forehead get hooked up but after waiting for a while in his apartment I got thirsty and checked his fridge and like I said the fridge shelf broke."

Inoichi asked "And how did you get inside his apartment dear, did he leave the door unlocked."

Ino said "No, his manager told me one of the window was broken and I could get in through it."

Inoichi bit his lip and said "I see, well it was nice of Naruto to give you some money to pay for your dress. So did you help him and Sakura get together."

Ino said "Well, not exactly, he never showed up."

Inoichi blinked and asked "What do you mean he never showed up? I know you already spent your allowance last week shopping and you didn't get any money from me so how did you get the money to buy that dress." in a more scolding voice.

Ino said "Well when I was cleaning up the milk off my dress with some paper towels money fell from the paper towel roll and I had took it because I was going to give it back to him when he got there but then I decided to come home and change but by the time I got here my old dress was ruined so I just took the money I had on me to replace my dress."

Inoichi blinked again. "Please tell me you just didn't tell me what I think you did." He took another deep breath. "INO YAMANAKA, WHAT THE HELL WHERE YOU THINKING YOUNG LADY? YOU TOOK HIS MONEY WITHOUT PERMISSION AND THEN SPENT IT. I RAISED YOU BETTER THEN THAT. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?" he demanded loudly. He even released a little ki to make sure she talked.

Ino was frightened because her dad never yelled at her and said "I....I don't know daddy, he was going to have to pay me for my dress anyway." She protested

Inoichi took several breaths to calm down and asked "Really? Please tell me why you think he should pay for your dress when YOU broke into HIS apartment WITHOUT his permission. Then you took HIS money and then you somehow expect him to pay for it? You are going back to the store and return it. If they can't, then you won't get your allowance until you've payed for it.

"But I can't, that store doesn't take returns."

"Then that means you won't get any money from your allowance until you've paid for it. How much money did you take from apartment? And kami help me if I find out you lied to me about this."

"Two hundred daddy" she told him quietly.

Inoichi eyes got wide and he said "Do you have any of it left?"

Ino slowly shook her head. "No, I don't have anything left. I got matching shoes and hair ribbons. I wanted to impress Sasuke-kun.

Inoichi slapped his forehead and grabbed some of his hair and said "My god girl, do you have any idea what you have done?"

Ino said "I'm sorry daddy."

Inoichi glared at her and said "it's not me you should be saying sorry to Ino. That would be Naruto. Here, take this money to his apartment and tell him what you told me. And I swear if I hear you left anything out there will be serious trouble for you."

He gave her Two hundred to pay Naruto back with. "You better make him believe you, or you won't go shopping for the next year!"

Ino took it and quickly left and headed toward Naruto apartment.

When she got there she noticed the dumpster below his stairs was on fire and she went to the door that was open and saw the manager and she knocked and said "Excuse me but is Naruto here."

The manager turned and said "Oh it's you. Now, he moved. I am just cleaning up all this trash he left."

Ino frowned and said "I see, thank you." as she turned and walked back home.

When she got home her dad was standing there waiting and he said "Well."

Ino said "He moved daddy and his manager didn't know where he moved to so I will have to wait till I see him again."

Inoichi sighed as he took the money and said "Fine but you are to remember to pay him back and tell him you're sorry. I guess since he moved there's nothing you can do for now." As he put the money in the safe and said "I am heading out to meet up with the guys for our weekly bar night. Lock up for the night and I will see you tomorrow." He turned and left.

Ino sighed and locked the door before turning and shutting the lights out before going up to her room and thought "stupid baka getting me yelled at. Is this the thanks I get for trying to help him and Forehead get together."

The next day Naruto woke up hearing voices and looked around and thought "Good thing I know how to get in here." as he quickly opened a window and left.

He headed toward training ground 7 for his genin test.

Ino got up and got dressed and started heading down the stairs when her dad stepped out of the kitchen holding his head and a cup of coffee and he said "Morning princess. Sleep well."

Ino said "Yes daddy."

Inoichi nods and said "Well good luck today and have fun."

Ino said "I will try though I wish I was on Sasuke-kun team."

Inoichi said "Don't forget what I told you young lady."

Ino said "I won't, I won't, jeeze." as she quickly left.

When Naruto got to his team training ground Sakura screamed "YOUR LATE BAKA, ITS 7:45 AND YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BE HERE AT 6."

Naruto said "Sorry Sakura-chan, my alarm clock broke."

Sakura hit him over the head and said "Baka."

An hour later Kakashi showed up and explained the rules and when he told about the food all 3 of them held their stomach and Naruto thought "I need to win this because its free food, I don't know how long it will be before my next meal."