AUTHOR: Sobriety

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SUMMARY: Bonnie Rockwaller has resigned herself to a life without love. Sure, she's sometimes a little lonely, but the rewards of romance aren't worth risking leaving the closet ... or so she tells herself, until a startling young woman comes into her life. (Femslash)


NOTES: Set about six years after "Graduation", and acknowledges everything from the TV show as canon.

This is pretty light soap opera stuff here, folks. No high-octane action or vast conspiracies here. Just a personal little story about a woman who has given up on love for herself, and how she learns to hope again.

"For goodness' sake," Lorraine sniffed her disapproval. "Why doesn't she just tattoo the word 'lesbian' on her forehead and be done with it?"

"Hmm?" Bonnie glanced up from the wilted salad through which she'd been listlessly picking. The college cafeteria was trying to widen its dietary options, but they were still having a few teething problems.

"That one." Lorraine jerked her head, then continued in a whisper loud enough to be heard in three states. "I bet she's one of those 'bull dykes'."

'That one' was certainly a butch, at the very least. The young woman who'd aroused Lorraine's ire wasn't tall, but possessed a solidity that promised toned muscle under the checked shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy-style leather jacket. A backpack, with heavy physics and engineering books jutting from the top, was slung over one shoulder. Bonnie consciously fought down an appreciative growl, and gave her best imitation of a casual shrug as she watched the topic of conversation pause to flirt with two giggling sophomore blondes.

"If she is, it's her own business."

"That's my point!" Lorraine carped, her voice rising enough to make Bonnie wince. "It should be her business, but she's making it everyone's business, thrusting her lesbianism in our faces like that."

You know Lorraine, after three divorces and two boyfriends who turned out to be married, maybe you'd be better off taking a walk down Lesbian Boulevard.

"Oh, look at the time." Bonnie glanced at her watch without really reading it. "And my next class is way over on the other side of campus. I'd better run to the little girls' room and then head over there." All of which was true, though since her next class wouldn't start for nearly two hours, she didn't exactly have to rush to make it.

"What class is it?"

Shit. Better hope she doesn't know our timetable.

"Modern Dance with the sophomore class. Good group of kids."

"'Kids'? You're only just out of postgrad yourself, dearie. A bit young to be calling your students children, yet."

"I guess." I also guess you wouldn't be calling me dearie if you knew the last guy to sleep in my bed was my just-as-gay-as-me beard of an ex-boyfriend. "Catch you later, Lorraine."

Bonnie turned and hurried toward the bathroom before the other woman could continue the conversation. Or worse still, invite herself along. The brunette did her business in the white-painted cubicles as quickly as possible, then washed her hands. As she rinsed away the lather of soap, she took a moment to look at herself in the mirror.

Only twenty-four, and already there were lines at the corner of her eyes. Faint ones, but lines nonetheless. Lonnie and Connie will have a field day with that at Christmas. Too much time under lights and too little sleep.

"Darn it." A smoky, western-accented growl announced the arrival of the suspected lesbian who'd so offended Lorraine. The stocky young woman marched up to the sink, muttering to herself as she peered down at a smear of ketchup on her shirt. "Stupid ass clumsy thing ta do."

Frozen in surprise, Bonnie still took a moment to savor the other woman's charms. The shorter woman was another brunette, though the hair was a shade lighter than her own, sun-bleached in places to an auburn-tinged near blonde. The hands which now pulled towelettes from the dispenser were broad, blunt-nailed, and criss-crossed with a surprising number of scars. Does she get in a lot of fights? The figure under the clothes was as taut as the former cheerleader had guessed when she first saw it across the cafeteria. Small-breasted and lithe; exactly the kind of bodty that had always driven her wild.

"Don't do that!" The words were out of her mouth before she could think about them.

"Huh?" The other woman turned to face her, confusion clear in her expression. Lines around her eyes, too. I guess she must be older than I first thought. My age, maybe a year or two older.

"Tap water and cheap hand soap? You'll just end up with a bigger mark." Bonnie dug in her handbag and pulled out a small tube. "Here, use this."

"Stain-Goze?" The other woman gave her a look of bemusement, then let loose a chuckle. "Sorry. Caught me by surprise. I figured you for a bitch like your friend."

"You heard Lorraine?" Bonnie groaned, her tanned skin growing dusky with embarrassment.

"The whole state of Alabama heard her." Her acquaintance stared dubiously at the tube in her hand. "This stuff really work?"

"It'll even get out stage make-up." Bonnie promised. "You'll get a lot of that kind of reaction down here, I'm afraid."

"Do you?" The other woman paused and blushed when she saw Bonnie's shocked stare. "Sorry. I just thought with ya bein' a theater student, and bein' nice to a big ol' lesbo like me ... well, guess my gaydar needs some fine-tunin'."

Tell her. Tell her! She's here, she's queer, and she's the first woman since high school to give you that tingle.

"Actually, I teach in the theater cognate program." Bonnie said, weakly. "Drama and dance, mostly."

"Woah. You must be older than you look. Wish I could say the same." The other woman applied the Stain-Goze and grunted with satisfaction, before offering it back. "Sorry about assumin' ya were gay."

"No ... problem." Bonnie took the tube in nervous fingers and half-turned away, concealing the tremor in her hands as she returned the Stain-Goze to her bag.

"Anyway, thanks for yer help." The other woman wiped her hands dry, then offered one to shake. "Guess I should introduce m'self before I say goodbye. Name's Joss. Joss Possible."

"You have to be shitting me."

Bonnie's hands flew to her mouth as she realized what she'd said. To her surprise, the blurted comment only provoked a chuckle from Joss.

"I guess ya've hearda my cousin, then?"

Heard of her? I spent most of Middle and High School making her days miserable and my nights worse by being the world's biggest bitch to her.

"Who hasn't?" She managed at last, leading to a silent pause which quickly grew uncomfortable. Bonnie actually found herself relieved when the bathroom door flew open and Lorraine bustled in.

"Bonnie dear, are you alright in here?" The middle-aged English tutor gave Joss a suspicious glare, which the younger woman returned with a passable imitation of a friendly smile.

"I'm fine, Lorraine." Bonnie assured her sometime lunch companion, ashamed of the other woman's attitude, but glad of the chance to escape. "Joss here just got some ketchup on her shirt, and I was giving her some advice on how best to clean it." She explained as she headed to the door.

"Well, I'm not surprised domestic duties aren't her strong point." Lorraine said snidely as they exited the bathroom, causing the brunette dance teacher to entertain cheerful fantasies of strangling the older woman. "I have to say, dearie, I was more than a little worried about you in there by yourself with her. Some of these lesbians can be terrible predators of young women like yourself."

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

"I was fine, Lorraine. She only went in there to clean her shirt."

"Maybe." The older woman sniffed doubtfully. "You just be careful around her."

"It's a big school, Lorraine." Bonnie sighed. "From the books she was carrying, she's taking science or engineering. I teach dance and drama. I probably won't even see her again." Unfortunately.

Author's Notes: Yep, it's a short chapter. I think they generally will be, for this. More information about Bonnie's life over the past 6 years will come out over the future chapters (oh, and don't worry – BSP and Most Wanted are still being worked on. There'll be new chapters of both this week.)