I do not own these characters. Ms. Meyer does. I know this story is rated T, but I wanted everyone to know there is a scene that is in a bar.

"Is that everything for you, Bella?"

"Yeah Jacob. Thanks," I answered as he handed me my change.

I stepped away from the cash register and waited for my vanilla latte to be made. Once it was ready, I grabbed it, found a table and pulled my notebook, my notes and a pen out of my messenger bag. Though I had a laptop, I didn't trust myself using it when I was drinking anything, especially a hot espresso drink. I was often clumsy and didn't want to ruin my computer.

Though it took me a while to get started, I finally was able to get my brain going and write. I was a freelance journalist with The Oregonian. Though it wasn't a permanent, full time job, it paid the bills, for the most part. I also worked part time at a locally owned bookstore called Powell's. I was currently writing an article about pollution within the Portland city limits—including litter, lack of recycling and the amount of oil within the Willamette River.

It was a hard article to write. It had to be between 2,500 and 3,000 words, (roughly five pages.) Though I found the topic intriguing, it was hard to get enough current information to write my article. It was due in two days and I was nervous that I wouldn't get it done in time. It was hard to get all the information into the article, make it interesting and not go over my word limit.

"Do you want me to get you another latte?" I heard Jacob ask. "It'd be on the house, today. Looks like you are working hard."

I looked up and saw the tall barista. I smiled. "That would be wonderful. I could use the extra boost." Jacob left my table and went behind the counter to make my second drink. When he brought it out, "Thank you, Jacob." I got back to work. I was surprised by the amount of writing I got done. Once I started, I couldn't stop. When I went home to type up what I had, I think I would have what I needed, maybe a little more. If more, that is what editing is for.

After I started putting all of my things back in my bag, my cell phone started to vibrate. I checked the color ID and smiled. "Hey Alice."

"You still at the coffee shop?" my best friend and roommate asked.

"Yeah. I'm just heading out though. I think I have what I need for this article. I was on a role, Alice!"

"I would hope so. You called me three hours ago saying you were going to work there. You up for going out tonight?"
Thinking about it, I decided why not. "Sure, but I would like to get some of my article typed up before heading out though. So, I don't know when I would be done."

Alice laughed. "Always working Bella. Okay. What time is it? Four? All right. So here is what will happen. I will be ready to go by six thirty. I want you typed and showered by then. Or else. I'll barge into your office and make you shower."
The image of little, tiny Alice, who made my 5 foot 4 inch frame look huge, making me shower was hysterical. "All right. 6:30, showered and everything I can do on my article done. Gottcha"

I finished putting my things away, said goodbye to Jacob and walked over to my truck. It was huge. It was red. It was loud. It was old. But, I loved it. I call it "The Beast," because it is so ugly, but I love it. I climbed into the cab and drove home. I lived in a three-bedroom apartment with Alice. It was nice. Alice and I each had a bedroom and the third room we used as an office. I had my area, with all of my notebooks, a printer, any and everything I might need for my journalism job. Alice had her interior design area. Paint swatches, fabric squares, and different types of carpet. You name it and Alice had it organized in an almost military fashion on a bookshelf in her half of the office.

Once at the apartment building, I pulled into my parking spot and half ran up the stairs going towards my apartment. I wanted to get into the office so I could spend as much time as I could with my computer. As well as I knew Alice's he would be ready to drag me out of the office at six. If I was able to get my article typed, spell checked and reread once tonight, it would save me so much more time tomorrow. Even just getting it typed and spell checked would put me ahead of where I wanted to be. I thought I would still be composing parts of the article tomorrow.

Once I started working all the details of the article, I lost track of time. I heard a knock on the office door. "You got a half an hour until I take over your body, Bella. If you want a long shower, you should start going into the bathroom now." I smiled. I got more than I thought possibly. Not only was I able to type it up, I was able to go over it twice. Now, all I needed was to send it to the editor, who would enjoy the fact I was getting an article edited with almost 48 hours before it was due.

I hopped into the shower and scrubbed my body. Though all I really did today was do some light housework and write, my muscles were tight. The hot water running over them helped me relax. I needed to be relaxed in order to spend the night out with Alice. I love Alice but she has ten times more energy than I ever could. Finally, I got out of the shower, dried off and walked to my room, wrapped in my towel. On my bed, Alice had placed the outfit I was too wear tonight.

Years ago, I had made a deal with Alice. She could replace my wardrobe, buy me clothes, but I would never, ever forgive her or wear anything that revealed too much skin. Luckily, she listened to me. I slowly pulled on the tight shirt, no bra, my panties and a skirt. The skirt was a little shorter than I would have liked, but it wasn't a mini skirt, so I told Alice that I would wear it. I slipped on the ballet flats she set next to my bed. Once dressed, I walked out to the living room so Alice could work her magic on my hair and face. Like with the clothes, I finally stopped arguing. She finally has let me to minimal make-up and hair to work, but if we went out, she got to do it.

By 7:15, Alice and I were walking out the door. We decided to just go to a club within a couple blocks of our apartment complex. It was easier then one of us choosing not to drink. Alice walked up to the bar and ordered us some drinks, as I grabbed a table. I was debating if I wanted to eat bar food. I didn't eat dinner and wasn't too excited about drinking on an empty stomach, but bar food was generally so greasy.

Alice chooses for me. "I decided to order us some nachos and a grilled cheese sandwich. I haven't one of those in a while. We're splitting. Here's your gin and tonic. You need to start getting a cooler drink."

"I like gin and tonics. If we go to Mexican, I have margaritas. But, I am not going to have one every time we go to a bar," I responded. "What did you do today? Save anybody from a fashion disaster?"

"Don't I always?" Alice smirked. "There was a guy who just moved to Portland, very cute by the way, but not quite my taste, who needed some help. He just brought down his clothes. He has been sleeping on the floor, in a sleeping bag. He wants me to help him buy furniture, carpets, art work, paint, you name it, and I will be helping choose it."

"Alice! That's huge! That is a huge job! Why didn't you tell me about this earlier?"

"I wasn't sure you'd be excited about it."
"Not excited! This is your biggest job ever! Okay, you need to be drinking something beside that beer. We are celebrating your break through," I explained. "This guy has to be rich if he is wanting completely everything."

We talked about what kinds of styles he wanted and what Alice was trying to shoot for with this job. With this job in her profile, more and more people would be coming to her. It wasn't just a room she was redecorating. It was an entire house. So she would be able to have a flow of style throughout one house, but also, every room was going to be photographed and put in to her folder that she shows to perspective clients.

"I'm going to go dance. You okay here?" Alice asked. I nodded.

Alice knows that I cannot dance without hurting myself. If anyone was near me, I would step on toes, hit them, knock them over, something. I was content to go on sipping my drink and watching Alice hit on all the guys. "Why are you over here all by yourself?" a velvety voice asked.

I looked up and standing next to me was the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen. His eyes were emerald green, his bronze hair was messy, but in a sexy way, and though dressed in just jeans and a casual button up shirt, he looked hot. "My friend is dancing and I am not on the dance floor hurting people," I smiled up at him.

"Would you mind if I sat with you?" he asked politely.

"Of course. I'm Bella, by the way," I introduced myself.

"Edward," he replied, holding his hand out for me to shake.

It was amazing. We were able to talk about everything. The music the club was playing, the last Blazer's game and the books on the bestseller list. It was amazing to be able to talk to someone about all the things I was interested in. Though I wasn't fully interested in basketball, I followed the Trail Blazers because they were based in Portland. After Edward and I were talking for almost an hour, I remembered Alice. My eyes looked around the club and saw her sitting at another table, talking with a guy. He was tall, blond and very cute. He looked like he lifted weights regularly.

"Who are you looking at?" Edward asked, glancing at where I was looking. "Oh, that's my room mate, Jasper. I wonder who that girl is. I don't think Jasper has ever met her before."

"He hasn't. That's Alice, my room mate," I responded. Edward smiled. "I should probably get going. I have an article I need to get edited.'

Edward gave me a small pout. We both stood up and over to the table our roommates were at. Alice and Jasper looked up at us, smiling. "I'm going to head home, are you ready or are you going to stay a little longer?" I asked.

Alice looked at me, at Jasper then back to me. "I want to stay a little longer. Are you okay with walking back by yourself?"

"Yeah. Are you?" Alice nodded. "Okay, see you later tonight or tomorrow." I turned to Edward; "It was nice talking to you tonight, Edward."

"I'll walk you out." We walked to the door and Edward opened to me. "I was wondering if I could get your number."

"Give me your cell phone," I commanded. Once he handed it over, I programmed my number into it and handed him my phone.

After giving me my phone back, Edward asked, "Would you mind if I walked you home? I would be worried about you if I didn't walk you back myself."

"All right," I answered blushing. "But it is only a couple blocks away."

We walked together, in comfortable silence all the way to my apartment building. Once outside the front door of the building, we stopped. Edward turned towards me, "Can I call you tomorrow?" I nodded. He brought one of his hands up, brushed his fingers down my cheek. "Good night, Bella."

"Night, Edward," I said quietly then turned and went up to my apartment.

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