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"Pregnant?" I asked stupidly. I didn't even think that was a possibility. I just thought she would have the stomach flu or something like that. I looked down at Alice with a stunned expression on my face. Her lips started twitching.

"I'M PREGANT!" Alice yelled.

Bella laughed. "You're still in the hospital silly," she reminded my wonderful, wonderful girlfriend. "This is good, now my baby will have a cousin to play with."

Alice launched herself at me. "We're going to have a baby!"

"I need you to calm down ma'am," the doctor said patiently. "You still have an IV in. I wouldn't want you to rip it out."

Alice looked at the doctor. "Well, okay. I guess. Hey! Are there any information sheets about this? Can I have some?"

The poor man looked very confused. "There is some information sheets, but I think you need to talk to a OBGYN. I can get you a list of numbers for some of the doctors here in the building. Once you get home, you can make an appointment. They will be able to give you a lot of information, as well as recommend some books for you to read."

Alice nodded. "Sounds good. Bella, do you have any books?"

"Honey, why don't you calm down a little?" I asked. I was sacred she was going to pass out again or something worse.

"How can I be calm? I am pregnant! That is so cool! I am going to have to redo one of our rooms. It'll be wonderful. I can just picture the scheme all ready," Alice started to prattle on.

"Alice, you really need to take it easy. You might hurt the baby if you don't. I'll help you decorate the room, as well as Bella's. I'm sure Edward would be all right with helping as well," I told her. Edward nodded in response. "Doctor, when can I take her home?"

"As soon as the IV is done. I suggest a couple days of bed rest before going back to work or doing any heavy decorating. I'll just go, and get those numbers for the two of you." The doctor left the room.

Edward and Bella were sitting on one of chairs. I told them that they could go ahead and leave. Alice nodded. I am sure she was about to bombard me with ideas for the nursery at our house. I am sure, some how, we are going to make it match Bella's and Edward's.

EPOV-Who Did It?

I walked Bella out of the hospital. It felt good to be able to get her home. I called the newspaper to let them know that Bella would not write for a couple days, but would be writing from home from now on due to an injury. Luckily, no one argued. I also called Powell's and told them that Bella would not be able to work for a month. In that time, I will hopefully convince Bella to only work at the paper. She can do that at home easily. Plus, I know I don't make a lot of money with the police, but I have a lot saved up because of investments and my inheritance from my grandparents. I never told Bella, but I was rich, for lack of a better word. She didn't need to work at all, but I am sure she would never go for that.

"How are you feeling?" I asked, once we were settled onto the couch, watching some CSI reruns.

"Tired. But I don't want to go to bed yet. My head hurts," Bella responded.

"That makes sense. Would you like something for it?" I asked.

"Maybe some Tylenol and a really big glass of water," she told me.

I stood up, jarring her as little as possible to get what she wanted. I quickly walked into the kitchen and got her what she needed. When I walked back to the couch, she was curled into a little ball, sleeping. I smiled down at her. I walked to our bedroom, set the Tylenol and water down on her bedside table then went back to pick her up and carry her into bed. I quickly got her out of the clothes Alice brought to the hospital and put her in one of my large t-shirts. Bella didn't move at all.

Right when I finished getting Bella ready for bed, my cell phone started ringing. I looked at it. The caller ID said it was my captain.

"Sir. Did you get the report I e-mailed you?" I asked.

"Of course I got it. I do know how to use my computer," Captain Hale told me. "I got a call from a friend of Bella's. She was quite concerned that nothing was being done about catching the person who did this to Bella. I'm surprised that you didn't want to be the head of the investigation."

"I do, sir. But, I would much rather be at home with Bella."

"You love the chase though."

"I know I do, sir. But, Bella needs me. I trust the other detectives to find out who hurt her," I responded. My answer must have been really surprising to Captain Hale cause it took him several moments to respond.

"Even a year ago, you would have been the first one to volunteer if it was your parents, your closest friend, or even your worse enemy. What is going on with you?"

I sighed. I guess I would have to start being honest. I would have rather talked to Bella about this first. "I'm considering asking for desk duty, sir. Though Bella getting hit on the head has nothing to do with my job, I need to be able to be there for her, as well as the baby once it comes. It is very hard for me to get out of an investigation once I am in it, if my family needs it. I have to put my family first."

It was now Captain Hale's turn to sigh. "I understand that. That is the reason I took my current position as captain, it gave me the option of not having to be called out in the middle of the night for investigations. I am going to give you a week off of work. I will think over what the best desk position for you. In the next day or two, I need you to type something up and e-mail it to me, so I have something in writing saying you want a desk position."

"I'll do that, sir. Is there any leads on who hit Bella?" I asked quietly.

"Yes, but Edward, you know that I can't talk about it with you," he responded.

"Sir. I need to know the possibilities so I can keep her safe. I know that it is probably someone she works with, but I can't shut every coworker out. She'll be working from home, so I am sure some of them will be coming over."

Captain Hale pondered over what I was telling him. "We are 99 percent sure that it was Michael Newton, her direct supervisor, due to the evidence and testimonies. We need to finish up a couple interviews before we can say anything official."

"I understand. Thank you sir."

BPOV-A Week Later

It was Mike who hit me over the head. I always knew he wanted to date me, but I never thought that he would get so possessive that he would whap me upside the head. It was a little strange to think about. Another coworker of mine was promoted to his position of co-producer. It was nice, because I was still working at home doing the obituaries, but now I got to do an opinion piece as well twice a week. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. I loved the writing. Plus, I got two hundred more dollars a week.

Edward and I talked about finances; it took me by surprise that he had a huge amount of money in his savings account. Enough were neither one us would need to work for several years. We also talked about how Captain Hale gave him a desk position overseeing the whole canine unit. Not that we need the extra money, but it moves him up the pay scale as well.

Alice, much to Jasper's chagrin, was working just as hard as ever. Not only was she doing her client's rooms, but the nursery in my house and at her place. Jasper was working almost three times as much just so Alice wouldn't have another passing out spell. I helped out as much as I could. I would call her over and have tea with her and go over color schemes, telling her I wouldn't talk unless she was sitting down.

My father called me and stated that he was going to come and visit me once a month, not caring if I wanted him to or not. I think I scared him a lot with my most recent hospital stay. Makes sense, since someone actually went out of their way to hurt me. But, Mike was behind bars.

APOV-Finally-Two Months Later

Bella and I are finally figuring out what the sexes of our babies are. It makes decorating the rooms so much easier. Bella told us she wasn't sure if she wanted to know or not. I glared at her and Edward sweet-talked her into it. Edward just wanted to know. I had to know. I was decorating her nursery. How was I suppose to pick out the right shade for the walls if I didn't know the gender? No matter what Bella says, there are male and female tones to all colors, including green and yellow.

Our appointments were at the same time, six at night. Bella and I are due so close to each other, we didn't want to have the same doctor. Jasper was all done with school and was attempting to build up a client base. He was renting an office. I am so happy for him. I was excited that he was coming to the appointment with me. He needs to be there in order to find out the sex of his child.

EPOV-About Time

I have officially been on desk duty for the past month. Bella was upset with me because she knows how much I loved being with the K-9 unit. I simply told her that I loved her and the baby more. Needless to say, I got very lucky that night. I was actually enjoying desk duty more than I ever thought I would. It was a lot of paperwork, which sucked major ass, but I never had to work late. I wasn't called in early. I might take some paperwork home if it really needed to be home, but for the most part, when my shift was over, it was fully over.

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