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Title: I Am Only But An Exorcist

Author: Ashterah


Kanda was in the training area, refining his performing his usual routine AKA training with a blindfold on. Right now he was too restless to meditate, his mind filled with various thoughts that he could not concentrate for long. He found this state he was in very irritating and rather inconvenient.


Relaxing his stance and removing his blindfold, Kanda faced Lenalee in silent inquiry. No one would dare interrupt his training unless it was necessary. It was an unwritten rule that applies to everyone in the Black Order. Only those with a death wish would dare violate that law.

"Brother have the new mission that you requested." It was obvious Lenalee was against Kanda taking the mission, but she did not voice it until Kanda passed by her to head to Komui's office. "It has only been three days since your last one. Are you sure you should be going? In the past you could go from one mission to the next without resting in between, but that was before you are freed from the curse of the lotus."

"I know what I am doing," was Kanda's only response. Staying in the Dark Order is not doing well for his sanity. Everything in this place reminded Kanda of HIM. Of course, Kanda would sooner die than admit this weakness. In his mind, he cursed that person for changing him. If he were his old self, Kanda would not be so affected by it.

Lenalee did not move from her spot even when she was completely alone. Thoughts of how much things had changed recently filled her mind. She really could not blame Kanda for no longer wanting to stay. Ever since they lost a very precious comrade, everyone was thrown into a pit of despair.

"Yo, Lenalee," Lavi's voice cut through the mind haze she was immersed in. "what are you doing here all alone?" He nearly lost his balance when Lenalee collide to him, his hands wrapping around her in an effort to steady himself. "What the – Woah!" Lavi inwardly panicked at the sight of Lenalee's tears.

Then it hit him.

"Its okay, Lenalee. I miss him, too."


Next: Madame Red introduces her nephew to Fool, a pianist who enchants commoners and nobles alike with his beautiful music.

Author's Corner


Everyone loves Allen.

Its not like I can blame them, I love Allen as well.

Who wouldn't?

I hope the prologue is not disappointing.