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Title: I Am Only But An Exorcist

Author: Ashterah

Chapter Five

Allen's jaw hung open in disbelief. To have an exorcist show up so casually was the least he expected to happen. Komui said it himself before they separated; it would be dangerous for Allen to have any contact with anyone in the Dark Order with the risk of giving away his location to those that wanted to get rid of him. Komui may be a bit scatter-brained sometimes, but he was especially cautious when it concerned the exorcist under his supervision.

So its either the Kanda in front of him was the real thing or simply the image conjured by his loneliness.

"Close your mouth, Baka Moyashi. You look stupid."

That did the trick. "Its Allen, Bakanda," Allen retorted, "get it through your thick skull!" At first Allen looked annoyed, but then his lips curved into a wide smile and his eyes seem to sparkle. It became very clear to those who saw the exchange between Kanda and Allen for the first time that the latter was, in fact, very glad to see former. "I can't believe that there would come a time that I would miss this. I must be lonelier than I thought."

"Tch. Don't you dare start crying now."

"Who said anything about crying?"

Kanda's body tensed when Allen suddenly flung himself to him, wrapping his arms around the Japanese in an impulsive embrace. By the time Kanda comprehended that he now had an armful of the Beansprout, he found that he kind of liked how Allen fit in his arms. Kanda then noticed the cold look that was thrown his way by the tall, dark-haired man. Not the one to back down, he returned the look with his trademark "piss off" glare. "Oi, Moyashi, who are they?"

Ciel, being the observant person that he was, did not miss the glaring contest that had commenced between the two. He covered his mouth with a hand to hide the grin that was formed on his lips. For a moment, Ciel pitied Allen for getting caught in the middle of the budding rivalry between his butler and the Asian man, but it was quickly overpowered by amusement. This was the first time he witnessed Sebastian loosing his calm and he was curious to see how the whole thing would turn out.

"Allen, Bakanda, Allen." Still smiling, Allen removed his arms from around Kanda's waist and moved back. He had absolutely forgotten that they had an audience. "They are friends, Kanda. The boy is Ciel Phantomhive and the man with him is his butler, Sebastian Michaels. Ciel, Sebastian, this is Kanda Yu, the grumpiest samurai to ever walk the face of the Earth. Don't worry, his bark is worse than his bite."

"I resent that, Moyashi."

"Tough luck, BaKanda. I am merely stating a fact."

"I will prove to you here and now how false that statement is."

Ciel cleared his throat, interrupting the start of an argument between Allen and Kanda. "You two look like you have a lot to talk about," Ciel commented, pointing out the obvious. "We shall take our leave then so as to give you time yourselves. I expect you to visit me sometime in the future." Ciel nodded to Kanda, "It was a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Kanda Yu."


"Bakanda, that's rude!" Allen scolded with a glare. He then quickly apologized to the young Earl, who was looking very much surprised at the Asian beauty's attitude towards him. "Forgive his rudeness. That is just the way he is." Behind him, Kanda tch-ed. "Please, Kanda, not another word."


"You what?!" Kanda's outburst could be possibly heard at every corner of the house. Allen visibly cringed, silently thankful that it was only the two of them; Ciel and Sebastian left long ago and Moore was somewhere he did not know of. "What the hell were you thinking, Moyashi?"

"She was my friend. I had to help her somehow. Anyway, Ciel told me that the case of Jack the Ripper is already closed so I don't think I am in any dang- Okay, I'm shutting up now," Allen smartly ended at the intensity of kanda's glare. Kanda could easily turn him into human sashimi if he wanted.

"It is that fucking hero complex of yours that always piss me off. If you continue being so reckless, you will only end up up six feet under the ground earlier than you should be. To make matters worse, you invocated. Have you forgotten already what Komui told you about using your Innocence?" Kanda paused as if to calm himself. "For once I am inclined to agree with the crazy scientist when he thought that it would be best yo have someone make sure you don't get yourself killed."

"I'm really sorry," Allen apologized sincerely. "So, who did he send?"

Allen's idiocy never fail to amaze Kanda. "You are looking at him, idiot."

"Eh?" Allen exclaimed, ignoring the butterflies that started fluttering in his stomach. Is it nervousness or anticipation? He could not tell. "You are staying?" Kanda released a deep sigh that strongly implied that he was mentally commenting on Allen's intellect. At any given normal day, Allen would have retiliated, but right now, he was still digesting that fact that he was going to be spending more time with Kanda from now on. "Wouldn't Lvellie get suspicious?"

"The bastard already suspects everyone anyway. We just have to be cautious from now on. That means no more chasing down serial killers," Kanda said, blatantly expressing his displeasure about the Jack the Ripper incident. He was pissed off not only because Allen was stupid enough to tale on a psychotic murderer but also because of all people, Allen was saved by THAT man.

That butler was obviously after Allen. Just thinking of him made Kanda want to break something. To say that he disliked the man would be the understatement of the century. To think they haven't really talked to each other yet and already the tension that exists between was so thick that Mugen can cut it. They both knew that they were after the same thing and no one was willing to back down. "What do you think of that man?" he asked impulsively.

"Who?" Allen asked back, not grasping Kanda's question.

"The butler."

"I see." Now that Kanda asked Allen that, it made the younger exorcist analyze his first impression of the Phantomhive butler. "Sebastian is very dedicated to his job. He would do whatever Ciel ordered him to do." Allen frowned. "Though I have this ominous feeling whenever I am around him. Something is telling me that I should not trust him completely. Its weird, so far the man had done me no harm yet here I am, unable to give him the same level of trust that I gave you, the man who nearly killed me during our first encounter."

Kanda smirked, finding Allen's answer satisfactory. "I am glad to see that you at least learned not to trust people so quickly." Now, to more important matters: there had been something Kanda had been meaning to do foe quite some time. "Moyashi, do you know why I gave you that bracelet?"

"I think I have an idea," Allen looked really uncertain,"but I do not know if I am right. Perhaps I am reading too much from it?"

"You're babbling. Just answer the damn question."

"Okay." Well, here goes. "You like me?" Allen closed his eyes, bracing himself for the rejection, only to have Kanda's hand on his head. He opened his eyes and gasped at the tender look in Kanda's eyes.

"Baka, 'like' does not even cut it."

Allen stood frozen in place as Kanda got closer, invading his personal space. Is kanda really going to do what allen thought he would? Allen unconsciously licked his lips in nervousness, the action causing Kanda's attention to be drawn there. Kanda began to lean down, but stopped when their lips are only an inch apart. "I can't believe someone can be this dense," Kanda said in a husky whisper before capturing Allen's lips with his.

At first, Allen was at lost. It was like his mind had shut down. He could feel it; Kanda's mouth warm on his, but he could not process in his brain what was happening. Then, he felt something nudge his lips open and he complied. Kanda's tongue slipped inside his mouth with ease, gently coaxing Allen into participating in this intimate moment. With a moan, Allen's eyes once again slipped close and he raised his arms to link his hands behind Kanda's neck.

Things could have progressed from there if only they were not interrupted.


Kanda reluctantly broke apart from Allen and reached for his suitcase. He was really annoyed and his luggage had to suffer, its hatch almost breaking as he forced it open. Swiftly, he caught the golemn that flew out from his things. "What is it, Komui?" The poor golemn was being glared at as though it could somehow transfer Kanda's wrath to the person at the other end of the line.

"But I'm not Komui, Yu-chan!"

Hell no.

It can't be.

"Lavi!" Allen, upon hearing a dear friend's voice, snapped out of his daze and went to Kanda's side. "Lavi, its me, Allen."

"Yo, Moyashi-chan! Its so great to finally hear your voice! We really miss you, you know. I hope you did not run into any trouble back there."

"We are talking about the Moyashi here."

"Its Allen! And I am doing alright, thank you very much."

"What I just heard proved otherwise."

"Um, guys, I can't catch up."

"The baka went against some bloodthirsty murderer and nearly got totaled," Kanda informed, throwing a glare at Allen, daring him to deny it.

Allen wisely said nothing.

"That was stupid, Allen." Lavi's voice lacked its usual cheer. He was obviously upset. "Don't even think of doing that again." Lavi sighed. "Anyway, I called to inform you that you are going to move to a new location. Gramp's and I took the liberty of finding you a new place to stay. Luckily, we found one. It is a vast estate located at the outskirts of London and the noble who owns the place has agreed to take you under his wing."

"The outskirts of London?" Allen taped his chin in thought. "Sounds familiar. Who is this noble that you speak of, Lavi?"

"Ciel Phantomhive."

Kanda cursed. Great, just great.

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