Chapter 61


After talking to Eric and getting a map and figuring out where Eric may have been held, the team along SWAT and a large portion of the police force they surrounded the warehouse and captured Mark, Gary, Paul and Josh without trouble. And once they got back to the station Mark, Gary and Paul quickly gave up their 'boss' in order to prevent having to face murder charges. And along with Vickie Harris ended up facing kidnapping charges from taking Eric, and they also faced charges of aggravated assault on a police officer (Danny).


"It's good to see you bro." Joey said.

"You too."

"So why Givens?"

"Don't you remember it was Mom's maiden name?"

"Well, duh of course how I could I have forgotten that."

"You can't help it being lock up in a lab for hours on end, it would make anyone wacky."

"Ha, ha. Just remember if it wasn't for us at the lab the conviction rate would be lower then what it is."

"You're right." Josh said. "Now if you'll excuse me I need to talk someone."


The team gathered inside the viewing room and watched……….

"You know Frankie you blew it. You had a chance to clean up your family's name." Josh said.

Logan threw Josh a 'say what' look.

"Oh that's right Detective Daniels; you don't know that whole truth." Frankie said with a laugh.

"What truth is that?" She asked.

"The one where I'm just like Messer."

"You're nothing like Danny." Don snarled.

"We're more alike than you know, Flack."

"No you're not."

"Donnie, wait." Logan said looking over at Josh. "What is he talking about?"

"Hey it's my story I tell it myself." Frankie said.

"Then tell it."

"I'm the illegitimate son of a well know family name just like Messer."

Don paled at Frankie's words. "Oh please don't tell me…."

"Oh, look I think Detective Flack's about to be sick." Frankie laughed again.

Logan and Josh turned to look at Don, but then Logan quickly turned back to Frankie. "No way in hell."

Frankie was still laughing heartily. "No I'm not a Flack, God that would be worse yet."

"Then who the hell are you."

"I am a SASSONE." Frankie yelled. "My name at birth was Sonny Sassone, Jr."


Frankie is the result of an illicit affair between Sonny and a prostitute named Patricia Young. Frankie was only 8 when his mother died under mysterious circumstances. He went to live with who he thought was his paternal grandparents." Josh was explaining to the team. "It wasn't until just about a year ago when one of his cousins was in the need of bone marrow transplant did he find out that he wasn't related to them."

"That had to mess with his head." Sid said.

"It did." Josh said. "I'm not sure how he found out who is real father was, but he did."

"Maybe the same way I did." Danny said sadly. "One freaking accident."

"We may never know that." Mac stated. "Besides it doesn't really matter. He still turned out to be a criminal."

"So you're saying that our genetic makeup does influence who we are?" Stella asked.

"We have proof right here in front of us." Mac said waving a file folder.

Everyone looked around the room at each other.

"Mac I believe a lot of things, but I'm not sure I agree with you." Sheldon said.

"Okay let's look at the facts here." Mac said sitting down next to Danny. "One Frankie Young has been in trouble all his life, not matter what his grandparents and others tried to do to influence him. It then turns out to be a member of one of New York's biggest crime families. And that his biological father is none other then Sonny Sassone."

"Sonny never lived up to his family's reputation though." Josh Wright said. "Sonny wanted his name to do the talking for him. He wasn't willing to put forth the work his old man did."

"That's what eventually made Sonny and the Tanglewood Boys a joke on the street." Mac said. "But Frankie here decided he was going to do everything possible so that the name 'Sassone' would once again bring fear into the hearts of police and gang members alike."

"Okay so Frankie turned out to be a jerk just like his old man." Danny said with a frown

"Then we have one Daniel Messer." Mac said trying to ruffle what little bit of hair Danny had. "Who despite being raised in a 'gang' influenced world, surrounded by violence and being treated like he didn't belong in his own house by those who was suppose to love him."

"Mac don't." Danny interrupted. "Mom did all she could."

"I know Danny." Mac said patting Danny on the nearest arm. He took a deep breath and continued. "And even though he has some rough edges he turned out to be one hell of a good guy."

"Thanks Mac." Danny said blushing. "Or should I say Dad."


"There is one thing I don't understand?"

"What's that?" Logan asked snuggled down into Don's chest.

"Why did you act like you didn't know anything about the Messer's when you first joined the investigation?"

"Your Dad didn't know I knew the Messer's. I knew that if he found out he would yank me off the case."


"And Danny would end up 'screwed' once again."

"Hmm, in that case I'm glad you lied."

"Lied. I didn't lie, I just fibbed a little."

"It doesn't matter. But could you have imagined if someone else had been on the case when the DNA test results came back. I may never have found out I had a half – brother."

"That is the one of the things I'm so glad for."

"One of the things?"


"What's the other?"

"You." Logan said grabbing Don's face and kissing him soundly on the lips.

"Hmm." Don mumbled as he wrapped his arms around her. Logan pulled away slightly.


"I said I'm glad that your glad." He smiled leaning in once more to kiss her.


The End.


A/N – I know that this story was cut short, but due to circumstances beyond my control I had to try to finish it up in time to post it at my Aunt's house over the weekend, also I won't be online, but maybe once a month for the next couple of months which means my stories will be written in their entirety and then posted so that all of you won't be left hang for weeks. Anyhow THANKS again to all of you for being here. Just the knowing you're here as given me the inspiration to go on writing. And I promise that will be a follow-up on this story to fill in the blanks. LOGAN