Title: Candy
Type: OP universe
Rating: PG-13
Paring: Ace x Luffy
Warnings: A bit of Ace naughtiness
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from One Piece.


Ever since they were young Ace always had a thing for teasing Luffy. He always loved the little pout he would give and the useless little fights he would put up.

Now there were a number of ways Ace could tease Luffy, but his favorite way simply involved a bag of little cherry flavored candies.

Ace lay relaxed in bed sucking away on a red candy. He could feel two eyes burning holes into him with envy. "Sorry Lu, they're mine, and I don't feel like sharing." The older boy said with a smirk.

"Aww, come on! Please? Ace! Don't be so selfish!" Luffy whined.

"Sorry, no." Ace said playfully. He then stuck out his tongue showing off the tasty little morsel, then took it back in his mouth, and gave a cheeky grin.

Well, to say the least, Luffy was a bit fed up. He climbed onto the bed and gave a menacing glare (well it wasn't all that menacing). "Give me some candy!"

Ace took the bag and hid it under the pillow. "Nyah…"

Luffy tried to climb over him, but all he could manage to do was straddle the older boy before Ace suddenly stopped him. "Ace! I want candy!"

"Nyah, nyah! You're not getting any!" Ace teased as he plopped another in his mouth.

Luffy pouted, he was not about to let Ace win this one! Seeing no other option, Luffy pressed his lips to Ace's. He was trying to snag the candy right out of Ace's mouth!

But Ace was good at playing keep away, and he wanted to drag out this little 'game' as long as he could. He then slipped his hands onto the younger boy, holding him steady.

Luffy gave an aggravated groan as their tongues wrestled. A few times he came so close to nabbing the candy away. But Ace was sneaky; he'd snatch it away at the last moment. Soon Luffy stopped fighting so much, and started to go along with it, their battle of wills turning into a intimate kiss.

Ah yes, Ace did love to tease Luffy.