AN:// Out of mind belongs to Queensryche

Hermione Granger best friend and sometimes lover of Harry Potter,

was standing outside St Mungo's, waiting for news on their friend

and Order of the Phoenix member, Remus Lupin. Somehow he got hurt

on a mission for the order. A mission that Dumbledore needed desperately.

She and Harry took him to St. Mungo's themselves, under some cover story

that she did not even remember. Hermione did not like going there. Not since the attack on Mr. Weasley,

a year previous. Not since she and Harry wondered off into the permanently injured ward, where

she saw those that lost their minds.

Little girl sits in the corner

Locked in a stare

Arms waving madly at something

That sadly wasn't there

Dressed in the days best by a nurse that is nowhere to be found

What does she see maybe she's looking at me

She wondered what it was like to loose your mind.

What did you feel, if anything?

If Voldermort took her mind, would she remember

her family and friends? Would she remember Harry and their

time together? What about Remus?

Would she remember the way that they would read together in comfortable silence?

Would she remember the way he challenged her to think? The way that

his eyes turned amber the nights he changed into a werewolf?

The hungry way he looks at her when he thinks she is not looking?

The way he loved dark chocolate in everything, even his coffee?

Or would Voldemort, with his red eyes and cruel smile, be all that she sees?

Old man strapped to a chair hair like a gown

Shouting and cursing and someone who clearly

Isn't around

Father time has clearly twisted his mind

The staff says he's not well

To whom does he speak?

Maybe he's speaking to me

With the connection Harry had with Voldemort

would he know if he wanted to attack her?

Would he be so taken over by Voldemort at the time,

that he would not care?

If Harry failed, would Remus come?

Or would he be with Greyback's pack somewhere,

that he could not get to her in time?

So we keep these people inside this walls

Their forgotten lives safe from the crowd

They can't leave

You have left him here for me

Her thoughts are interrupted by Harry leaving

the hospital tired looking, but hopeful..

"Alright love?" he asked, as he took her in his arms.

"Fine love. What did they say about Remus?" She asks,

as Harry buries his face into her neck. He comes up a moment

to say "He's going to be fine, they are just keeping him for the night"

Then he pulls her close again, to feel how much he needs her now.

"Shall we go home?" At her nod, he kisses her deep and Apararates

them home to Grimmauld Place.

So we keep these people inside these walls

from society

Their forgotten lives safe from the crowd

They can't leave

Though the doors come people like me

Goodbye to them

They see a picture that few of us see

They can't leave

You've left them here for me