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SUMMARY: Ok so the first few days have begun to add up to a bit more so: Joker's first stay at Arkham.

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WARNING: this chapter contains a reprehensible amount of smut, violence, rape, murder, mayhem, etc.

the clouds will part and the sky cracks open
and god himself will reach his fucking arm through
just to push you down
just to hold you down
stuck in this hole with the shit and the piss
and it's hard to believe it could come down to this

back at the beginning

6 - the wretched

Sometimes he astonished himself. He didn't know where he got the reserve energy from, but things began to go rather quickly once the straight jacket tore. He soon had one sleeve free and from there he tore through the piece between his legs.

That part had been tricky and he had accidentally tugged too hard at one point and had fallen to his knees with a howl, sure he'd crushed his balls irreparably. After several minutes he resumed his struggles with more care and finally located the seam. He tore it much easier than the buckle attached to his sleeve. After that it was easy to get the whole thing off.

He chortled merrily and danced around for a moment in his triumph. He had only a while to wait before breakfast. He was tired, and the wait was long and dull, but he was soon rewarded by the sound of a lock sliding into place. His door swung open and an orderly entered gaping in shock. He lunged at the man and caught him off guard, knocking him to the floor. He began to pummel the man furiously, barking laughter tearing from his throat.

He saw someone in his peripheral vision and instantly was upon them. He drove his clenched fist into the man's groin and leapt to his feet as the man fell and began to kick and stomp them both.

Suddenly he was tackled to the floor. He bucked wildly and quickly loosed the third orderlies hold and surged to his feet, laughing wildly. He dashed to the door and froze, trying to pivot as something long and black swung at him.

He heard a piercing shriek, but he was more concerned with the fact that he was frozen in place, yet his muscles were jerking agonizingly. He collapsed and when another scream rang out he realized it was him.

The sudden silence was quickly filled with gasping breath and he vaguely felt himself being lifted and dragged out of his room.

"What're we gonna do with him?"

"Andy's room, damn it!"


"No, you idiots! I ain't goin' to jail for this piece of shit." There was silence as they thought of an appropriate punishment. Joker, meanwhile was trying to regain his equilibrium. He was giving off those gasping moans again, despite his struggle for control himself. He despised weakness and sentiment made him retch. Showing anything close to anyone in anything other than mockery was like a kick in the balls. He hated it. He hated them. He tried to pull his wrists free and they stopped and a boot slammed into his side. The orderly hit the soft section between his rib cage and hip bone and he emitted a strangled squeak. The orderlies laughed and he spat furiously, hitting the man holding his ankles. He kicked viciously and thrashed and began to break their hold again.

"Mother fucker!" One spat and he was kicked again in the same spot. His struggles only paused for a moment. The put him down and began to punch him.

"Let's. Give him. To Andy!" one snarled between punches. His attempts to block and fight back were only half successful. Until he caught the eldest man by his arm and sank his teeth into a hairy forearm. The man's shriek rang in his ears. Then he felt that horrible pain again. Right under his ear, just behind his jaw. Releasing his victim eased the pain and then someone grabbed him by his hair and yanked him back. The orderlies blood dripped down his chin and stained his shirt. He heard the name repeated again and again.


"Andy's room-"

"Yeah, that's right, asshole- your fuckin' in for it now!" They dragged him down the hall to another patient's room, quickly unlocked it and shoved him inside. He crashed to the floor, and heard the door lock behind him.

"Have fun, Andy!" someone yelled on the other side of the door. He heard a low chuckle and suddenly a large shadow loomed over him.

"Pretty, oh, so pretty." he heard a deep voice murmur. He tried to focus, tried to push himself up so he was not lying sprawled on the floor, completely vulnerable. He felt large hands on him and them he was cradled in a massive man's arms as if he weighed no more than a child.

Suddenly everything clicked when he felt himself drop onto a bed and the hulking beast climbed on top of him.

"No!" he choked, but he was instantly pinned down. The man had at least a hundred pounds on him and when he pressed his knee into the scarred mans chest and bore his weight down, Joker knew he could easily snap all his ribs and drive the broken pieces straight into his lungs. "No!" he wheezed anyway and kicked his legs madly. He felt large hands tearing his pants and underwear off. "No, no, no!" he screamed, until one of the hands locked around his throat.

In seconds he was frantic for air, his face was turning purple, and spots blinked before his eyes. When he was sure he was about to lose consciousness, the pressure disappeared and he lay gasping for air. He was unable to struggle as he was rolled onto his stomach, but when he felt his hips being pulled up a ragged sob tore from his throat and he began to kick again.

"So, so pretty.." the voice murmured.

"Don't touch me!" Joker shrieked frantically as he felt the other man's erection press against his ass. The man laughed and skewered him. The pain was terrible and it quickly grew to be agonizing as the man began to thrust into his already battered body with all his strength. He felt himself tearing and moaned in agony. He felt his blood dripping down his thighs. "No.. He choked, burying his face in his hands.

It seemed to go on forever, but the reality was that his assailant came quickly. As soon as Andy released him and slid out he fell upon the mattress with a whimper. He was rolled onto his back. He snarled and tried to roll away but Andy merely grabbed his hip and clutched it so tightly Joker went rigid with pain. He didn't let go until the scarred man collapsed again.

His shirt was suddenly rent down the middle and the other inmate had his hands all over him. Each struggle was met with a painful retaliation. "Stop it!" Joker howled, unable to see through a haze of tears. The man giggled quietly.

"No." and he felt the man's tongue caress his stomach. He cringed and tried to pull away.

"Haven't you fucking done enough?!"

"Not yet." and the man's lips wrapped around his cock. He began to weep in earnest.

"Don't! Stop it!" he groaned, kicking uselessly. He was coming undone. The man's efforts were completely wasted. He got no response from his victim.

The young man was frozen stiff. He'd finally realized that here he had no control. He could not stop fighting them. He would sooner die. But at the moment they were winning. He had to escape.

"Your turn." he heard the huge man murmur and he realized suddenly the man's cock was about an inch from his face. He blinked in surprise and then something clicked. His hand shot out and grabbed the man's erection and with a rabid snarl, tore it off. The man's shriek was deafening, and the wave of blood that suddenly spattered him was warm. He lurched to his feet and shoved the deviant backwards. Movement was agony, but he refused to give up. He searched the room for his pants. Pulling them on drew more whimpers from him, but his tormentors agonized moans made him feel a little better. The feeling vanished instantly as he hobbled to the door. There was no way out. He knocked, hoping they would think he was Andy and let him out.

"Done already?" he heard someone call. He heard the key turning in the lock and tensed. He couldn't fight. He was in agony. He could barely move. He was bleeding, he could feel it. His mind was shutting down, he was moving through pure will. His tears had dried and now he stared blankly, his face empty. The orderly opened the door and he lurched out, the only sign of his discomfort a strangled gasp. He barreled into the orderly and past him right into the grasp of two other's.

"Looks like he got his cherry busted all right!" one began to laugh.

"He killed Andy!" He didn't hear much after that. He only felt. He dimly saw, time passed through pain. He felt a cry slip past his lips as he was dragged to the infirmary. When they stitched him up he felt that. When they put him in a bed in the infirmary he tried to sleep. They had given him a sedative and he was tired. But the instant his eyes closed he went right back to Andy's room. Something irreparable had been done to him. Again. When would it end? He'd thought he was done with that part of his life. Would he never escape from it? He was not meant to be the victim! He was sick of being the victim.

"This is it." he murmured to himself. He had to escape. He had to. He could see how easy it would be to fall into madness in this place. Every time he exerted his will he was trampled underfoot. How long could he continue before he cracked completely? He had always imagined that no institution could ever break him, but the idea was starting to look like a distinct possibility.

The lights were shutting off everywhere. He heard a few pathetic moans from other patients in the room. He was secured to the bed, but loosely. They knew he wasn't going anywhere. The bitterness of that realization twisted his features into a dark frown. The sharp longing to escape made his chest ache terribly for a moment.

"I hate this place." he gasped.

He was in the infirmary for two weeks. For the duration he refused to talk to anyone. Anyone who attempted conversation was ignored or he merely glared at them hatefully and tried to slip his bonds. The only good thing about the infirmary was he was fed constantly. He had lost weight and hadn't really noticed until he realized he was having to force himself to finish everything on his plate. He also got to shower alone which was an immense relief. The thought of having to shower with other potential perverts was a horrifying one. And when he realized that he was fearful of certain things because of the vile Andy, he flew into a rage. But instead of kicking and screaming as he usually did, something worse happened.

He began to cry.

One moment he had been filled with overpowering fury, the next, tears begun to spill down his cheeks. He had sat in his bed in horrified silence, his expression pained and confused. The damage was worse than he'd realized. He punched himself in the head.

"Stop crying, pussy." he snarled. The action did nothing. So he'd sat, head bowed, face contorted in rage as tears silently coursed down his face. A young nurse who'd been attending him had found him that way. When he felt her small hand petting his wild curls, he'd recoiled violently, striking the back of his head on the metal bed frame in his haste to get away. When he'd realized that he'd gotten scared because a woman touched him, he lost it.

He heard the strangest hiccuping gasp coming from him, he couldn't stop it, and he would probably be completely accurate if he'd said he'd never reacted so in his life. I think I'm having a nervous breakdown.. He thought in shock. When the pretty, young nurse sat beside him on his bed and pulled him into her arms he knew it was bad. But he couldn't seem to stop himself from weeping brokenly like a lost child. He felt a vague sense of peace for a moment when she allowed him to use her chest as a pillow and her hand continued to stroke his tangled curls. He could feel the vibration from her chest as she spoke, but couldn't make out any words over the choked gasps that continued to come from him.

Finally he began to calm, and as he did he began to listen to her words.

"-can't bear to watch this anymore. This isn't the middle ages. What their doing is wrong! You need help, not more abuse. It's sick." He almost laughed. What he couldn't bear was the relentless tears. And the way he clung to her as if he'd die without her.

"I can't stop." he murmured, swiping at his eyes. "Last time I didn't cry for ten years. Why can't I stop?"

"Last time?" he heard her croak. She continued to pet his hair for a moment before she pushed him back and stood. The expression on his face must have been pitiful, for she reassuringly pet his hair again. Then she began to fumble with her keys and then unlocked his restraints. She went over to the window and unlocked the metal grate barring them from the glass. Then she forced the window open. He was already on his feet and making his way over. He was still in pain, but it was easily ignored. His heart was pounding with excitement. The pain and misery that had been his constant companion seemed to evaporate. He could still feel it ready to pounce and he knew that it would the moment his joy faded. But when he was free there was so much amusement to be had. He felt a weight lifting from him and for the first time in weeks he smiled.

"I know I shouldn't- I know what you did before you came here. But I also know I have to do this. I have to. I don't know what it is-" he pulled her close and kissed her. When her knees buckled and she melted against him, he understood. Sexual desire motivated her, nothing more. She was a sweet girl. She really was. In a way he felt grateful to her. But she had also seen him at his weakest. His face was still red from crying, his eyes burning, but he had to admit, she had helped. It was odd, and he felt like being merciful and letting her be, but the thought of her telling anyone about this- No.

That could not happen.

His hands locked around her throat and she began to fight him. His joy at his imminent escape made him a little reckless and he heard something snap. She wasn't dead yet, but he could release her and she would suffocate anyway. He kissed her forehead as her eyes rooled up and she began to convulse savagely.

"Thank you, sweet girl. You've really helped me. I mean it." he sighed softly and climbed out the window. The breeze was warm and the moon was nowhere to be seen. The forest that surrounded him was dark and inviting. So many places to hide, so easy to get far, far away.

For the first time in a long time, the Joker began to laugh.


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