"Ace-y, what does kissing feels like?"

Ace nearly dropped the pan he was cleaning and glanced towards Luffy, who stood in the door frame. Had this innocent and no doubt naive child really asked him this question?

The older brother turned his attention back to the encrusted pan in which he'd fried some cutlets as a snack for Luffy an hour ago. "I'm sorry, what did you say?", he asked.

Luffy climbed onto the table and sat down there, legs crossed and his body leaned forward. "What does kissing feels like?"

Ace frowned. So he hadn't misheard the question. "Why do you ask?", he wanted to know. He had the odd feeling that it was Shanks' fault that he was in this situation now.

"Ne, Ace-y, I went to the bar to meet Shanks and his crew, but through the window I could see that nobody was there. I wanted to ask Makino where they are and now guess what I saw when I stepped inside!" Luffy sounded excited.

Ace frowned again. Man, he was going to get wrinkles at a very young age! "I have no idea!", he answered.

Luffy chuckled. "Shanks was putting his tongue into Makino's mouth!"

Now Ace did drop the pan. It hit the edge of the sink and landed on his feet. Ace winced and limped to the next chair. With clenched teeth he said: "You must be mistaken." He couldn't imagine Makino and Shanks together.

His brother laughed. "No, and it took some time for them to realize my presence. I didn't know what they were doing and Shanks explained to me that it's called kissing." He looked at Ace with a wide grin on his face. "Ace-y, you know what kissing is, don't you?"

"Of course."

Luffy's grin grew even wider. "Ne, Ace-y, then tell me what it feels like!"

"Well…" Suddenly Ace started to sweat. How the hell should he know? He'd never kissed someone! He was only ten years old! Let alone the lack of girls of the same age. But an older friend of him once told him about kissing and that saved him now. He cleared his throat, trying hard to remember what his friend told him.

"Well, it's one of the greatest feelings", he said hoarsely. God, this was kind of embarrassing. He wished they would have parents who would take away the burden of educating Luffy from him. "You know that the lips are more sensitive than your skin", he continued, cursing himself that he'd forgotten the exact words of his friend. "And, well… touching the lips of someone else with your own is therefore more intensive than skin on skin."

Luffy looked thoughtful, what usually meant he tried to understand what he was told. It gave Ace hope that this few sentences were enough to satisfy his little brother.

Suddenly Luffy grinned again. "Ne, Ace-y, I wanna try!"


"I wanna try it!"

Ace was glad that he hadn't returned to the sink, otherwise he would have dropped the pan again. And his foot hurt bad enough. He cleared his throat. "There's nobody of our age here, Luffy!", he explained.

Luffy was disappointed, but after a few seconds he looked to Ace, already grinning again. "You're here!", he stated.

Ace was dumbfounded. "What?"

Instead of repeating his statement, Luffy leaned forward and pressed his lips against Ace's, who was too shocked to react, so he felt encouraged to push his tongue forward.

Now Ace woke up from his frozen state and tried to push his little brother away, but didn't succeeded. His lack of oxygen was already on an dangerous level, when he finally managed to get free. He coughed and choked a few times, then shot a death glare at Luffy.

"Don't you dare do that again!", he barked, glad that he hadn't thrown up. "You go way to far inside."

"But that's what Shanks did!", Luffy protested.

"I bet not!", Ace replied, standing up to continue his work. "I bet he's more sensitive than you and kisses with feelings. A lot more sensitive."

Tears appeared in the corners of Luffy's eyes. "B-but…" He sobbed.

To see him cry was something Ace couldn't stand, so he said: "I'll show you what I mean!"

Luffy glanced up to him and he took his face in his hands. He couldn't believe that he was actually doing this, but he lowered his head until their lips met. He gently stroke Luffy's with his tongue, and when the younger one parted his lips, he slid into his mouth. He was careful while exploring it and starting to play with Luffy's tongue.

Said person blinked surprised, but soon joined the game.

The kiss lasted for what seemed to be eternity, but was only minutes, until Ace broke off. He felt hot and considered it to be not good.

"This is what I meant!", he whispered hoarsely.

Luffy was as red as him and a little out of breath. He only nodded.

They remained like this for quite a while, forehead to forehead and in silence. Finally Ace tore himself away and fully attended his attention to the encrusted pan.

Luffy stayed where he was, watching his older brother doing the dirty dishes. He felt a strange feeling in his chest, but he didn't dare to ask Ace if he could explain him what it was. For this day he had explained enough.



I know I should be writing on "Of A Princess And A Guardian", but each time when I tried to picture Vivi's and Pell's story, Ace and Luffy appeared in my head. So I had to write this story first and, honestly, I like it! There will be a sequel, too, but that has to wait – unfortunately...