"Ace-y, where do babies come from?"

Ace nearly swallowed the wrong way and coughed a few times, before he could gaze at Luffy. The rubber boy had joined his picnic only a minute ago and looked at him now with his big black eyes, chewing the last bits of what Ace had brought to this place at the cliffs to enjoy a lonely meal.

"Excuse me?", Ace asked, not daring to take another bite of his chicken.

Luffy gave it a longing gaze and repeated his questions. "Where does babies come from?"

Ace frowned. Why he hell was his little brother asking this? "They're brought by the stork.", he answered and continued eating.

Luffy tilted his head to the side. "Is Shanks a stork?", he asked.

Ace frowned. What the hell?!? "Why should Shanks be a stork?"

"Well, I was in the bar to visit Makino and she was talking with another woman. She said she wanted a baby. From Shanks.", Luffy explained. "So is he a stork?"

Ace was already coughing again. "M-Makino said that?", he wanted to ensure himself.

Luffy nodded. "But she turned red during the conversation. Do you think she's ill?"

"No. No, she's fine.", Ace muttered. He was shocked by the news, but hadn't Luffy told him that Shanks kissed Makino five years ago? So maybe she was still in love with him. 'Poor girl! As if he would come back!', he thought.

"Ace-y, why does she want a baby from Shanks, although the stork is bringing babies?", Luffy wanted to know. "Is he helping the stork to deliver them?"

Ace had to smile. His little brother was still so innocent and naive, although he was twelve years old. Maybe it was time to tell him the truth. But he doubted that he would understand what he was going to tell him.

"To tell you the truth, Lu, the stork isn't bringing the babies." With that he started an half-an-hour-explanation about the biological differences between men and women, about the process of pregnancy and about sex.

Luffy seemed to be excited. He asked often and showed real interest. "Can men have children?", he wanted to know.

"No, but they can have sex.", Ace replied and told him the little he knew about that, too. Three years ago Makino had taught him all this and he still wondered why she knew about the practices of men sex.

After he ended his explanation, Luffy said: "I wanna try!"

This sounded frightening familiar to Ace. Five years ago it ended with Luffy being his first kiss. Fortunately he now had nothing to fear. "Then go and ask that girl of your age!", he said. Luckily for him, several month ago a family moved to Foosha with a twelve-year-old girl.

"But I don't like her!", Luffy replied. "She is mean!"

Ace sighed. "Then you have to wait until you get out of this town!"

Luffy looked disappointed. "But I wanna try!"

"Forget it! Anyway, you're too young!"


"You're just too young."

"That's no answer!", Luffy complained.

Ace sighed again. "Okay, Lu, the point is that you're definitely too young to become father! Just wait some years until you meet a girl who knows how to prevent getting pregnant!"

"But boys can't get pregnant, can they?"

"No, I told you. Why?" He looked at Luffy who grinned widely. He needed two seconds to realize what it meant. "No, Lu! NO!", he desperately screamed.

It didn't stop Luffy from gripping his wrists and pressing a kiss on his lips. Ace tried to escape, but he failed. Instead he landed with his back in the grass and Luffy crawled on top of him.

"Lu, stop it!", he begged hoarsely. "Please stop it!"

Luffy grinned. "But I wanna try!"

"BUT NOT WITH ME!", Ace screamed and struggled to get free. He nearly panicked.

Luffy frowned. "Why not?"

Why not? Man, as if he wanted to get his virginity taken by his little brother! "I'm not into men!", he said.

Luffy grinned again. "Me neither!"

Ace sighed in relief. "Then get off me!"

"But I wanna try!", Luffy persisted.

"Lu, for God's sake, this time it won't work!" With that Ace roughly pushed his brother away and stood up. He wanted to pack the leftovers of his picnic and the wine bottle he got from Makino in his bag and go swimming. Not that there were any leftovers, thanks to Luffy, but that wasn't the point. He wanted to get rid of his brother for the rest of the day and swimming was the best option to get it. But he never even reached his bag.

Long rubber arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him back. The boys fell in the grass together and Luffy kissed his brother tenderly on the lips, holding him tight.

Ace's first intention was to leap up, but when Luffy's tongue slid in his mouth, he couldn't move. He had been a good teacher five years ago…

Besides, this was only kissing, right? He was on top and if Luffy would do anything further he could easily get away. With this reassuring thought in mind, he gave himself to the moment; enjoying and returning the kiss.

Surprised that Ace seemingly had changed his mind, Luffy felt a weird feeling in his chest. Was he really going to have his first time with his brother? He was really excited and wanted it to happen; right here, right now and definitely with his older brother. He couldn't imagine to do it with anyone else.

When Ace pulled away to get some oxygen, he saw that Luffy had blushed. Was it because he had understood what he was actually doing and that it was wrong? But somehow Ace knew that it was something else that made Luffy blush, he just had no idea what it could be.

"Are you okay?", he asked a little worried.

Luffy just nodded, his face still red and his eyes glittering. The longer he stared at Ace, the stronger became the feeling in his chest and the more he wanted to kiss him again. No, the more he wanted to be kissed by him again.

For what seemed to be eternity they only looked at each other. Then, suddenly, Ace lowered his head and covered Luffy's lips with his own. He didn't knew what was driving him to do it, but it felt like the right thing. Hell, why did it feel so goddamn right to kiss his own brother???

Luffy's grip around his waist tightened, pressing his body closer to him. Heat grew in Ace's chest, causing him to intensify the kiss and being more passionate. He could feel Luffy becoming aroused, and despite he knew he should stop now, he couldn't come to an end. A part of him actually wanted to continue, and at the moment this part directed his actions.

His hands slid to Luffy's hips and under his waistband, trying to pull the trousers off. Luffy stiffened a bit as he understood what the older one was going to do, but soon relaxed under his touch, which revived the feeling in his chest each time they made contact. He moaned when his now freed arousal was pressed into Ace's bare chest and tried to pull off his brother's trousers as well, but only succeeded with his help.

Ignoring the last bit of his sense and knowing it won't hurt the rubberboy, Ace thrust into Luffy. They both gasped, but enjoyed the pleasure that was rising in them now. Slowly Ace began to move, quickly finding Luffy's special point. He hit it again and again, each time making Luffy cry out in pleasure and bringing him closer to release.

When his brother finally decided to use his hand on him, Luffy arched his back in ecstasy and moaned out loud. It needed only a few strokes to make him come all over their chest and stiffen around Ace, causing him to come, too.

Exhausted they stayed like that for a few minutes, panting hard and thinking about what they just had done. Luffy was really excited and never wanted to let go of his brother, while Ace was already regretting what he'd done. Well, a part of him was regretting and blaming him for not having followed his sense. The other part was cheering and saying that he'd done the right thing.

Watching his little brother dressing himself with a grin on his face that was even happier than usual, he decided to believe the other part. Yes, he definitely had done the right thing.



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