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Author's Notes:

This is set before D-Day in Hogan's Heroes time, and season 4 of Stargate SG-1 after Upgrades but before Divide and Conquer.

"Now that's how I like my ammo dump," Colonel Robert Hogan grinned watching the German ammunitions dump explode in vibrant colors near Hammelburg.

"Oh I agree with you there, Colonel," Sergeant James Kinchloe smiled as he helped his buddies finish collecting their detonation supplies.

"Did you see that it went straight up then those barrels at angles?" Sergeant Andrew Carter started excitedly making explosive sounds with his voice. He loved his explosives and watching them go up.

"Mon dieu…did anyone see that?" Corporal Louis LeBeau uttered in French and English as he shook his head pointing behind them towards their camp.

"See what?" Hogan jerked around scanning the horizon for threats. His team was outside of Stalag 13, where they were stationed as saboteurs and reconnaissance group for the Allies, while being prisoners of war of the Germans during World War Two. Being caught outside the wire would get them shot as spies.

"I thought for a second I saw a flash near camp. Guess it was my mind playing tricks from the explosion." LeBeau shrugged blinking his eyes several times to clear the bright flash he could still see when he closed his eyes.

"We better get back home," Hogan hurried his men back in the direction of their camp.

The team moved noiselessly through the woods taking care not to disturb the underbrush or leave any signs they'd been there including footprints that could be followed. They stopped several times to listen for patrols; Hogan's senses were on high alert worried about the flash LeBeau had seen. If it really was a flash and not from the explosion then no doubt the Krauts had seen it too and would be out in force. He didn't want his team to be captured again. Nearing their entrance to the compound, something caught his attention. He held up his right arm in a military position telling the team to stop.

Newkirk whispered, "What is it Gov'nor?" Hogan held a finger to his lips telling them no sounds, and then pointed to each man in the direction he wanted them to go. Everyone had their weapons ready to fire as they followed the orders, expecting a German patrol to come around the trees. As Carter took his position he gave out a startled yelp of surprise when he was grabbed and pulled down hard onto the snow covered ground.

"Where are we Carter?" Colonel Jack O'Neill asked holding the sergeant to the ground with his P-90 pointed at him.

"I'm not sure sir, but this isn't P4X-019." Major Samantha Carter replied looking around at the cold forest her rifle poised for trouble.

"Who are you and how do you know my name?" Sergeant Carter cried out trying to get loose.

"Uh…Colonel he's not alone," Major Carter said softly looking around at the rest of Hogan's Heroes surrounding them with weapons drawn upon the pair.

"Identify yourselves and your intentions," Hogan demanded in hushed tones as Newkirk helped Carter up and out of O'Neill's grip. They weren't Germans but he didn't want to attract the patrols with a louder voice.

"Hogan?" O'Neill questioned trying to get a better look at him in the semi-moon light. Was that really Hogan, he thought had this day finally arrived?

"You seem to know a lot about us, who are you?" Hogan ordered whoever they were they were putting his men in danger. Every moment out here was one closer to being captured.

"I'm Colonel O'Neill and this is Major Carter, US Air Force and we need your help," O'Neill's tone matched Hogan's in volume.

"You're not wearing any uniforms that I recognize," Hogan started only to be interrupted.

"Sir, we have Krauts approaching," Kinch said quietly with a deep urgency in his voice.

"Let's take this down under, everyone in the tunnels." Hogan ushered the new people and his men to the tunnel entrance never taking his weapon off the newcomers. Whomever they were down below was safer.

Climbing down through the tree trunk, O'Neill took note of the two decoy entrances before he descended into the dark, damp, and cool tunnels. A few kerosene lamps lined the walls giving off a minimum amount of heat, casting shadows, and illuminated the way through the main tunnel. They weren't small cramped crawlways that one would expect, but large enough for men to walk upright and side-by-side, and only a little smaller than Tok'ra tunnels in size. He wondered how they'd been able to gather enough wood to line and brace the tunnels in an effort to keep them from caving in. O'Neill took note of six other tunnel entrances along their route to the radio room. He saw at least three with exit ladders that would lead up into the camp as possible means of escape if it came to that.

"Sir, do you know what's going on here?" Carter whispered to her commanding officer as the group stopped to talk near the radio room. She'd been held at gun point many times in their travels, it always sent a chill down her spine and today was no exception. If the Colonel was concerned, he wasn't showing it, instead protruded an air of confidence in their surroundings.

"I think I do. Don't worry, we're in good hands." O'Neill leaned over and whispered two words into her ear then said a little louder, "Absolutely nothing."

"Understood, sir," Carter nodded her head, still confused but willing to obey the order on its face value.

"Now suppose you tell me what's going on Colonel O'Neill?" Hogan requested as he and his men surrounded the newcomers in the main room of the tunnel. He wasn't going to let his guard down until he knew for sure if they were friend or foe.

O'Neill looked at him for a moment wondering how he was going to respond to what he was about to tell him. "Red foxes avoid blue days," he said then reached into his black vest pocket, and pulled out top-secret orders packet enclosed within hard red plastic.

"Yellow sparrows dance in the rain," Hogan couldn't stop the surprise from showing in his eyes as they slightly narrowed from hearing that order code. Placing his weapon down, he indicated for the others to follow suit then took the red container from O'Neill. Turning it over to verify the seal was intact, Hogan let out a deep sigh. "Newkirk, hand me their IDs," Newkirk produced the pilfered identification cards out of his pocket and handed them to his Colonel. Hogan took the IDs and returned them to O'Neill without looking at them, to the surprise of his men. "This is Corporal Newkirk RAF, Corporal LeBeau French Army, Sergeants Kinchloe and Carter. Welcome to our humble home." Hogan's men were shocked and didn't understand what was going on.