Never Tires

Summary: Oneshot. After returning to the future the 3 Legionnaires give their report to the man who sent them back in the first place. Inspired by the upcoming Legion episode.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters I use in this story even if I should.

Author's Note: A little idea inspired by the upcoming Legion episode in Smallville and the fact I read somewhere, even though it may be just a rumour, that it is Superman that sends them back in time. I hope you like it.

He sits there and listens as they describe what happened and as they do so he thinks back so long ago. To him the memory is still crystal clear. "That is just how I remember it" he comments.

"And you couldn't have told us that beforehand?" Lightning Lad asks.

"Garth you know perfectly well the dangers of time travel. I told you all I could" he explains.

"We understand Kal" Saturn girl says sympathetically. "Although you were right about Clark. He really hadn't fully accepted his destiny"

Kal-El smiles wistfully as he remembers back at his own stupidity and foolishness at fighting his father's dream for him but to be fair he had been young, so young. He had no idea that he would live this long back then. "No he hadn't" he says in response to Saturn girl.

"I'm curious" Cosmic Boy begins. "Why didn't you come back with us and just explain this to your younger self? It would have made it so much easier"

"Because I couldn't have handled the knowledge of what seeing me would bring. The idea of living centuries longer than anyone else was a concept I could barely handle back then, let along the virtual immortality I actually possess. Look it's late, you've done what I asked and I'm grateful. Chloe will live out the life she should. We can talk about the rest tomorrow"

Saturn girl yawns "Kal is right. I need some sleep" she says in agreement.

Kal watches the three of them leave his home. He had known this day would come for a thousand years yet nothing could prepare him for the strangeness of it. He gets out of his chair and as he passes a mirror he stops to look himself over. A thousand years and he looks like he did that day he first met Imra, Rokk, and Garth when they helped rid Chloe of Brainiac.

"You still don't have any grey" his wife tells him.

Kal turns and smiles at her. "Neither do you"

She walks over and gives him a kiss. "You never mentioned the fact you did actually want to go back" she points out.

"I know but if I went back I would want to see her and I couldn't risk damaging the timeline just for that"

His wife smiles gently "You know if I didn't know you so well I think I would be jealous of you wanting to see another woman" she says wryly.

Kal smiles at her humour. "Lucky you know me so well. It would be curiosity more than anything just to know if Lois would look like I remember her. I moved on from her a long time ago Diana you know that"

Diana strokes his cheek. "I know" she tells her husband. She then takes his hand. "Come on its late. Time for bed"

Kal arches an eyebrow at the glint in her eye as she says that. "I know I've asked this before but you still aren't tired of me after 873 years of marriage?"

"I never tire of you Kal and its 874 years"

Kal frowns "It is not!" he protests.

"Oh I think it is" she retorts.

"I think someone is lying just to rile me up and she should be punished" Kal tells her with a playful undertone.

Diana wiggles her eyebrows. "Oh I certainly hope so" she says suggestively as she leads Kal upstairs to their bedroom where she will prove to him time and again how much she never tires of him.

The End.