pain stabbed through me as I walked towards ou-that meadow.

It had been almost a year since he left me, left me to be nothing and become nothing.

Why I was here I had no idea. Why should I --Bella Swan-- have to come back to this place after all this time? Why do I feel this, pull towards that place, after all it's only going to lead to more heart break --if that's even possible.

I trudged through the forest blindly, pulling away at the stray branches coming dangerously close to hitting me.

Ah, here it was, ou- the meadow. As I looked around i felt another portion of my heart being ripped apart. But I barely felt the pain, I had already been through this so many times that it felt almost like a... routine.

A deliberate cough brought me back to reality. My head snapped up and searched for its owner.

I gasped. That fiery red hair, those crimson eyes, the ghostly pain skin. I felt another stab of pain looking at her, as different as she was, she still reminded me of... them.

"Victoria," I whispered, backing away into the forest, clutching at my mangled heart.

Her lips curled up into a malicious smile "Well who did you expect sweety, your little fling, Eddie?"

I collapsed at the sound of his name, it had been ages since I had heard it. a strangled sob broke through my throat. "No, don't.. Don't say it" I moaned helplessly.

"What did you expect Bella? That he would actually stay for someone as worthless to him? You were just an experiment, a game to him." I sobbed helplessly at her words, knowing that they were true. I was never worthy of him, I never deserved Edward.

"Hmm" Victoria mused, as she perched her index finger against her chin. "I traveled all the way here to kill you, so that my James will be avenged, but I think I have a better idea..." She smiled and came closer.

What was she talking about? I wanted, no I needed her to kill me, finish off my pointless existance. Was she just playing with me, trying to give me some hope?

Yes, I decided. That's it, she thinks I'm afraid of dying, and she wants to give me some small inkling of hope. A pained smile flickered across my face.

"Bella, killing you just doesn't seem as fun as it did before," she came closer, shifting into a feline position. "You see, when James died, I wanted to die. I wanted to just run away because life without him was almost meaningless to me." That was exactly how I felt, I mused. Who knew we'd be alike in any way.

"And for some unknown reason, Bellie," She giggled at my new nickname. "You feel the same way about Eddie, so why not curse you to my life, a life of pain and misery that you can not escape from." Victoria smiled maliciously, coming dangerously close.

"No!" I screamed. No please anything but tha-

Victoria pounced, her teeth baring at me. I shielded my face, instinctively from her. She landed ontop of my legs, surely fracturing them. I screamed in pain, and hugged my arms tightly to myself.

She pulled my left hand up, searching. She smiled when she found what she was looking for. She pulled my hand closer, aligning her mouth to exactly where James had bit me, and Edwa- he had sucked out the venom from.

With one last evil smile. Victoria lowered her head.

I felt my skin tearing, and something hot, almost like fire encasing my hand. I screamed.

Everythingwent black. I couldn't see anything.

I was burning, I was being tortured. This was definately worse than death.

"Kill me!" I shrieked, as writhed in pain.

"No Bellie, I won't. You are going to die, yes. But you are going to die painfully, this death ur being sentenced to won't end. It will be hell for you. It's what you deserve."

And then I passed out.

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