A/N: I wrote this story many years before I even had internet and knew the rules of Fanfiction. I was just having fun with it. After a few revisions, I am now posting it in full chapter form and leaving it alone. It was my first attempt at writing a Fanfic and for that I'm proud of it. A lot of the original movie dialogue and plotting is intact. Being more familiar with my own hometown and inspired, I had made a change in the setting (Brooklyn for Chicago) and I turned one of the leads from boy to girl. I also attempt to capture what we didn't see in the film... bits of Ricky's home life. Despite all this I hope you can still enjoy the tale of:

Ricky and Maryanne: My best friend

(Written: 2002)

Chapter 1: Maryanne's first day

Maryanne Peache wiped the fog from the car window. Outside, the morning was gray and slimy, a perfect way to start her first day at Sheepshead Bay High School. The building loomed dark and ugly to her. Hundreds of students milled around talking, smoking, dancing, and making out in hidden corners. It was a far cry from the all-girls prep school she last attended in Upper Manhattan. She almost cursed her father for moving again. This was the third time during the course of her high-school career. Now in her senior year, she wondered how long her father would decide to remain in Brooklyn.

Maryanne learned the hard way to never settle down completely. Every time she found stability, her family upped and left. Grant Peache was a go-getter, forever making new business deals and hopping on others. It seemed to her that his family was just an extension of him. They were like worn in furniture you never have the heart to throw away. Maryanne was normally a cheery girl with a big heart. But her father's pushy attitude and mother's pride somewhat rubbed off on her.

Her mother Rachel was vain and independent. The Peache family could always afford to be. She taught Maryanne that in the modern world, 'women needed to be strong; there were no knights on white horses.' Maryanne then watched her lose all her dignity and beauty to a disease that wasted her inside and out. Rachel chose to suffer at home; she couldn't bear the thought of the world seeing her shrivel away to what she called "A festering shell of a woman with stomach cancer."

While the home arrangement worked well for her, the rest of the Peache family suffered. Eventually Maryanne shouldered much of the responsibility of caring for her mother's daily needs. Grant then took in his mother, Ruth. She and Maryanne were Rachel's sole caretakers and for Maryanne, her whole world.


Maryanne thanked her driver Charles and stepped out of the black Lincoln. She inched ahead a few paces and soon all five feet of her was engulfed in a sea of restless students and harried teachers. She ignored the snide looks the other students gave her. This part of town wasn't used to seeing her wealth. She glanced at her program card. It was already twisted and warped because she wrung it nervously in the car. Her schedule was light; she had completed most of her major credits in her last school. History, English and dance in the morning, lunch and lab science last. She took an immediate liking to her homeroom and English teacher, Mrs. Hanson. She had a calm smile and pleasant disposition.

One student in class rubbed her the wrong way; his name was 'Moody' Abergo. The name fit his attitude toward life and he was severely disrespectful to both students and teachers. If there was any good to be found in him, Maryanne couldn't see it. She had the bad sense to sit in front of him in homeroom. He was a latecomer and as soon as he sat down he blew spitballs on her hair and incessantly banged her chair.

"Why don't you grow up?" Maryanne seethed.

Mrs. Hanson looked up from her book. "Is there a problem, Moody?"

"Yeah, this peach pit took my seat!"

"I did not, I was here before you came in."

Maryanne looked around for support; the others just kept their heads low. She realized quickly that they were all afraid of this moron.

"Melvin, stay in the seat you are in." Mrs. Hanson warned.

"I don't go by that no more Clarice, call me Big M, I wanna be called Big M."

Maryanne smirked at him. "I don't think big fits your profile, just your head and mouth."

Moody glared at her with a vengeance. He was certainly taller than Maryanne, with longish brown hair and small dark eyes. He had threatening low, brow bone; if he was nice he could be passably good looking.

"You know what?" He whispered, leaning forward and breathing into her ear. "You better watch yourself and grow eyes in the back of your head."

He sat back and grinned, then turned to talk with one of his friends. Maryanne felt a slight chill and held her tongue. She usually never let anyone step on her or treat her wrong, but this time, she felt he meant business. Mrs. Hanson reviewed her roster and called out a certain name.

"Ricky Linderman? Has anyone seen Ricky Linderman?"

There was a flurry of excited whispers; a few students called out rude comments.

"Who wants him?"

"I hope I never see him!"

"He's probably in jail!"

Maryanne leaned over to the kid next to her. He was short for his age with red hair, sunken in blue eyes and a smattering of freckles. She had heard his name was Russell Cartman.

"Who's Ricky Linderman?"

"Nobody, just your local mass murderer."

Maryanne put her head on her arm and the chill returned. What kind of school was this?


Maryanne and Russell also shared first period History class. The teacher was late, so everyone hung around talking. All Russell could do was sigh and hold his head and Maryanne felt badly for him. He had told her how he hated school, but his parents insist he finish. She discovered that he was very smart, and only sixteen years old. Sheepshead Bay thought him a genius and decided to skip him a grade. Maryanne consoled Russell with the fact that this would be his last year and he would never have to deal with these bullies again.

"Hey, I hope you get away with it...talking back to Moody I mean. If I were you, I'd avoid being alone anywhere in this school. I never go to the bathroom." Russell warned.

"Russell, that's silly, what do you do?"

"I hold it in, don't drink any liquids. I heard that a kid got thrown out the window last year, and another kid once got his eyeball kicked out, they never did find the eyeball."

Maryanne looked at him in disbelief. "Oh my goodness! Did Moody do it?"

"I'm not saying he did, and I'm not saying he didn't. All I know is you better start paying your protection money."

"Protection money from Moody? That is so ridiculous."

"No Maryanne, its protection against Linderman, Moody and his friends will be your bodyguards."

Maryanne was annoyed that anyone was foolish enough to give Moody the time of day.

"Let me guess, you pay too?"

Russell shrugged. "Yup, I guess I'm addicted to breathing."

Maryanne shook her head. Moody had an extortion ring. It didn't come as a surprise to her. She decided she wasn't going to take part in anything going down. Her next thoughts drifted to Ricky Linderman. Who was he? What did he do that was so wrong? Maybe he wouldn't come back to school anyway. It seemed most of the students would be happy about that. They would just have to wait and see.