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Chapter 6

Aang reclined on his bed watching Monk while Toph lay next to him with her hands behind her head. Although they had an embarrassing day a few weeks ago, they didn't let it affect their normal hangout days, which might consist of laying on the others bed, playing video games and watching T.V.

"How does some crazy guy do all this stuff?" she asked when a commercial came on.

"Monk is awesome!" he said like some fan geek. "He notices anything that's out of place and uses that same attention to solve crimes. Plus, he's hilarious!"

"If anyone is truly crazy, though, it's you. She said.

"I don't know about that…" he trailed off

"Oh, really. Then tell me, 'Mr. Monk' who do you think is crazy?"

"Well, I think it's a girl…"

"Keep going."

"She's young, about my age. A little small, but she can be really mean. She's funny, and brutal."

"I really like the sound of this person."

"I also think she has, black hair, normally tied back and she has emerald eyes, and she's fun to be with and… she's really beautiful…" he finished in a dreamy voice, gazing at her.

"Huh… wait a minute… what did you say!" she said, surprised and angry.

"Oh! I… uh… meant… ummm…" he was saved when the show came back on. "Oh, look, its back on." He pointed to the T.V. set."

"Fine, but we're not finished!" she said, menacingly.

After Mr. Monk and the Cobra

"I love that episode!" exclaimed Aang. "It was so cool to have master Zi be played by Mako!"

"Yeah, he is a pretty famous actor," she agreed, "Doesn't he sound a little like Iroh?"

"Hmm… I never really noticed."

"So back to what we were discussing before," she said, turning her full attention to him.

Once again, luck was on his side. His cell phone beeped, which meant he had a text message. He grabbed his phone and read it. It was from Sokka, who wanted Aang to come over and help with his honors chemistry homework ASAP.

When he told Toph, she sighed, "Well I guess it's Snoozles turn to cheat on homework. Well I guess that means I'll see you tomorrow?"

"I'll call you when I get home." He said reassuringly.

After Aang was through helping Sokka, he went to his room. Sokka might have been god with cars, but he couldn't even tell the difference between a semiconductor and a halogen! It shouldn't have been difficult at all! They got a handout all about the different things on the periodic table of elements. But when Aang saw Sokka's, it was marred by doodles.

He spent the rest of the night talking to Toph, and luckily, nothing came up about earlier. He couldn't believe he said that to her. It was defiantly true, Aang wouldn't deny that Toph was pretty or beautiful, it was the way he said it, and maybe the way he meant it that was the problem.

Toph had been his friend for years, his first friend. Most friendships end before or during high school, but Toph and his would never. They were inseparable no matter what happened. But why had something changed between them? If something had changed at all? All Aang knew was that it would only get more and more confusing as the year or years went on. And the dreams he would have that night wouldn't help either.

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