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Retasu sighed sadness conveyed in her eyes, as she stared out of the café window, during her lunch break. "Pai-san..." She thought.

Retasu knew she loved Pai, ever since the battle with Deep Blue. Kisshu and Taruto had returned to planet earth, but not her beloved Pai. Retasu could still remember the day they came back.


Ichigo and Purin ran outside delighted. Zakuro, Minto, Keiichiro and Ryou were not far behind, while Retasu walked along slowly.

Purin caught Taruto in a bone-crushing hug, while Kisshu hugged Ichigo gently. Kisshu then turned to Ryou and shook his hand, then he shook Keiichiro's hand.

Retasu walked up to Kisshu slowly, "W...Where's Pai-san?"

Kisshu looked at Retasu, "Oh? Pai he's still got a lot of work to do on at home, so he couldn't come. Well I don't think he'll ever come back, it's not like he likes anyone here, so he doesn't need to return."

Retasu's heart sunk at Kisshu's answer. So Pai had no feelings for her whatsoever? She lowered her gaze as she sighed.

"He might come, I'm not sure." Kisshu said quickly, seeing the heartbroken look on the porpoise mew's face.

It gave Retasu a little hope. She glanced upwards, sending a quick look Kisshu's way, before smiling and looking back down at the ground.


Retasu quickly looked up, when she felt a flick on the end of her nose. Retasu looked up into Ryou's blue orbs.

"Back to work, lunch break it over." Ryou said before turning to walk away.

Retasu stood up and then walked towards the door to take the next customer's order.

"How many people?" Retasu asked sweetly.

"Just one." The teenage girl answered.

Retasu nodded and led the way to the customer's table.

Ryou growled, as Retasu dropped yet another plate.

"How many more times will she drop a plate! She's worse then Ichigo! At this rate, I'll run out of money having to pay for replacement plates." He mentally growled as he eyed Retasu's movements.

Retasu blushed, as she quickly picked up the broken plate and rushed into the kitchen. Keiichiro looked up and smiled at her solemn face.

"Retasu-san, I need you to take this order to...table 4."

"H...Hai!" Retasu stammered, picking up the plate.

Retasu walked out of the kitchen and carefully walked towards the table. One of Retasu's shoelaces came under and then she felt herself falling.


Ryou's head snapped up and he saw another broken plate on the floor. He growled through gritted teeth as he watched Retasu pick herself up off of the floor as the customers began to laugh at her clumsiness.

"Retasu!" Ryou barked, "Can't you go for a day without dropping anything?!" Ryou snarled at the shy Mew Mew.

Retasu felt her eyes fill with tears as Ryou's words pierced the remaining confidence she had. She had had enough of Ryou shouting at her, causing the timid girl to run out of the Café as her tears leaked through the corners of her eyes.

Kisshu, Taruto, Ichigo and Purin glared at the blond boy; Minto was too busy staring at Zakuro as she checked her make-up, not listening to the commotion around her.

"Meanie na no da!" Purin cried in a high-pitched voice.

"You know better then to yell at Retasu-chan!" Ichigo yelled.

The blond boy shrugged, "She was costing us money Ichigo, money that comes from your pay check."

Ichigo growled, "She does have a name."

"Yeah, yeah." Ryou muttered.

Seconds later, Ryou had a growing red mark on his face where Ichigo had slapped him.

Retasu ran into the little clearing. Different flowers of different colours beautified the area. Retasu crouched down and looked at them, through her tear-stained eyes.

Pai and Retasu had planted them, they never told anyone, it was there secret. Retasu brushed some of the mud away and lifted up a small box. Retasu opened the box and looked inside.

Pai had snipped some of the yellow stuff off of his fan and put it inside. Retasu had put her pendent in there. Retasu pulled a photo out. It was one of her and Pai.

The sun was going down and the sky was filled with warm colours; red, orange and yellow. Pai had his arms around Retasu's waist and had rested his chin on the top of her head, Retasu was smiling and blushing.

Retasu placed the photo away and then put the box back into the hole. Retasu covered the box with the mud, then stood up.

A small smile tugged at her lips as she turned around. Retasu walked out of the clearing and started to walk back home, she didn't want to go back to the cafe, today.

Retasu opened her bedroom door and then shut her door. Retasu laid down on her bed and cried.

"Pai-san! Pai-san! Come back onegai!"

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