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When the lights came back on, Grape screamed. Ichigo grabbed hold of Grape and pulled her close, crying into Ichigo's shirt. Purin was clinging to Taruto, sobbing. Ichigo couldn't take her eyes off the screen.

The walls had blood running down it. Pai was pressed against the wall, his face deathly pale. Pai kneeled down and started to throw up. Retasu lay in the middle of the floor, blood around her. An sword lay by her side, covered in Retasu's blood. Pai stood up shakily and walked up to Retasu. Pai collapsed to his knees beside Retasu.

"R-Retasu." Pai stammered.

Retasu's eyes opened slowly and then she meet Pai's gaze.

"T-Twice." Retasu whispered.

Pai looked confused, "Twice?"

Retasu nodded, "Hai, they've done it to me twice now."

Pai lifted her shirt up a bit, revealing a deep wound in her side. Pai remembered something, he found out a while ago. Pai looked at Retasu.

"Retasu, you trust me right?"

Retasu nodded, "Of course but what are you going to do?"

"Well... I found out not long ago, that we're part vampire too."

Retasu giggled, "I noticed."

"So you trust me right?"

Retasu nodded and Pai leaned down. Pai started to lick at Retasu's wound, licking the blood away. Retasu was blushing badly at his action. Once the blood was gone, Pai licked it once more and then leaned back. Retasu gently felt at the wound and it was gone. Retasu stared at Pai and he grinned.


"Ewww!" Grape exclaimed, "Onii-sama did you have to do that in front of us?!"

Pai looked up and blushed, her forget they could see them.

"Hehe, sorry Grape, I forgot."

"That's ok, since it helped onee-chan." Grape said.

"Has Kisshu told them?"

Grape nodded, "Hai, there searching for you and onee-chan."



Retasu slowly stood up and leaned against Pai, unable to move without support from another. Pai slipped his arm around her shoulders.

"Pai-san, w-what if we can't get out?" Retasu whispered, starting to worry.

"Don't worry Retasu, we'll get out, I promise." Pai reassured, "Hmm... I wonder."

"Wonder what?" Retasu asked.

"I might be able to teleport, i'm not sure."

Pai's body rippled, then he screamed in pain. Retasu gasped.


After ten seconds, Pai stopped and his hair was standing on end slightly.

"What happened?!" Retasu shirked.

"I think it has a force around it, to stop me teleporting out." Pai murmured, "I wonder if I can make my weapon appear."

"Iie!" Retasu gasped, clinging to Pai's arm, "What if you get hurt again?!"

Pai smiled softly, "I don't care, as long as I can get you back to Earth."

Pai held up his hand and his fan appeared. He stiffened, waiting but nothing happened. Retasu let out a deep breath, she had been holding in. Pai grinned.

"Nothing happened, that's good."

Pai pointed his weapon towards the wall and yelled his attack. There was a big boom and when the smoke went away, the wall had been destroyed. Pai slipped his arm under Retasu's legs and lifted her up gently. Pai walked out of the room slowly, looking in case anything came. Once Pai saw nothing coming, he gently placed Retasu down on her feet.

Pai started to walk along the hallway, with Retasu clinging to Pai's shirt. Pai stiffened, when he heard someone coming. Pai grabbed Retasu
and pulled her into a side room. He looked out of the gap and two guards walked along, talking to each other. Pai shut the door gently and then looked it. Retasu flipped the switch on and the room lit up. Retasu gasped, as she saw what was in the room.

Different Aliens, were sat in cages. Some were lay on the floor, not moving or breathing. Pai walked up behind Retasu, his mouth open slightly in shock.

One of the Aliens looked at them and saw Pai.

"Hey Pai!"

"H-Haru?" Pai whispered, then he rushed up to the cage. Retasu followed after him.

Haru grinned, he was skinny and pale, "I heard you fell for one of the Mews, is that her?"

Retasu blushed, when she saw that he was talking about her, Pai went light pink.

"Be quiet!" Pai hissed, "Anyway how did you get here?"

"I was in my room and then this voice started to talk to me, saying I could meet Naru again. I stepped into the light and then I found myself here. Naru went through the same and we keep getting tortured." Haru explained, his voice serious and hoarse.


Grape watched them through the screen as she waited for Ichigo, Kisshu, Taruto and Purin to return from gathering some food.

Grape sighed, followed by a hand clasping over her mouth. Grape thrashed about, then felt a prick in her arm. Grape passed out and the guard caught her grinning, "Too easy."

The guard teleported away with Grape.


Naru sat up and smiled softly, "It's good to see you again Pai."

Pai nodded, "Likewise, this is Retasu."

"Hello Retasu." Naru whispered.

Retasu smiled, "Hajimemashite, Naru-san."

Haru looked up, his eyes widening.

"Quickly Pai! Someone's coming!"

Pai and Retasu hid behind the cage looking around but making sure they wouldn't get found. The guard walked in, dragging Grape behind him, her mouth covered up.

"Hmm... that baka must have left the light on," The guard muttered. The Guard threw Grape into the cage and then slammed the door shut. He turned around and walked out, turning the light off.

Pai's jaw dropped, Grape!

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