Cyber Moon: Crystal.

Act 3: Aeons.

Episode 17: The eternal guardians.

By Razor Knight

Last update: March 28, 2009

The Younger Senshi had regrouped in Mars, but by the time they finished gathering, they knew the Elders weren't around anymore. "You think they are..."

Younger Mars shook her head. "No, Tsuki, they're okay. And there's no trace of the evil Younger Moon, either."

The mooncats appeared right then, all in their Senshi forms. "They are okay, Serenity sent me a message," Luna said, "they're going to face the one who's been sending those enemies against us."

"Why didn't they take us there?"

Black Lady appeared right next to the mooncats, smiling. "Because a group of weaklings such as yourselves would only be a hindrance to them."

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Younger Saturn growled.

"Yeah, nice to see you too, brat. I'm not in the mood for fighting you, not until I become strong enough myself to defeat the Elders. "

"So what are you here for?"

"I've betrayed my current employer, and I don't really want to be there when he finds out what I've done... If he already hasn't. "

Younger Venus shrugged. "You know, someone as powerful as you could be quite an ally to have."

"Me, ally with your kin?"

"You can't be completely evil, or you would still be attacking us. "

"Don't misunderstand my actions," Black Lady snapped. "I'm not letting you off because I respect you. I just don't want to waste energy fighting enemies that have no chance to defeat me."

"See, you're not evil. Not as evil as that insane ChibiMoon that tried to kill me, even though I was a weakling."

Black Lady frowned. "Did you attack her?"


The evil woman laughed at that. "You know, you may be right, I'm not that kind of evil."

"Then what about the Kh'Sun ships?"

"They were on my way."

"That sounds evil enough to me," Younger Nemesis commented.

"Good," Black Lady said, "I think I'll go before the Elders come back, since I don't think I'll be able to fight them as I am now."

As the woman vanished, Luna chuckled. "She's scared."

"But why be scared? She has as much power as my mothers, or any of the others." Younger Saturn noted.

"Because whatever she did to help them, she did it so they could overpower whoever she's been working for. And if they do defeat that creature, it would mean becoming far stronger than she is."

"And, not being stupid, she knows they may not be thankful enough for her help, to forget all she did in the past."

Luna nodded at Younger Saturn. "That sums up what I guessed, yes."

Artemis frowned. "You think they can convince that creature to restore our planet?"

Luna looked up to the sky, to the point where the Earth should have been if it hadn't been reduced to small rocks. "Who knows... Maybe Serenity doesn't need someone else to do it by now."

"You mean she can be powerful enough to rebuild the Earth and revive everyone?" Younger Lilith asked.

"It wouldn't surprise me," Younger Mars admitted.

There was something wrong with the place the Elder Senshi were walking through. Or rather, something that felt right, but shouldn't feel like it. They were walking through a grassy plain, a thick forest could be seen in the distance, and a river was running in the same direction they were heading.

"This place, it feels like Earth," Venus finally said.

"That is," a voice noted, "because I wanted you to feel at home. One must be polite to one's guests, is that not right?"

Serenity frowned. All that politeness and calm tone of voice wouldn't wash away what he had done, what he had probably ordered others to do. "Show yourself!"

"Right, I forget your kin needs something to talk to. Please, forgive my manners." A figure materialized out of thin air, a man wearing a quite regal, black armor. His face was, for lack of other words, perfect, with black eyes and hair matching the armor's color.

"I suppose you're the one we should 'thank' for our world's disappearance."

"You are also the one to thank for you existing on the first place," the man noted, "but your kin, like many other races, seem to forget that."

"We are not toys you can play with until we break," Serenity said.

"I'm sorry to say that you are just that. And I am aware my boredom caused you many losses, but I am not one to worry about such meager things."

Mars frowned. "Who exactly are you?"

"I go by many names," the man said, "and I can adopt any form I choose to. You may call me God, Alah, Kami, Zeus, Ra, I really don't care which you choose."

"I thought a god was supposed to be one of the good guys."

The man laughed. "Yes, I know how legends go, of the omnipotent yet benevolent gods religions in many worlds believe in. Even when I send a meteor to vaporize one of their cities just because I'm bored, they talk of hidden meanings and blessings. I created both good and evil, and I really don't favor either, even though the side of evil has this tendency to die all too often."

"What's the name of your race?" Mercury asked. She was curious about this being, specially since her scanner kept on telling her he didn't exist. Apparently, magitek artifacts were the ultimate atheists.

The man smiled. "I could tell you that, but it wouldn't serve a purpose. Your limited minds won't be able to process at least seventeen of the sounds needed to say my name, let alone the name of my group."

"So there are more like you."

"Yes, of course, and each of us has a rather large cluster of universes."

"I see. You're the ones that created our universes, then."

"Oh, of course not. We found these bubbles of reality you call universes many eons ago. We saw the potential entertainment they could provide for us. That's all we care about, and whoever did create them has never returned to claim ownership of them."

"Hmph, that's good. For a minute here, we thought you were omnipotent."

"True omnipotence is an impossibility. However, I know how your universe works, I've studied it. If I so wished, you wouldn't be standing here."

"Then why send all those enemies?"

"Oh, don't blame me for all of it. True, Black Lady is my creation, at least the one you're fighting now, and that one lunar Senshi you killed before coming here, well... You could say I created her."

"What did you do?"

The man turned serious and sat down on a chair that had just appeared. "I infused that world's main warrior, the one with the same soul as your Serenity here, with an extreme quantity of what you call Dark Mana. It was so much of it, it ate her soul away, leaving only the body, and used it to cause pain and suffering. A delightful creature, that Dark Mana."

"Delightful?" Serenity felt almost ready to tackle this man. But still, she knew she had to let him speak, to let him reveal any weaknesses he might have. He was quite visibly full of himself, and enemies like those often died because of their own ego.

"From my point of view, it is. See, I enjoy watching a lot of things, but I'm partial to wars, chaos and suffering. I could enjoy peaceful worlds, really, if they weren't so damn... Peaceful."

"Is ours the only universe you have that you can torture?"

"Of course not, I am no lowly god. In fact, right now, I'm making preparations for a war to erupt in one universe I've been following. "

"So you're an asshole to everyone, not just us," Dragon Mercury said, not really caring about being respectful to that monster.

"Oh, you are quite correct, my friend. I wouldn't really like if you started feeling special. I treat all my universes the same way."

"What about the other gods?"

"What about them? I haven't seen any of them in too much time to count. We keep out of each other's business and are happy to do so. "

"You said you created us," Serenity said, "but we saw how our powers were created."

"I wonder..." the man mused, "can your mind understand how it all really works?"

Mercury frowned. "You created Apsu? If that's the case, then everything falls into place."

"I didn't create her, but I used her for my amusement. See, you only went back in time to give that old lunar Senshi her powers, because Apsu was around. Apsu went back in time because I infused the idea of eliminating that first Senshi into her mind. Hence, she went back, and you followed her. If not for my intervention, dear Serenity, you would have been a normal teenager, probably wouldn't have met many of your friends, and would have died a millenia ago. "

"So what? Am I supposed to thank you for it?"

"I don't care if you don't. I just wanted to let you know that most of the things that turned you into the very skilled warrior you are today were there only because of my intervention."

"The hand of god can be the devil's claw," Dragon Mercury said, then shook his head. "Suppose we believe you. Are you expecting us to just walk away and wait for the next time you grow bored?"

The man stood up, his chair vanishing as soon as he had straightened himself. "I would be rather disappointed if you did. I didn't feed you with so much suffering and pain just to have you be submissive little ants, to use a simil you used. I let you in here simply because I'm bored, I've told you all you needed to know because I'm bored, and you're angry now and will fight me... Because I'm bored. "

Serenity smiled humorlessly. "He's got us, huh?"

Mars nodded. "If we fight him, we'll give him what he wants. If we don't fight him, then he'll probably just send more enemies after us. "

"One thing I would note is," the man said, "that it's not always me. The Hunters, for instance, weren't someone I created, or someone I gently pushed into the right direction. They were, to use a word of yours, assholes on their own account."

"Two of them changed."

"In the past, yes, and they did a lot of good after that. But in the future... Have you ever wondered why none of the other Senshi you met before haven't returned, why none of them ever contacted you again?"

Younger Moon paled. "Wait, you mean that they..."

"They efficiently eliminated every other Senshi in your universe. You're the only ones left. I must admit I'm impressed, a handful of creatures on a ship eliminated dozens of groups like yours, without me helping them in any way."

"Must suck to know they could do that, while you weren't able to kill us," Jupiter mused.

"It has never been my intention to kill you... And by that I mean kill you permanently. My life would be quite dull and boring if I went and eliminated the last worthy group of warriors on the side of good."

"Then I suppose we'll have to kill you so you stop bothering us."

The man looked at Saturn. "That's a nice plan, but you just don't know how much power I have, girl."

"That is true. My scanners aren't picking anything, and I can't sense your power," Saturn admitted. Mercury nodded in agreement.

"That is because your minds and your machines cannot grasp the level of power I have. You fighting me would be, to use an example you can understand, like a fly trying to destroy a star."

"I see. You're saying it's simply impossible for us to defeat you," Serenity said. "Didn't you hear? Nothing is impossible for us Senshi. "

"A nice motto, but it's about to be proven wrong," the man said. "Go ahead, since you're the guests here, you get to attack first."

The Senshi complied with that, sending all their attacks, using most of their mana into one single wave of attacks. Despite most of them expecting that result, it was still shocking when they saw the man stand there, taking every one of their impossibly strong attacks. Attacks which, as Mercury had explained them while they walked through the plain they were in now, would be more than enough to destroy any of the planets in their system.

But the man was there, his armor as flawless and polished as it had ever been, his face unchanged by the incredible wave of energy. He was, in fact, smiling. "Well, well, my dear friends. Now that you've attacked me, it's my turn."

Serenity braced herself for an attack, but it never came. The last thing she could see before she fell unconscious, was the man smiling at her, the same unfriendly, mocking smile he had shown them since he first appeared before them.

As she opened her eyes again, she was confused. She was lying on her back, on a bed, under a familiar roof. She sat on the bed (her bed,) and looked around. Yes, this was indeed her room, the room she had when she was a teenager.

She could sense something else, or rather... She couldn't sense her own powers anymore. She tried to mentally call upon them, only to find that she couldn't transform. Walking to the mirror, she saw in its reflection what she was expecting. Not Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo staring back at her, but the young Usagi Tsukino. What was that bastard planning? It wasn't even the first time something like this happened, a dream she had to wake up from. However, she wasn't waking up, even after realizing that.

"That is, because this is no dream. This is your reality now, and will be for as long as I want," a voice said from everywhere around her. She searched around the room, but the man wasn't there. The voice continued, "your friends are going through the same, and I'm really having a lot of fun watching them struggle against it. So, let's see how you fare when you are really powerless."

She frowned. The voice was silent now, and she hadn't bothered answering to it. Powerless, was she really... "Moon Prism Power!" No, not even her most basic transformation worked. Looking at the calendar on the wall she could figure out where she was. Back in the late twentieth century, of course, but if her memory was as good as she thought it was, she should have been Sailor Moon by now.

She walked out of her room, already trying to think of a way to get out of this reality before anything went wrong. As she walked in, her mother looked at her with some amusement.

"Hello, Usagi. Finally decided to listen to your alarm clock?"

Usagi sighed. "Yeah." She remembered how she used to be back then, yes, and she wasn't proud of it. As she looked at the newspaper her father was reading, she smiled. "The Senshi were seen again?"

"I don't know who they are, but they're being spotted a lot lately," Kenji commented.

"Sailors Mars, Mercury and Jupiter..." Usagi read as she ate her breakfast. "No Sailor Moon?"

"Is there a Sailor Moon? I didn't know."

Usagi cringed. She had a theory on what exactly was wrong with this reality, but she hoped she was wrong. "Where's Luna?"


"Let me guess, we don't have a pet cat?"

"Are you feeling okay, Usagi?" Ikuko said, worriedly.

"Yes, I'm okay," Usagi said dismissively. She looked at the clock on the wall and nodded. "I better get ready for school."

Shingo walked in right then and blinked in surprise. "Wait, you woke up before I did? Something must be wrong with the universe."

"That's what I've been thinking since I woke up," Usagi said then walked out of the kitchen."

School wasn't much different than she remembered, besides the fact Ami, Mako and Terry were ignoring her. Or, she realized, maybe it was just that this version of her friends weren't her friends. It all made sense, too, if she wasn't Sailor Moon, then that meant she hadn't met the others. That saddened her a bit, were they all together only because of their powers? No, that couldn't be true.

"What's wrong, Usagi?"

She forced a smile as she looked at Umino. "Nothing, don't worry."

Umino didn't seem too convinced by it. "Right."

The bell rang, and Usagi sighed in relief. At least school was over for the day, and she intended to find out how to get out of that reality before the day was over. She was worried about the others, of course, but knew she couldn't do a thing to help them as long as she couldn't solve her own problems.

Naru had tagged along on her way home, and Usagi felt a bit of nostalgia as they walked. She wasn't unhappy with the life she led, but a part of her apparently missed the old days, before she became a queen.

"Usagi, have you heard about the new fashion store that opened near Osa-P?"

That piqued her interest. Old Usagi would have not suspected a thing, but Serenity knew better. She knew all those discount sales and new places were the youma's doomed-to-fail ways of gathering mana. "We should go check it out."

And so they did. While Usagi was aware that she was powerless, she also remembered all the training she'd had, she could still fight even if she couldn't throw magic at her foes. Upon entering the store, she smiled. The store clerk was giving them a friendly smile, but she could see the hatred for humans most youma had, deep inside.

"Welcome, what may I do for you, young ladies?"

"We're just checking this store out, we may come back later to buy something."

"Go ahead, then, feel free to try on any dress you like."

Usagi looked around. She wasn't completely powerless, she could still sense some things (maybe she had always been able to, but wasn't aware of it back then?) and one of the things she sensed almost made her cheer. "I think I'll pass."

"Stop it right there!" Her senses weren't wrong. She looked to the side and saw Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Zero there, all glaring at the clerk.

The woman hissed at them. "Senshi!"

"Stay put while we blast you to pieces," Zero said.

The creature turned to its true form, a cyan-scaled salamander-like monster, and rose Usagi by the neck before she could react. "I don't think so, kids. You're all going to stand very still, unless you want me to kill this human."

"Damn it," Mars muttered. "Mercury?"

"I'm on it," Mercury said, her visor appearing over her eyes.

Usagi was mentally cursing. She hadn't reacted in time, and now her friends were torn between killing the monster and saving her. Suddenly, she could see something in her mind. Something... Of course! Now she knew what Black Lady had meant by helping her. She had no power of her own in this world, but what about...

Sailor Mars' mind didn't quite registed what had happened until the youma's body was already vanishing. That blonde girl with the stupid hairstyle had blasted a hole through the youma's chest? "What are you?"

"Now I know what that saying means," Usagi said, not really paying attention to the Senshi. "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer..."

Mars was about to repeat her question, but the girl vanished before she could. "Huh, what the heck was that girl?"

Mercury was pale. "I don't know, but I'm glad she didn't attack us. I couldn't get a clear reading on her, but her power is far beyond the scale."

"Same old," Zero said.

"Not quite. If the numbers I saw were true, that girl could have probably blasted all Tokyo to dust on a whim."

"So she was playing with the youma?"

"So it seems."

"Wow, we should ask her to join us," Jupiter said.

"That's a good idea," Mars admitted, "I'll ask her, if I ever see her again."


Serenity smiled. She was back, back at that grassy plain, and she could see all of her friends lying unconscious, all around her. "How, you ask? I thought you were omniscent."

"Don't believe everything you read," the man said.

Serenity's smile didn't falter as she looked at him. "You created something that could destroy you."

"That's simply impossible," the man said, then reached out with all his senses. "You, your powers are..."

"I've told you before, nothing's impossible for us Senshi. Though, in this case, I have to thank someone I consider my worst enemy, and I must also thank your own carelessness."

"Black Lady," the man said, finally understanding what had happened. indeed, that woman had given Serenity her one exclusive skill, the one that allowed her to copy any power anyone used on her. He never considered it possible for anyone to be able to copy his powers, though. Still, upon that realization, he just laughed. "This is very amusing, Serenity. What do you hope to gain with this? We're equals now, you can't defeat me and I can't defeat you."

"We're not the same, and you're weaker than you think. See, you didn't create our universe, you admit to that. So you don't really know how strong those created by them could be. For a so-called god, you're extremely overconfident, and overconfidence has never been a good thing to have when you're facing a Senshi."

"I still say you can't defeat me," the man said, his anger rising. What was with this useless human, thinking she could defeat him like that? He had been toying with her for a whole millenia, he knew all her weaknesses, he was her god. "But enough chatter, girl, and die!"

Serenity felt a wave of energy hit her, yes, and for a moment she felt intense pain running through her body. But then, something she had counted on happened. The Ginzuishou lit up, and the pain vanished. "I'm sorry, but I cannot die now, not when all my friends are counting on me to win. And speaking of my friends..."

The man was confused for a moment. He saw colored spheres shooting out of the bodies of all the fallen Senshi, and they all fused with Serenity's body. Her suit, once again, changed, becoming golden instead of its usual white, and her many wings were replaced by large, golden wings made of pure energy. It couldn't be happening. He couldn't be defeated. He and his race, they were all immortal!

Serenity smiled. "See, the reason I'm stronger than you is not just because of that crystal, which, by the way, was created by the same who created the multiverse." She now knew that, as the crystal itself had 'told' her that fact. "It's also because I'm not some lonely, bored man whose only goal is to torture others for his own amusement. I have friends, I have a family."

"Don't give me that look!" the man said. Gone was his calm, overconfident facade. It was something one of his kin had warned him about, the last time she visited him, many eons ago. 'If you keep on causing pain, then that pain is sooner or later going to come back to haunt you. We can only be destroyed by that which we create. '

The woman in front of her, however, wasn't looking at him with anger, or hatred, or even superiority. It was much worse. He could see it in her eyes. She pitied him.

"I was born to fight evil, and your actions are those of an evil being. I can see in you, that you won't ever change your ways, so for the sake of my friends and my universe, I will defeat you."

"Amusing last words," the man said and vanished.

Serenity looked around. The area changed from the plains they had been on, to a cavern, and the temperature was steadily rising. She concentrated, and the cavern was gone, leaving only a white, empty nothingness, with her and her friends floating amidst it all. "So this is how it really looks like."

"Boring, isn't it?" the man's voice said. He appeared meters away from Serenity and laughed. "You are amusing, dear. See, your kin has limits, your power output may be extremely high, but your energy reserves have been drained constantly, and you are cut from the source of your power, as long as you're here."

Serenity knew all that, she could feel her own energy was quite low. Still, she wouldn't give up, she had to destroy this creature, for the sake of her universe, for the sake of her friends.

"It's unfortunate that you chose to become a dangerous creature, however. I didn't think you could get so close to my own power, but now that you are like this, I must destroy you... And your friends, too."

Serenity saw the man reaching his hand out, and a large, black beam shot out of it. She countered it with her own beam. White versus black, light versus darkness, it seemed somehow fitting to her that this last power struggle reflected how her life had always been.

The man laughed. Little by little, his beam was gaining the upper hand, growing closer and closer to the woman, who was visibly straining to keep her own attack going. "Give it up, Serenity, you can't defeat me."

"Maybe she can't."

"But what about all of us, together?"

Serenity didn't need to look back to know her friends were waking up, and they were all more than ready to help. "Welcome back, everyone."

"Impossible! How did you free yourselves from..."

"Impossible, huh? That word is overrated," Dragon Mercury mused. "See, we felt Serenity's struggle, we knew she needed us. I don't know about the others, but even without my powers, a lousy youma or two aren't going to stop me from helping my friends. She helped, of course... Part of the reason why she's right now struggling, because she used a lot of her own power to help us break free."

The man chuckled. "So what... What can you do against me?"

"One Senshi is powerful," Mercury noted, "but when we fight in groups, our powers go beyond their own limits. I suppose you were too busy squealing at our pain and despair to notice the important things."

"Let's help her," Younger Moon said, "give her all your energy."

"No," Moon said, "I'd rather not risk it. We have to use something stronger."

Mars cringed. "But with our current powers, are you sure you can... "

Mercury nodded. "She can do it. She's far beyond Aeon now."

"Alright, then," Mars said. "You heard her, put all your energy into your shots!"

In unison, the Senshi shot their strongest attacks straight at Serenity. The Queen channeled them all flawlessly, turning her own beam into a multi-colored, swirling spiral of energy. She didn't say a word, either, as she had said all she had to say to this monster.

The man saw the beam rapidly forcing his own beam back, and simply couldn't believe his eyes. "No, this cannot be. You're not meant to be stronger than me, I am your god! This is not fair!"

Not fair? Serenity glared at the man. What right did he of all beings have to complain about that? "Moon Aeon Power!"

That did it, the man's attack was pierced through by Serenity's one, and he let out a scream of pain and shock before an explosion swallowed him whole.

The Senshi stared at that. Yes, it had become their goal to defeat that so-called god, but to actually see it happen was quite a shock. "He's gone?"

Serenity turned and smiled at Venus. "Yes, not a trace of him is left."

"Good," Venus muttered, "for the first time in my life, I don't feel any regret at all for killing someone."

Saturn looked around. "You know, I can somehow understand his boredom. If this is how his world really looks like..."

Dragon Earth walked to Serenity, or rather Sailor Moon. "You look prettier than ever."

Moon blushed slightly. "Thanks..."

"Think we'll get one like that too?" Jupiter joked.

"I'll pass, I don't like that color," Saturn noted.

"So what do we tell the religious guys back home?" Dragon Venus asked.

"That we killed an alien superbeing who was responsible for the destruction of Earth," Moon said, "it's better if they don't know what that superbeing was."

"Back home, though..." Nemesis noted, "we'll have to move to a new planet."

Moon smiled. "We won't. I fixed that already."

Younger Moon blinked at her a few times before finding her voice. "You restored the Earth that fast?"

"What can I say... Nothing is impossible for us Senshi."

"Okay, let's get out of here before this guy's friends come to see what's going on."

"They won't," Moon said.

Mercury frowned. "How do you know... Oh, nevermind, let's just get out of here."

"Done," Moon said, and they all vanished.

"Mother, there's an unknown creature attacking Venus. We're going to investigate now."

Serenity smiled at the screen. "Have fun."

"You could eliminate that creature yourself. From where you stand, even."

Serenity nodded at Luna. "Of course, but guess I'm still a lazy girl, even after all these centuries."

Luna nodded. "Some things will never change. But it's good to see that you didn't let your power go to your head."

"The power on itself isn't evil, it's how you use it... And I've learnt to use it just for the important things."

Serenity's statement would have worked a lot better, if she hadn't said that while she summoned a tray with cake. Luna shook her head at that. "But you think it was okay to let her leave?"

The Queen nodded. "Black Lady helped us this time around. It's a step towards our side, maybe with time she will understand why I let her go."

"I see your point, but you know I am not as easily trusting of others. Specially one who's killed countless millions."

"A damage that was repaired," Serenity said. "And thanks to our Kh'Dhar friends, we finally have the means to reach other stars."

"About that, Ami says their first prototype is ready."

"Okay then, I'll go see it," Serenity said, then vanished.

Luna stared at the spot where Serenity had been for a few seconds before walking out of the room. "She's as weird as ever, but I'm glad she's still the Usagi I met back then."

Younger Moon stared at the bluish stain that had been a large lizard-like monster moments earlier. "Twenty seconds."

"Yeah, they definitely don't make monsters as tough as they used to, " Saturn joked.

"I don't know if I should be glad for that, or disappointed," Younger Moon said. "There's truly nothing strong for us to fight here."

"What about Terry's project? Maybe we could go on a trip."

"Exploration is nice and good, but I doubt we'll find anything worth our time out there."

"You're selling the universe short," Saturn said, "even without that monster sending hordes after us, I'm sure sooner or later we'll be facing another strong foe."

"I hope so, or we won't have anything to do at all."

"Why, am I that boring a woman to you?"

"You know that's not what I mean, but I'll have to ask Pluto about something."

"Hmm? And what would that be?"

"If I told you, then I would ruin the surprise."

"Please do, I hate surprises."

"I know, and that's why I'm not telling you."

"You're late."

Serenity chuckled. "Yes, I can still manage to do that."

"In any case," Ami said, "we've already tested our prototype. It doubles the speed of light easily, and it could probably break that mark tenfold if we work on it for long enough."

"What about the crew, wouldn't it be affected by such a speed?"

Terry looked up from the computer he was typing on. "We're going to test that ourselves."

"If it doesn't affect us," Ami continued, before Serenity could protest, "then we'll have some of our scientists here..."

"Using humans for tests like that..." Serenity interrupted, but then fell silent.

"It's the only way to know, and we're not forcing anyone to do it," Terry countered. "If everything goes well, we may be able to build a ship that takes us to the nearest star in one year. And we'll search for other ways to improve such a vehicle."

"You think what he said was true? That no other Senshi is left out there?"

"We will eventually find out," Terry said. "But Serenity... Usagi, keep in mind that if that is true, then our exploration project could be a failure."

"I had thought about that already," Serenity admitted, "and I know the answer for that problem."

"You do?"

"Of course," Serenity said, "just get that ship ready, and I'll tell you once that's done."

Ami saw Serenity vanish and sighed in defeat. "Somedays I'd just love to rant her ears off about being so childish."

"Let her have her fun," Terry said, "unless you want her to be like that guy from the Hyperspace?"

"I'll pass," Ami muttered.

Serenity stared up to the stars. She was, literally, on the edge of the solar system. The planet Nemesis, a place she had visited a few times in the past, and also the planet that was farther away from the Sun. She looked up and smiled. It had always been a dream of mankind to one day reach for the stars, and that dream was now closer than ever. What the future would hold for her and her friends, she couldn't tell, and she didn't mind. She was happy to know they would always be there when she needed them.

Her lifespan was both a blessing and a curse, and she took both sides willingly. It had, centuries ago, seemed almost dreadful to live for an eternity, but now she had come to accept her fate. She and her Senshi, if what that man had said was true, were probably the last remaining group of those who had been created to protect this galaxy.

Maybe there were others out there, in the other galaxies, but she couldn't know that, at least not yet. Maybe one day, they would reach the limits of the galaxy and then explore all other galaxies as well... But she feared trying to calculate just how long that would take, how many generations of humans would be needed for that to happen.

But for the time being, she was happy to just sit at the border of her race's home system, and stare up to the stars. Her mind took her back to the past, to the day when she found that weird black cat. If she knew all that would happen because of that meeting, would she still choose to become a Senshi?

She smiled at that thought. That was no question at all for her. Sailor Moon wasn't what she had become that day, it was what she had always been, what she would always be. And if that meant eternally defending her world and her race, then she was glad to accept that duty.

Younger Moon appeared right next to her, also looking up. "Can you see them?" It was a question that needed not be answered, though, for Serenity's senses reached further than any other Senshi's senses could.

"Yes. I don't think they're here for a social visit." Serenity calmly stared up, stared at the same thing she had been staring all along. An alien invasion fleet, possibly thousands of ships, and they were all heading for their system. "I don't suppose we can talk them out of invading us?"

"I hope we can't," Younger Moon said.

"They'll be here in three days," Serenity noted, "so we've got time to get ready for it."

"I would like it if the Elders didn't help this time around."

Serenity considered that for a few moments, then nodded. "Unless they reach the Earth, we will not act." She trusted her daughter, and if she thought that the Younger Senshi were enough to take care of... She looked up again. No, she was right, The Elder Senshi could, right now, take care of those ships in a matter of minutes. And as much as she knew her friends were eager to beat down aliens, she also wanted to know just how strong the Younger Senshi could be.

There were no doubts about it, the future would be many things, but boring wasn't one of them.

Cyber Moon: Aeons - Started November 2, 2008. Completed March 28, 2009.

A/N: Hope reading this story was as fun as it was writing it. There are several sequels and side-stories I've planned for this, but I also want to take a look at my other projects (those not for Sailor Moon) and see if I want to finish writing any of them.

For Cyber Moon itself, however, this was the final episode.