The Rise Of Dr. Fergo

Summary: This takes place after the War Of The Worlds movie, the 2005 film.

chapter 1 Prologue:

My name is Dr. Fergo.

I am taking note in my journal that I have captured a live alien. I may have been fired two years as a scientist. But I am not done proving my genious to the world.

I have placed this alien in a capsule inside of my secret underground lab in Transilvania.

My plans are to clone this beautiful creature and train them...for I will show the world. The world that I plan to rule. These stupid, pitiful scientists will learn to trifle with me!

I can feel a laughter coming on me, a grin of pleasure! I feel so powerful already just thinking about it!

Oh this is too good.

I am sitting now at my desk, and as I write in my journal, I am looking at the specimen before me.

I must say that it's appearance alone is the most remarkable thing that I have ever witnessed.

It's power amazes me. And it is that power alone that I must have, I have wanted power all of my life. And I know now that it was destiny...destiny that led me to find this creature.

It is my time now.