AN~ Very, very early work. I was such a n00b when I wrote this... But I'm finally brave enough to go back and edit it. So, please, be gentle, because I wasn't very good when I started.

This is my story. Or it will be, when I finish it. The old lady's been trying for ages to get me to actually write something down, and I finally gave in and told her I'd write some stuff down as long as she wouldn't read any of it. So here's my story, all of it, from the very beginning, all wrapped up in one of those nice leather books like all the Grimms have, with my name embossed (there, Old Lady! If you're reading this, which you shouldn't be, I get points for that word!) in gold on the cover.

Now, normally, I'd have a billion things to do other than this, but right now my main prankee is in a coma or something else totally inconvenient and inconsiderate, like she usually is, so I've got a lot more down time than usual.

I guess it's kind of nice to actually get it all out. I mean, a guy can't be an idiot all the time. Unlike some girls I know. (Kidding! Mostly.)

Yet another sign that I'm growing up. Why me? Why now? Why around Sabrina, of all people, the one person whose opinions actually matter to me somewhat? I mean, really?

Did I just say that? ...write that? Wow. This is getting confusing. This is why I wanted to stay a kid forever. But… oh well. Nothing I can do about it now.

So that's it for now. I'll explain my history later, 'cause I hear the Old Lady calling me for dinner.


Puck, king of Faerie (and spiritual leader of hooligans, lord of the wrong side of the tracks... you get the idea. The Trickster King.)