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Summary: Sometime during Angel Season Five... Jenny Stone is a seventeen year old girl, who's life just seems to go from bad to worse... until one night she's resuced by a stranger called Spike, and a whole new life is revealed... O.C/Spike... P.O.V... this is also a BTVS/ AtS cross over, so all characters will be involved!

Jenny Stone: Into the Night

By Secret Slayer

Chapter One

My Knight in Not-So-Shiny-Armour

I flew into the alley wall with a bruising force. My back immediately felt stiff as I slid to the floor, the rough surface of the brick wall grazing my back, even through the fabric of my shirt. I groaned without thinking, closing my eyes helplessly. I knew any second that the final blow would come and then it would all be over.

Whatever over meant, because honestly the whole death thing was beyond me.

However, as the long intolerable seconds ticked by, the blow never came. Or maybe it had, and now I was dead. Either way, I hadn't felt anything other than the all ready forming bruises from earlier.

"You really shouldn't be out here," came a male voice.

Before I could even open my eyes, a cold hand wrapped around my arm, and when I say cold, I mean freezing. Whoever was pulling me to my feet seriously needed to find some gloves. The tips of his fingers were like little ice crystals, causing a shiver to run down my spine.

"Not safe to walk alone," he continued in a British voice, which was nice to hear as I was British and hadn't heard a familiar accent in a while.

His hand moved from my arm as I now stood firmly on two feet. I risked opening my eyes, though frankly, I would have been quite happy to slip into unconsciousness and wake up when everything was a little less painful.

"Thanks," I said, though there was no chance he could have heard, the whole ordeal had shaken me more than I thought.

"No problem," he answered.

I looked up with wide eyes. Wow, this man had super hearing.

It was then I saw him for the first time. He was... amazing. Completely too old for me, but still, he was something else. The brightest of blue was staring at me, one scarred eyebrow perfectly arched whilst the other sat lazily over his eye. His lips were curved in the smallest smirk that made me... oh god, I was blushing!

"You OK, luv?"

I looked away before I turned a deeper shade of crimson, and shook my head shyly. I almost died, broke every bone in my body, and probably have internal bleeding and yet, I was more worried about blushing in front of the hottie who just saved my life.

"Yeah," I sighed, sagging my shoulders a little.

My life really did suck.

"You should go home," he said after a short silence.

"Oh sure," I scoffed, which probably wasn't the most flattering noise. "I'd rather be attacked by that thing again."

He shifted on his feet, one of his hands digging deep into his long, leather coat pocket. He revealed a packet of cigarettes and a silver lighter. I watched with fascination.

He opened the packet fluidly, pulling out one cigarette like he'd been doing it for centuries. He wasn't even watching what he was doing, he was too busy watching me – trying to figure me out, I suppose. He brought the thin white stick to his lips and suddenly there was a bright amber flame in the darkness of the alley. He put the lighter to his cigarette and it burned dimly. Before I could blink, the cigarette packet and lighter had disappeared back into the depths of his pocket.

"So what's ya name?" he asked, taking a puff of his cigarette.

"My name?" I echoed dumbly. I internally slapped myself, before answering, "Jenny."

He nodded, "Spike."

I frowned, "Huh? Where?"

He sighed, throwing the stub of his cigarette to the ground, "I'm Spike."

I blushed again, but I didn't think he could see in the shadows of the alley. Although, if his sight was as good as his hearing, then I was in bother.

Another silence fell through the alley, the sound of traffic filling the air around. It was in this silence the events of a few minutes ago began to filter back into my memory.

I was running away. Getting as far away from home – from my parents - as possible. I hadn't meant to come to the bad part of town, but my feet seemed to do all the thinking. Before I knew it, the burning ache in my limbs was too much and I needed a rest. So I had leant against the wall in the alley. And then there was that thing. Bright yellow eyes, deep ridges on the face and I'm sure it had fangs. I'd frozen from shock, like a deer caught in the headlights, and that's when it grabbed me by the neck, hurtling me into the wall. It mentioned something about the necklace around my neck, but I was in too much pain to hear.

And then I was rescued. By Spike. My knight in not-quite-so-shining armour.

"Why cant you go home?" Spike asked.

His questions were blunt and he sounded a little awkward, like he wasn't used to being sensitive to people.

It was weird how I found myself able to open up to a complete stranger.

"My parents," I sighed, looking up at him, "They're not the greatest."

He nodded again, still looking at me – still trying to figure me out. I was surprised when his hand suddenly lifted and he cupped my chin, turning my head ever so slightly towards him. He frowned at me.

"That from the vamp or your parents?"

He was looking at the severe black eye I had and probably the split lip. I ran a tongue over my injured lip instinctively and pulled myself away from his hold. I avoided the question.

"What's a vamp?" I asked.

"Vampire. The thing that attacked you," he answered in a bored tone, "Who was it? Ya mum or ya dad?"

I sighed heavily. He obviously wasn't going to let this go, and I had no other option but to answer.

"This," I said, tracing a finger over my eye, "Was my dad. This," I said, pointing at my lip, "Was my mum."

I could see something going on behind those eyes of his, but before I could work out what that something was, his eyes landed on my neck.

"Whats that?"

"My necklace?" I questioned, "Something I've had since I was baby. That, um, vampire thing said something about it."

He was about to say something when the sound of a car engine suddenly came roaring into the alley. I gasped as the glaring headlights flooded the darkness. Barely in time, I took a step back as the bright red sports car skidded to a stop just centimetres from us.

The headlights dimmed.

I watched with curious eyes as the car door remained shut, but the deeply tinted window glided down. I squinted, waiting to see the idiot driver who almost got me killed for the second time that night. I was very disappointed when a face never appeared.

"Get in the car," came a deep American voice.

Before I knew what was happening, Spike had a hand on my back and was ushering me towards the car. He opened the door for me, standing and waiting for me to get in. I was told from a young age never to trust a stranger, especially if they wanted you to get in their car, but he just saved my life – and I was bored of following the rules.

To Be Continued...

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