Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this fic. It is just fan fiction.

Author's Note: This is a contest entry for the Uchiha Madara contest over in his fanclub on Y!Gal. It is also my first work involving him. ^_^

Storm Warning

A storm is coming, but for now, the Land of Fire is peaceful and beautiful. Cloaked in the warm colors of the fall, she truly lives up to her name. Colorful leaves, in a dozen hues from pale yellow-green and fire red to melting chocolate, flash in the waning sunlight as they flutter to the ground all around me. I still feel your spirit in every one of them.

You're guardant, because you know I've returned, but never hostile; I always did like to make the first move. These days when I visit, everything feels so quiet that it seems I taunt you more when I'm doing nothing but watch the change of seasons and listen to the wind, whispering in the trees.

Even at its borderlands, the beauty of the Fire Country's vast forests is eternal. I see that the Nara clan that we conquered is as adept as ever in watching over the woodlands and the animals. I wonder if they and the heads of the other Shinobi families ever lie awake at night and wonder when they and their children will outlive their usefulness to Konoha.

Had my treacherous brethren listened to me in the first place, you and I both know that our world would be a far different place.

So is it strange that after all this time, my heart knows only this place as home?

In battle, we were unstoppable, yet you and I were like oil and water in times of peace. Our ideas on how to run things were too different; after all, I'm a realist, and you were a romantic. But, there was a time when I would have given my life and all of my power to stand with you and protect everything we built together, if it meant protecting my family; you knew that and you still let me leave.

That's what hurt the most.

I'll admit its taken decades longer than I'd hoped, because even now there are many in Konoha that share your vision. Luckily for me, Konoha's Elders have continued to play right into my hands- especially Danzou. His vision and hatred of your ideals and your granddaughter has already cost your precious village dearly, but the worst is yet to come.

I helped to create this world; it is only right that I am still here to destroy it.

I know you feel it too, Hashirama. Dark clouds are gathering and the wind crackles with the promise of an approaching storm, but the coming rain might as well be just a metaphor for the impending war…