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Flames. Flames, screams, blood, hatred. Hatred… Uzumaki Naruto's mind was a blur of these things. How did it all go so wrong? How? How?! HOW?! He looked at his arms. Both of them were broken in so many places, it would be a wonder if they ever recovered. He had an ANBU sword sticking through his left thigh, but he couldn't stop running. Blood obscured his vision. His clothing was tattered and bloody from the words carved into his flesh. Struggling to carry on, dying inside, the container of the kyuubi ran on.

As it turned out, most of his friends stopped being friends when they found out about what he was. He probably still had Iruka, Kakashi, Sakura, and Neji. And of course Tsunade. But he didn't know who else would help him. Everyone was unavailable, on a mission or so far removed from his path as to be inaccessible. He sensed a burst of chakra and a jounin jumped straight into his path. That bothered him, but not as much as the person with the jounin.

"Sakura…" A simple glare from her was all he got before a kunai, thrown by the jounin, embedded itself in his left collarbone. He fell to the ground. So this was it. The Uzumaki was to be framed and die in disgrace. Well, the villager's opinion of him couldn't get any lower... but all of his friends… His vision began to clear, but it was wrong. Everything was red. This was just like those times… No! He had to hold onto his sanity. However, he felt himself slipping more and more into the comforting hold of hatred, tainted by malice, sorrow, and a hint of madness.

"How could you, Naruto? You… you… you goddamned demon!" Sakura felt a burst of anger towards her ex-teammate. However, almost immediately after the word "demon" escaped her lips, she knew something was wrong. The Uzumaki was getting up! He should have been paralyzed by those injuries... and his eyes were red, red chakra swirling around him. In a flash, the jounin with her gasped, before falling in half. She stared down the street, her eyes trying to follow the fleeing fox-boy. What she saw next would haunt her for the rest of her life.

"Naruto, stop! Please, Naruto!" Teams Asuma and Kurenai, backed up by the adult Ino-Shika-Cho trio blocked his path. He did not stop moving, instead running straight for the group least familiar to him. Sakura wondered why he'd do that, since known comrades would be most likely to have mercy on him. With a gasp of understanding, she realized what was going to happen before it unfolded. Screaming at him to stop, she watched the genin take on three jounin.

One would think that a simple genin would be unable to take on three jounin. However, Naruto held his ground better than anyone would have believed capable. The others, shocked at what they were seeing, stood back, still thinking the three jounin would quickly take down their comrade. Naruto was knocked against a wall, nearly captured by the Yamanaka mind-transfer jutsu. The kyuubi had repelled that particular attack; however, it was unable to stop what came next. Shadow-hands grasped him around the neck.

He struggled against them, fighting with all of his considerable will, the hands slowing. A kunai thrown into his side distracted him, however. Red chakra battled against the shadow hands, but a few made their way to his neck. The younger Nara knew what was happening immediately.

"No!" Was the cry that accompanied the sound of Naruto's neck snapping. Most of the onlookers began to weep. Shikamaru felt tears running down his face. Naruto had just been killed. By Shikamaru's father. Feeling something starting to tear within himself, he forced his gaze away from the corpse. It was immediately torn back at the start of the scream.

A scream that could not have been human echoed down the street. Everyone looked around, trying to find the source of that terrible sound. Windows shattered. The ground shook. Inuzuka Kiba covered his ears, his advanced hearing causing him an unbearable amount of pain. Hinata, with her byakugan, located the source. It was the huddled corpse of Uzumaki Naruto. Or what was for a moment a corpse.

Still continuing his otherworldly screaming, Naruto rose to his feet. The red chakra set fire to the surrounding buildings, both the chakra and the flames dancing as if they were in some kind of hellish dance. A tail grew from the genin, and the screaming stopped. Everyone started to regain their bearings when another cry issued from the jinchuuriki, this time a battle cry. A shockwave blasted out both the flames and the buildings, and everything went dark from the dust.

When the smoke had cleared enough to see, Yamanaka Ino saw something. Something that made her scream herself. Her father was speared on Naruto's tail, lifted up into the air like some satanic puppet. Though she had eyes only for her father, Shikamaru was gaping at his father, this time with his own neck snapped. Chouji's father was smashed into the ground, maybe not dead but very close to it. Before anyone could make a move, Naruto dropped the body of Inoichi and ran.

He ran, and as he ran he regained his senses. What had happened was killing him inside, but he had to find a safe place first. Tears streamed from his eyes, but he did not sob, or blink, as he ran to a manhole at the other end of the street. Four chuunin blocked his path, but he could not let them stop him, not until he'd gotten his revenge. Without slowing, he used his tail to slash at them, beheading two, striking down a third, and then impaling the fourth. Just as he'd impaled Ino's father… A part of him felt bad, but that was the part that was still trying to pretend that most of those people hadn't deserved it. He reached the manhole, and leaving a kage bunshin behind to cover up the signs of use on it, he dropped down into the sewers.

His shadow clone would escape the village, get out of sight, and dispel itself. Meanwhile, he searched for the only place he had left to turn to. Now that he had killed, not even his few remaining friends could protect him. He had heard about this place from one of the Sandaime's old tales. As he reached what appeared to be just another wall, he used the kyuubi chakra to reveal a door. Pulling it open, he ran inside, shutting the door behind him, knowing the genjutsu would reactivate itself. As he released the kyuubi chakra, he fell to the floor. Shit. It seemed his legs were paralyzed, possibly permanently.

The last thing he saw before he passed out was red hair.

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