Stricken With Jealousy

Chapter One

"I can't believe him," she whispered in shock. "He doesn't care about me anymore...if he ever did. I loved him, was loyal, cherished him and he tossed me aside like trash. How could he like her? He's not even ashamed to admit that he was a two timer."

By now she was crying brokenly in loneliness, and for the loss of her now ex-boyfriend. She wearily trudged back to bed but couldn't sleep. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she fell into a restless sleep. All night, she tossed and turned, waking completely as she fell to the floor. She felt her hands clenched shut and looked down, only to moan at the sight she beheld. Her pink hair whipped viciously as she violently shook her head, trying to rid the image, but it still remained.

"But I locked that picture away." Hoping to escape the memories, she gathered her launcher and Galux and walked towards the practice ring. As she launched her blade, she spoke savagely, "I'll show him. I'll show that asshole that I don't care!"

"If only that were true Mariah. You feel contaminated and utterly betrayed, don't you?" a harsh voice sounded.

"H-he dumped m-me for -the town w-wh-," unable to finish, she broke down crying again.

"The town whore. Pierre had the power to resist her. He's history. He obviously likes frail girls. And you aren't frail-at least when you're not acting like this." His words cut her deep.

"But I trusted him!" Mariah whimpered.

"You're too trusting." With a clack as it hit the ground, Galux stopped. "Sloppy. Anyway, he's from France. He thinks he's out of your league, and he is. He's below your standards. Don't make a fool of yourself. You never stood a chance." Mariah turned towards him, her haunted eyes filled with fury. "What I meant is that you come from a village where you're considered a humanoid cat. I don't think you even loved him," Kai continued.

"What! I did! Why would I be so upset if I didn't" Mariah screamed at him. Kai walked over to a tree and leaned against it.

"No. You. Didn't." He said slowly and clearly. "He only reminded you of Rei. His hair color, his laughing eyes, the i-don't-care-what-others-thinkā€¦most-of-the-time attitude. He was like a living replica of him. He felt this, so he dumped you," Kai explained, sensing people looking out their windows for the source of noise. Mariah collapsed in a daze. She landed on her hands and knees, grimacing at the cold ground. "I know you miss Rei, but you have to get over it already. He'll come back when he's done sorting his feelings. I understand it hurts you, but he has to do it alone."

"But why?" Mariah asked desperately.

"It's a difficult decision; either he gives up Drigger or he has to stay away from you, under consequence of you being killed. Rei loves you and at the same time he wants to uphold the village's name and tradition."

"Why does he have to choose?" Mariah cried out in anguish.

"You know Lee's condition is serious. The only help for him is to kill him."


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