House sighed, it was too easy to get into his patients office. The psychiatrist's assistant was all too happy to let him in, leaning over the desk so her enormous bosoms were displayed for his eyes only. Staring only seemed polite and with a brilliant grin he let himself in.

The office was large and airy a large window covering one wall and typical plants dotted around. The obligatory bookcases full of leather-bound volumes dusty and dull. Suddenly House paused there was a filing cabinet it seemed the good doctor was an ol' fashioned kind of gal smiling to himself he strode over and started rifling through the files when he ripped out a thin file with two words printed in bold black on the front.

'James Wilson'

Houses eyes widened and he actually giggled in glee. When he had been forced to check out the patients office himself added to the fact Wilson had been avoiding him had equaled a bad day for Gregory House but this little discovery had just made his week. Spinning on his heels he loped to the nearest leather couch and dropped down lifting his feet crossing them at the ankles and hissing at his thigh he settled down. Flipping open the file he found just one page with Wilsons medical details on it and a tape stuck to the inside. Letting out a short laugh House shuffled to his feet and locating the tape player whispered to himself "well we are an old fashioned gal aren't we". There was a short pause and the therapists' voice crackled to life

"Ok James I want you to tell me about your childhood- House fast forwarded he had heard this all before .Playing again Wilsons voice rang out "and House-"he was interpreted by the therapist "James tell me more about this House, you mention him a lot and I have a distinct feeling he is a great influence in your life" .House grinned this is going to be interesting he thought, settling himself back onto the sofa.

"Oh..Um...really? Ok well I have known House for over a decade and he is my best friend. He is a moody eccentric cynic and has an attitude most people can't stand but they really don't see the good things. He loves music, he is amazing on piano and his mind is so sharp most people find it intimidating to be honest. He has been in-"the therapist coughed "I meant what you feel about him not who he is. I like much of the medical community have heard of Dr. House. No I want you to tell me about how you feel about him". House sat up this really will be interesting.

"Um well House is my best friend, he makes me feel better and I guess I feel like I need to save him. He says that I care too much and im addicted to saving people. I don't think he realizes that I am trying to save him. He has a destructive personality and it hurts when he takes the drugs or try's to kill himself, even if he isn't really trying" Houses grin slipped right off his face Wilson sounded so defeated. He didn't think what he did affected Wilson so much.

"Okay very good, now from what you have told me I deduce this relationship is strictly platonic correct?" "Oh god yes, yes" "But this is not enough is it?" House choked this therapist was a witch surely she couldn't know how he felt about Jimmy. Had Wilson been telling her about his jealousy, had Wilson noticed?. "I ...I…This is confidential right?" Wilson let out a sigh that made House stop breathing.

"I...I want there to be more, but House isn't...that... way. " "Mmhmm so you do love him I see. Tell me how he makes you feel" House gasped love? Wilson? It wasn't possible!, Wilson was going to rebuff her tell her he means as a friend "He ...He he makes me feel. My wives made me happy at first they made me excited, but I always got bored because it felt like having a friend living with me. I realize that I was never in love with them. I loved them dearly but they just made me feel complacent and dull. Greg just makes me feel alive, like time has stopped and it's just me and him alone in the world.

Even when he is annoying me or just ignoring me im happy being in his presence just knowing he is there safe with me. Like my heart beats twice as fast when I see him my head goes light and my knees go weak, I feel electric and alive. But also I feel kind of peaceful at the same time –sigh- I guess that doesn't make much sense but that...that's how I feel and I think I do love him and that feels..just incredible.

But it also hurts me because I know I could never have him, I could never tell him and sometimes I feel like he is purposely flirting in front of me because he knows how much I care. I am equally amazed he hasn't realized and terrified he has and just enjoys terrorizing me." Wilson fell silent; House was frozen to his chair. Taking a deep breath and in one fell swoop he took the tape out replaced the file and was out of the office rushing past the receptionist.

House was seated on his couch a beer opened in his hand staring off into space. Wilson was so hurt by House and although he would hate to admit it House was hurt by Wilson believing he would throw something like that back in his face. A tear rolled down house cheek, he had spent years lusting after Jimmy loving him watching him get married.

All that wasted time because he was too scared to believe what he saw, he had thought it wishful thinking. Smiling sadly to himself he limped to his baby grand and played softly to himself, tomorrow he would implicate his plan. Tomorrow would be a better day.