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Wilson gripped tightly to House as they swiftly packed and stepped over Houses father, almost running as they reached the door. Wilson paused but House didn't look back, he moved quickly loading the bags into the back of a waiting car, ordering the driver to take him to his flat and turning to stare at Wilson who was still stood in the doorway , gazing out at House.

"Come on Jimmy"

Wilson laughed and rushed down leaping into the car next to his lover.

House hissed "Whoa calm down there Jimmy boy "

"I'm just happy to be free"

House laughed "Don't I get a thank you?"

Wilson turned to face House and smirked "Oh you get more than that" with a salacious smile he leant forward running his tongue over Houses lips and into his mouth, hand making circles on his chest.

After a minute of this House pulled back flushed "Well… that was good but still want my thank you" he pouted playfully and Wilson guffawed

"Fine fine, thank you Greg"

House smiled and gripped Wilson's hand loudly exclaiming to the driver "I thought I told you to get us out of here?"

They pulled up outside of the flat and clambered out, excitement and adrenaline from their daring escape rushing pounding through their veins. House took let out a sigh and took out his key unlocking the door and letting it swing open.

The flat smelt warm and comfortingly familiar, everything just as exquisitely messy as it had been when they had left for their impromptu trip. Sighing in unison they walked over the threshold together, Wilson automatically noting the cleaning he would need to do later.

He stopped in the hallway removing his shoes and coat, picking up Houses discarded jacket and flicking through his mail depositing the junk in the bin. Looking up about to tell House about a seemingly important letter, he noticed he was alone. Raising his eyebrows he set the letters down on the side unit and walked into the kitchen throwing away the out of date food from the fridge,

"We need to go grocery shopping" pausing for a reply Wilson stood up when he got none.

Peering around he said it again louder "Fine, I need to go grocery shopping" he paused again listening for a reply but only hearing a faint tapping. Shaking his head he chuckled and followed the rhythmic tapping to the bedroom.

Inside House was lain on the bed, socks and shoes removed, tee rumpled jeans hanging low, belt removed hair fluffy and sticking up.

Wilson grinned, he was adorable.

Tiptoeing into the room he watched House tap out a familiar rhythm on the bedside unit with his left hand, his eyes closed. Wilson bit his thumb and walked to the edge of the bed,

"What's that? I recognize it"

Wilson brushed his fingertips down Houses ribs and sat down by his lovers feet. House opened one eye and gazed at him

"Stand by me"

Wilson laughed "oh"

House sat up smiling and pulled Wilson by the arm so that he rolled over House and was lying next to him.

"Didn't you hear me?"

House turned to face him "Hear what?"

"We need to go…"

House cut him off with a kiss to his jaw and a mumbled reply "Yeah yeah"

Wilson gulped and gripped Houses hips, moving down so he could join his lips with Houses, his hands sliding up and down broad muscular sides and ghosting over the warm chest. House pulled back and smiled up at Wilson, Wilson smiled back pecking his cheek

"I'll go"

Wilson raised his eyebrows

"Go where?"

"The store"

Wilson openly gaped "You?? As if"

House chuckled "Hey, relish it, it's probably the last time"

"You will have to buy them again"

"nu uh"

"uh huh "

"well this is your flat too so its your responsibility too"

Wilson shut his mouth his face shocked "Mine too?"

House looks at him seriously "yours too" House grinned and kissed Wilson again before pushing himself up on his hands and sitting on the edge of the bed reaching for his vicodin.

Wilson let a grin build on his face, his eyes glued to Houses back.

"Stay" he murmured

House turned his head amused "Stay?"

"Stay" Wilson pouted and crossed his arms comically,

House chuckled "You were all about the store five minutes ago"

"Yeah but now I want you to stay" Wilson reached out and tugged at Houses t-shirt

"I'm going" House rose to his feet and limped out of the door

"I hate you" Wilson shouted after him, the ringing sound of Houses laughter bunching around his head long after House had closed the front door.

It had been exactly two hours and forty three minutes before Wilson had started to worry, he paused hand hovering over the phone ready to call his lover when there was a knock on the door. Wilson stared at it as if he hadn't realized it existed, the knocking got more impatient and Wilson rushed to the door wrenching it open.

House was standing on the other side, an amused grin firmly in place

"That happy to see me?"

Wilson gasped red faced "Where have you been?" peering at House "You haven't even bought any groceries!"

House raised his eyebrows waiting for it to dawn on Wilson, finally the younger man frowned and looked down at House again, surely it couldn't have been… House was leaning on the doorframe, wearing a black suit complete with matching black shoes and a crisp white shirt coupled with a black tie and a shave.

Wilson rocked back on his heels with a low whistle, House looked hot.

House blushed slightly and smiled "Good?"

Wilson smiled back at him "Very good…um what's the occasion?"

House blushed for real this time "We never went on a date"

Wilson beamed "This is a date?"

House ducked his head "Go put on a suit"

Wilson bounced on his heels and all but ran down the hall into the bedroom. House laughed and limped into the flat waiting for his lover on the sofa. It had been almost an hour, House reading a random magazine he found down the back of the cushions, when Wilson exited the bathroom followed by a cloud of steam and spicy aftershave.

He smiled and it was Houses turn to gape. "Ooh"

House rose to his feet and limped over, running a hand down Wilson's blue shirt and over the dark navy suit, smiling

"Hey" Wilson smiled

"You like?"

"Yeah… is that…" House gazed in wonder at the tie Wilson was wearing, it was also navy blue almost the same as his suit but shining different shades as the light moved over it, he smiled and tugged it lightly kissing Wilson on the corner of the mouth

Wilson smiled "you remember?"


Wilson smiled, the last time he had worn this tie House had been comatose in a hospital bed, he didn't even think House remembered him being there.

"That was the bar fight? I woke up and you were snoring in the chair. You called me an idiot, checked my pulse and breathing then buggered off"

Wilson smiled softly and gripped Houses waist

"I came back"

"You always do, I'm just that irresistible" they both chuckled "Come on I made reservations"

Wilson blushed "I haven't made us late? I didn't realize"

"No I left time for your bloody hair" House laughed and limped out the door leaving Wilson to grin fondly at his back.

When Wilson realized that House wanted to take the bike he stopped hands on hips

"I am not going on that"

House turned and pouted at Wilson "Aww come on"

"no… no way in hell House"

House frowned and picked up Wilson's helmet throwing it to him "I bet you twenty bucks you too pussy to get on it"

Wilson knew it was silly but he could do with twenty bucks "Fine! Screw you House I'm not scared!"

Wilson stamped forward and slung a leg over Houses bike scooting forward and wrapping his arms tightly around the older man

"Put on you're helmet idiot" Wilson blushed and removed his arms pushing the helmet down and resuming his pose.

"go go go" Wilson urged pulling his legs up and taking a deep breath he felt House chuckle and the bike revved up.

Instantly he closed his eyes trying to concentrate on the warmth radiating from in front of him. He flinched when his hands were prized away, and opened his eyes, they were at the side of a large shack, behind it the river was covered in little walkways and boats with single tables and two chairs in them, lights floating in the water giving everything a ethereal glow.

Wilson looked at House who raised his eyebrows "hey are you okay? I promise we will take the car next time…"

Wilson blinked and smiled shyly "I'm okay its just beautiful"

House smiled "I thought you would like it"

Together they walked towards the shack and House took the lead, showing the woman sitting inside his reservation card and with a hand in the small of Wilson's back guiding him after the woman and into their own personal little boat.

House hesitating for a moment as he considered how best to climb in without hurting his leg, Wilson saw this and distracted the waitress

"Thank you, this is lovely" the waitress smiled at him and Wilson turned to the boat climbing in. They ordered and ate, in between bites laughing and joking, House still stealing Wilson's scampi as if they were in the canteen at work.

When they finished House dropped two hundred on the table and the waitress smiled at him, winking at Wilson, looking pointedly between there joint hands. He blushed and let House pull him away, they walked quickly back to the bike House glancing at Wilson to check he was okay.

"We could order a cab?"

"For gods sake House I'm fine! I can handle being on the bike"

House raised his eyebrows "Didn't seem like it though, the way you were practically cutting off my nerves to my legs was a clue" Wilson humphed and strutted over to the bike sitting down heavily and gazing over at House.

House was dumbstruck for a moment his mind trailing as he thought over Wilson straddling the bike. Wilson raised a eyebrow and House smirked limping over

"Hm… if you like the bike so much?"

"Not a chance" it was Houses turn to pout

"Fine" he swung his legs over and revved the bike, Wilson yelped and grabbed him tightly, House chuckled.

Wilson leant back and sighed, they were lying side by side on Wilson's bed, House leaning over him and start running his lips over Wilson's jaw, Wilson pulled him up and bit down on his lip.

House groaned loudly and they began to kiss, there hands and tongues getting more and more aggressive, they pulled away gasping for breath and stared at each other beaming.

"I'm ready" Wilson spoke confidently and watched Houses eyes carefully, when he saw no sign of joy him frowned a little and rushed forward trying to kiss him, House didn't react and Wilson pulled away.

"Greg? What's wrong?"

House paused and looked up at him his face somber "I'm not ready"

Wilson raised his eyebrows and sat up, House in hot pursuit "What?"

House blushed "I'm not.. I'm not ready"

"You were all for it before? I…I thought this was what you wanted?" Wilson paused his throat closing with fear, tears stinging at his eyes

"I did… I do! Just…not yet" the air was tense and House looked scared, a rabbit in headlights "Is that okay?"

Wilson sighed and his eyes flicked back and forth as he thought it over. House had been so patient with him… it was only fair.

"Yeah it's okay" Wilson smiled at House who relaxed and let out a huge breath

"That doesn't mean you can to stop"

House laughed and reached back up pulling Wilson down with him. They made out for a while when House suddenly rolled over and limped out, leaving Wilson gasping, unfulfilled and confused


House shouted something incomprehensible and the boy wonder sat up…


House limped back in with the parcel, "You never opened it, I forgot to pick it up for the date" he smiled "I saw it when we came home. You never did open it"

"No I wanted to open it in front of you"

House chuckled and limped foreword passing it to him "Go on"

Wilson looked up at him his chocolate eyes wide his hands grabbing like a child who had just been told he could open a present the night before Christmas. Smiling House sat down next to him and Wilson leant against his lover pulling at the wrapping paper.

Inch by inch a large black volume was revealed; the edges of the pages painted a shining green embossed on the front in large flowing letters the word memories. Wilson gaped at it and glanced at House who was smiling fondly at him, flushing lightly his azure eyes dancing.

Wilson pulled open the front page and beamed at House's untidy scrawl inside

'To my best friend J.E.W"

House blushed when Wilson pecked him on the cheek, flipping through pages of photographs, drawings, notes , a empty chocolate condom wrapper, a paper hat from one of his bachelor parties, music House had written and tickets from monster truck rallies and gigs they had attended.

Wilson gaped in wonderment and turned to House

"This must have taken you forever"

House blushed deep red and mumbled something Wilson frowned

"what was that?"

"It's taken me twenty years" House looked up

"You mean… you've been writing in this for twenty years?"

House hid his face "god I'm such a git"

Wilson laughed "Well I think it's romantic"

House groaned and flailed his arms "OH god what have you done to me! My reputation is in ruins"

Wilson laughed "Sorry sorry, I meant I think its… cool?"

House chuckled and pushed Wilson lightly

"You sound like a forty year old dad trying to fit in with the kids, expect...wait how old are you?"

House frowned smirking feigning concentration and pretended to count off his fingers Wilson laughed loudly and pushed him back "You're older"

"Yeah but I can pull it off, I'm the cool uncle"

Wilson chuckled

"hmm I should start calling you the geriatric wonder oncologist"

Wilson guffawed "yeah and you will be my geriatric 'cool' grumpy old bastard" they laughed and laughed until Wilson stopped to take a breath calming themselves down they both smiled

"Seriously though, thank you" House smiled looking up through his lashes

"You really like it?" he batted his lashes and pouted Wilson's eyes crinkled "Yes I really do" House suddenly leapt on him, the book falling to the floor with a soft thlump

"Prove it"

The next morning Wilson woke with a smile, which faded when he rolled over to find the bed empty at his side. He pouted and rubbed his eyes pulling himself from the bed. Padding around he tried to still the panic in his chest that he found no sign of House. He got ready for work, burning his scalp because he wasn't concentrating, and spilling milk over the counter.

Sighing he locked the door behind him reasoning that House was a man and not some defenseless woman, he probably went out to the store or there was a emergency at the hospital so he didn't have time to wake Wilson up.

Shaking himself he stamped his feet and spoke loudly "He is fine, everything is fine"

An old man walking past in the street yelled at him "sure it is"

Wilson blanched feeling foolish. He smiled tensely at the man and slid quickly into his car, sighing in relief when he spotted a pink post it on the steering wheel, he quickly deciphered the scrawl easily enough it was a simple message

'I'm at the hospital, don't worry. Don't say you didn't because I know you – G'

Wilson smiled and started the car his stomach flipping with nerves as he remembered how everybody had reacted to him and House, they had left so quickly they hadn't had a chance to bother him properly.

When he had reached work he rushed to his office trying to ignore the stares following him, squeezing the bridge of his nose he sighed against the door of his office, blinking slowly he moved around tidying up and organizing the files. He finished his mound of paperwork, half and hour before lunch.

Sighing Wilson moved over to the blinds opening them to find the nurses at the station all staring at his office, when they saw him looking they all looked away and became very busy, Wilson chuckled and shook his head.

His phone beeped 'canteen.' It was from House and Wilson let a smile slip onto his face, locking the door after him.

He found House at their usual table and they shared a smile.

House spoke first "Sick of it yet?"

"They will get over it"

House smirked "oh I have a feeling they won't, at least for a little longer"

Wilson frowned and slid into his seat "Why is that"

House smiled at him and suddenly rose to his feet

"Going somewhere?"

House shook his head and spun round on his heel, facing James. Nervously he leant his cane against the seat and knelt down, Wilson smiled baffled at him


"I was going to do this last night, but I never plucked up the courage"

Wilson blushed, everybody was staring the entire room silent

"Marry me?"

Wilson went pale and bit his lip, he stayed silent for a moment, House began to whisper

"Answer idiot, it's a bit cruel to leave a cripple kneeling like this and to be frank its fucking kil-"

"yes" Wilson whispered cutting House off, the older man stared at him for a second


"yes" House beamed at him and pulled a thick silver band out of his pocket

"I got your size from... Your other rings"

Wilson nodded "Its silver"

"Yeah well, you always had gold. And gold is tacky"

They laughed together until House winced, trying to hide it , Wilson flinched almost instantly and reached down to his lover who grips his arms, Wilson pulling him up so they are both standing ,Houses hands still locked to Wilson's forearms.

They smiled broadly and pecked each others lips. House suddenly becoming aware everybody were crowded around them murmuring amongst themselves

"Got something to say?" House shouted not taking his eyes off Wilson whose ears were burning with shyness. Everybody dispersed rapidly mumbling congratulations leaving them virtually alone again, the spectators stealing glances at each other and the couple.

Later in the day they walk together to the lift, Wilson matching Houses gait perfectly, for a moment House wondered how he managed it when he heard a tell tale tap tap tapping of heels down the hall, stopping to allow Cuddy to catch up.

She came to halt just in front of them and smiled softly up at the friends, looking between them breaking into a grin she reached forward and hugged Wilson tightly breathing a congratulations and holding him at arms length for a second before dropping her arms to her side, she turned to House and looked up at him, keeping his eyes trained on the ceiling but unable to stop a smile from twitching at his mouth corners.

She laughed and leapt forward giving him a quick hug, he remained stiff in her arms and she pulled away

"Congratulations House"

House looked down and her and nodded, tugging on Wilson's sleeve indicating they should go.

"I am impervious to your charms ladies" House grinned talking directly to Cuddy's chest "Ohh just one last time "

House grinned and stared openly before looking up at Cuddy. "I'm not going to stop just because Wilson is making an honest cripple of me"

Cuddy laughed "I wouldn't have it any other way"

The next morning Wilson awoke early again, and decided he could resist getting up for maybe ten minutes, when he saw Houses face.

His lover looked so much younger in sleep, his hair fluffy and sticking up, his face free of pain long eyelashes fluttering with dreams. Wilson smiled they were engaged.

He bit the skin of his thumb, thinking about Houses sudden refusal of him, House wasn't ready… suddenly it dawned on him, Wilson stared openly at his older lovers face, the urge to kiss him strong, laughter bubbling under his skin, he stifled the laugh but instead let out a quiet giggle.

House cracked open an eye "Did you just giggle?"

Wilson flushed with shame "oh shush, I thought you were asleep and didn't want to wake you" House grunted and closed the eye.

Wilson paused then poked House in the ribs eliciting another grunt "Hey Greg?"

A muffled groan "Yeah?"

"You know when you said you aren't ready?"

House opened his eyes and yet again Wilson was rocked to the core by how bright and blue they were

"Was it because you wanted to wait for our wedding night?"

House turned his head away from Wilson, but the oncologist could see his ears turning bright red. Wilson smiled and shuffled himself forward so he could wrap a arm around Houses waist

"I'm glad we are"

House turned back to face him "You are?"

"Yeah" they smiled and Wilson rubbed his lips against Houses top lip, his tongue darting out and running over the teeth of his best friend.

They were quiet for a moment and Wilson smiled

"You always were going to wait weren't you?"

House blushed even deeper.

"I didn't think you would be ready so soon I was planning on you saying no at least for another month so I could propose and get everything set up".

Wilson beamed and kissed him, House covered his face with his hands.

"God I'm a pathetic sap aren't I"

Wilson chuckled "yeah you are" House opened his eyes and stared smiling down at his lover "but I like that"

The morning of the wedding House kicked Wilson out of the bedroom with his wedding suit, and a hair dryer.

Cuddy turns up a hour later to find Wilson combing and re combing his hair, fiddling with his tie and glancing at the bedroom door.

She smiled at him and pushed him to sit on the sofa while she made him a drink, one shot of brandy later and she is reminding him he had everything sorted and if she can run a hospital she can organize a civil union.

Wilson sat nervously for ten minutes before knocking on the bedroom door, Cuddy busy on the phone about the cake.

"Go away"

"Hey that's not very loving"

"You can't see the bride before the wedding"

"You do know that makes you the woman"

"Not if last night has any say in it"

Wilson blushed glad Cuddy wasn't here "I'm going now"


"I'll see you later"

"You fucking better"

Wilson laughed loudly and headed out to the kitchen nodding goodbye to Cuddy and shuffling out to the car to go meet the guests. They had agreed House would arrive later, because House was 'special' and though it was never said, they both knew House wanted the option of taking vicodin and climbing the stairs without crowds of people watching, it also meant House wouldn't have to stand waiting at the alter for too long .

House limped slowly to the mirror in the bathroom scrutinizing his appearance, the suit pressed clean and crisp, same with his shirt and matching tie, corsage, blue to match his eyes, comfy sneakers replaced with tidy dress shoes.

House eyed his own face, he had shaved and his hair clipped and brushed, to frame his face. House groaned he looked so old.

Cuddy spoke up "you look great"

House pulled his face off the mirror and turned to face her, her slender form leaning against the doorframe.

"You missed your chance"

Cuddy laughed "As soon as you met him, I didn't have one"

House smiled at her ducking his head in embarrassment.

"I'm happy for you"

House looks up at her "Thank you"

Cuddy drives them to the hall where they were to be joined and House was breathing heavily. "You okay?"

House looks at her eyebrows raised "I will be"

Wilson stood inside the hall smiling and shaking hands, his mouth dropping open in shock


His mother walked up to him, blinking when Wilson's father grabbed his sons hand shaking it wildly and beaming at him

"Congratulations son, I knew you finally find one who sticks" he winked at his son who beamed back and him, pulling his son into a hug and releasing him.

Wilson's mother stood still watching them until Wilson's father nudged her

"James, I'm sorry… for how I reacted."

Wilson went straight back to staring his face slack, whilst his mother wrapped her arms around him and spoke into his ear

"I was shocked, and scared. I...I had always envisioned you getting married ha…having kids" she pulled back and gazed at her son "I'm just glad you're happy"

Wilson smiled slightly "Thank you" she stepped back and considered him for a moment

"I mean you could always adopt"

She smiled and Wilson went pale, images of House holding a baby upside down, toddlers running riot and House teaching his kid how to set booby traps. Luckily he was pulled from the conversation by Blythe Houses arm waving him over.

Excusing himself hastily he hurried over and smiled warmly at her, wrapping one arm softly around her shoulder. She was still weak and he was afraid to hold her too tightly incase he broke her.

"It's about time" she whispered stepping backwards "You are welcome in my home anytime you want"

Wilson grinned trying to ignore the pointed 'my', they weren't welcome in the cornels house. Wilson felt anger bubbling up inside him,

"Excuse us "

Wilson all but shouts Blythe frowning in confusion until Wilson grabbed the sleeve of the cornel and all but dragged out of a side door into a store room.

"You know what; you make me so angry I don't know why you bothered coming!"

Wilson was shouting, the cornel watching him expressionless

"You know what I know why you came, you just wanted to cast a shadow on the happiest day of your sons life."

Wilson turned and pointed at the cornel, with each word he took a step forward prodding at the older man

"Well he doesn't need you, he doesn't want you and if you ever loved him, you would let him have his day. You would accept him for who he is. I do"

Wilson let out a hiss of anger as the cornel remained a mask of no emotion "Its your decision" and with that he stamped out of the room, calming down whilst he explained to Blythe what had just happened , and waving at his parents.

He gazed around ducking his head in embarrassed joy as the ducklings waved and smiled at him from a pew, and walked to the alter , taking a deep breath as the procession music starts.

House is nervous, and subconsciously gripping tightly to Cuddy's arm as the wait outside the wooden doors.

"Its okay" she whispered smiling up at him , the doors open suddenly to the two groups of family and friends, House takes a deep breath and concentrates on Wilson's face, smiling as he got closer and closer .He turned at the alter to face his fiancé

"Ready?" he whispered


The ceremony passed without House or Wilson messing up their vows, the exchanging of rings emitting a soft awing from the crowd, the kiss a few wolf whistles. And together they turn to there family and friends hands joined, faces almost splitting with smiles.

Later at the reception House is standing at Wilson's side as they talk though the latest case with the ducklings

"I knew you wouldn't mange without me" House smirked smugly

"We got it in the end"

They argue back and forth House adamant that he would've figured it out within five minutes of meeting the patient. Berating his fellows for not checking the mothers' purse for drugs.

The friendly banter is interrupted by Blythe who steps forward with a polite frail cough


The ducklings raise there eyebrows and Wilson nods his head signaling them to leave. House turned and stares at his mother


She smiles and they both lean in for a hug House not taking his eyes off her face

"I didn't know you came"

"It was a beautiful ceremony" Blythe dabbed at her eyes with a tissue , and House suddenly straightened, the cornel was staring at him, cold almost grey blue eyes like steel boring into his son.

Wilson's face hardened and he let out a angry puff of breath, John Houses eyes flickered between Wilson's glare, their joined hands and his own sons face, finally coming to rest on the latter, studying it for a moment as if he were a interesting tapestry.

Then to everybody's shock, including John, his next move was to shoot out a hand towards his son. House stared at it as if it were a dead animal and then at Wilson who gave a almost imperceptible nod, House grasped his fathers hand maintaining eye contact and pumped twice releasing it quickly.

Houses father nodded once to Wilson who lets his face soften slightly and turned towards the buffet not looking back. Blythe begins to openly cry into her sons shoulder, and House just held her too shocked to care. Wilson mouthed the words I'll explain later and House blinked once, sharing the private moment with his husband and mother.

Later in the honeymoon suite, House flops back onto the bed pulling Wilson with him. Wilson smiles and pulls a vicodin out of his suit pocket slipping it between his lovers' lips. House swallowed and smiled

"I love you"

"I love you too"

Wilson kissed House slowly hands roaming, fiddling with buttons and clasps pushing back sleeves and ghosting over pale skin. House groans his own hands quickly and efficiently removing the upper half of Wilson's suit.

He grinned approvingly up at his younger husband, who bites his lip and gazes down, nipping and suckling on Houses clavicle, making him emit soft whimpers and moans.

Whispers of fingertips flutter and sparkle over smooth expanses of skin, laughter punctuated by soft sighs moans and gasps as they removed the rest of their clothes.

Wilson finally lowered himself onto House, both of them letting out a groan at the skin on skin contact and Wilson ruts against House panting into his shoulder.

Frowning House pulled Wilson up and kisses him roughly, all lips tongues and teeth, before rolling them over, House on top. He leant back admiring the oncologist

"Stunning" he whispered before catching the plump lips again.

Wilson grew more frustrated with every second

"Now" he whined and House laughed the sound tickling and floating across Wilson's stomach, making the muscles flutter.

House prepares Wilson quickly and leans back over him to seal them in another searing kiss