I know it isn't Halloween anymore, but I still wanted to make this. It's going to be short, but funny and the main pairings are Deoxys/Mewtwo and Mew/Celebi. Oh, I might as well point out that this story will be multi-chaptered. Anyway, I hope you like it!

"This is going to be so much fun!" Mew gushed excitedly as she did a happy spin in the air. She giggled, able to see a bit of her own reflection in the shiny, golden tiles of the Hall of Origin.

"Yeah! I can't wait!" Celebi agreed with just as much enthusiasm as and energy as his pink colored friend.

Mewtwo crossed his arms, watching the two beings in front of him with his forever-serious, amethyst eyes. "I don't see why you can't just go to Giratina's Halloween party like everyone else. There will be a surplus of candy and the other sugary treats you enjoy so much."

Mew rolled her eyes. "It's not all about the candy ya know. It's about having fun with your friends, playing some pranks, dressing up and hacing a few good laughs as well as screams." She smiled. "Besides, there's nothing in the world like the taste of trick-or-treat candy."

Celebi nodded. "She's right, dude. Nothing tastes as sweet, as candy gotten by 'trick-or-treat'," he said, laughing a little at his own little poem.

Mewtwo sighed. "It's the same candy. Any difference you taste is all in your mind. This 'trick-or-treating' seems pointless to me. The only reason I am going with you is to make sure you two don't involve yourselves in too much mischief."

Mew smiled and rolled her eyes. She knew how her brother could be. Then, she landed on the floor and went into her human form. She appeared to be about thirteen years old and five feet tall. She was wearing a t-shirt that was the same shade of pink as her fur. She was also wearing matching shorts and boots. Her eyes were large and baby blue in color and pink hair reached to the center of her back. "Now, we just need to change into our costumes and then we can leave the Hall of Origin."

Celebi followed her lead and transformed into his human form as well. He was about the same age, but he was an inch or two taller than his friend. He had light green hair. His hair was in the same style as a certain angst-ridden ninja from the Naruto series. His eyes were large and blue, like Mew's, but they were surrounded by a thick black circle of eyeliner. He wore a light green, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of darker green pants. His shoes were dark green as well. He smiled. "Yeah! We sure are lucky that Arcy has an entire room of Halloween costumes for us, huh?"

Mew giggled. "You bet! Now, let's each go find one! I have a great idea of what we can go as!" she said as she grabbed her grass type friend's hand and lead him into the costume room.

Mewtwo sighed as he leaned back against the wall, his arms still crossed. 'I still do not fully understand why I let them talk me into going with them. I know I don't want to go to that idiotic party, but I could have just stayed home to read horror novels. Perhaps I could have just gone out to enjoy the sights, as Darkrai does. All Hallows Eve has certainly become a commercialized holiday.'

"Hello, Mr. Serious! And how are you on this fine All Hallow's Eve?" a familiar voice laughed, jerking the clone abruptly out of his thoughts.

He was surprised at first, but automatically recognized the voice. He opened his amethyst eyes, his cold gaze landing on a lone figure in front of him. It appeared to be human, but its entire body was covered in light gray strips of fabric. The only things that were visible were its sea green eyes.

"Deoxys, why exactly are you covered in those scraps of fabric?"

The DNA pokemon rolled her eyes, placing her hands on her hips as she did so. "I'm dressed up as a mummy, duh! Gee, and here I thought you were smart."

Mewtwo's eyes narrowed. He was about to retort when he was interrupted by the reappearance of Mew and Celebi.

Mew was now wearing a snowy white gown that ended just above the ankles. On her feet were gold colored ballet flats. Two large, feathery wings were tied to her back. To top off the costume, she wore a golden halo that was held above her head by a headband and stick of the same color.

Celebi was wearing a red and white bandanna on his head that was tied to look hat-like. It hid most of his light emerald hair, but some still poked out from under it. He was wearing a ripped brown vest over a white shirt. He also wore a pair of brown pants and leather boots. He had a single golden hoop earring in one of his ears and a sword. A fake mustached topped off the outfit.

"So, what do ya think?" Mew asked with a grin. She did a quick twirl, causing her dress to fan out around her a bit.

"Like a little angel," Deoxys replied with a giggle.

"Not exactly a very fitting choice if you ask me," Mewtwo commented with a frown.

"What about me?" Celebi asked excitedly as he got into a heroic pose.

"You're so scary! I wish my mummy was here!" the DNA pokemon replied, bursting into laughter at her own small, stupid pun and causing Mewtwo to groan before returning his attention to the two smaller legends.

"Celebi, you behave in a much more angelic manner than Mew does. And with all the objects she steals, I'd say she is much more likely to be a pirate than you. Why not just exchange costumes?" Mewtwo inquired, frown never leaving his face and arms never uncrossing.

"This is way funnier," Mew replied simply, shrugging her shoulders as she did so. "Now, what are you going to go as?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you need to get into a costume too! What do you want to be?" she repeated, grinning at her brother as his eyes widened slightly. "How about Zorro?"

"Of course not! I am not going to..."

"How about Link?"

"Out of the question! And I already told y..."


"No! Would youj just..."

"The Joker?"


She stopped and smiled at her clone's outburst. His eyes were narrowed, his pupils merely slits. His nostrils were flaring and his light, gray-ish indigo fur was standing up on end. It wasn't often that anyone got to see him like this and she was enjoying it.

"I said that I am NOT going to dress in some ridiculous costume for your amusement! Now, stop asking me and let us just get this childish outing over with so that I can return to my dwelling and read a few horror novels before All Hallows Eve is over!" he growled, growing more and more annoyed with every word his mind uttered.

"Fine, but you still need to get into human form. You can't exactly walk around like that!" the pink feline replied, motioning to his feline appearance.

Celebi and Deoxys nodded in agreement.

Mewtwo sighed, but complied with their request. As soon as he was human, he noticed that the other three legendaries were smirking sadistically at him. However, he had no time to react.

"GET HIM!!" Deoxys cried as she and the other two leaped at the man-made feline in front of them and knocked him to the floor. They then proceeded to drag him into the costume room against his will, his squirming and threats going unnoticed.

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