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Epilogue: Bubbly

"Congratulations!" I shouted jubilantly, as I practically jumped into Edward's open arms. He caught me securely, holding me tight and laughing the entire time.

"Thanks, love," he said, pulling back and kissing me quickly, but passionately, on the lips. I wanted to make the kiss last longer, but of course there were other people around.

I grinned at him and hugged him again. What was the occasion you may ask? Why, Edward just got accepted into medical school of course. We had graduated from Seattle University a year ago, me with a bachelor's degree in English literature and Edward with one in biology. He would have gotten accepted last year, I was sure, but Edward wanted to be safe and study some more before applying. We were now twenty-three and I was aiming to become an editor in hopes of publishing my own novel one day, and we already know what Edward was doing.

It had been four years since (the four years does not count in the "five years later" thing coming up) the incident, as everyone was referring it to. In that time, Edward and I had moved into an apartment, not that far from campus, together and have been living there for the past two years.

I'd like to say that everything was perfect and sugar-filled with rainbows, but it wasn't. As much as we wish life was a sappy, romantic movie, it never is.

The first year was the hardest. Because of what happened, I was kind of unstable. No, I was not a nutcase. I was just… uneasy. 'Scarred' I guess would be more appropriate. Edward was too, but could deal with it better. Not to mention, he didn't have to stay for weeks in the hospital, healing from the wounds that 'scarred' me.

Everyone was patient with me. Alice wasn't too overbearing, a rarity, and Emmett worked hard to make me laugh and smile whenever he was around.

Edward was supportive. We had to build or relationship all over again since I was such an idiot and messed it up when I broke up with him. We decided to take things slow and that was a good decision. We weren't the golden couple; we still had fights and shouting matches that sometimes even involved throwing things (on my end). I really did miss that vase…

By the second year though, we were back on track and stronger than ever. Even in my darker moments, Edward never failed to tell and show me that he loved me. I was thankful for that.

Edward suggested grief counseling and trauma therapy a month or two after I got out of the hospital. I initially refused, but after a while, I finally agreed to give it a shot. The therapist annoyed me the first time, but after a few sessions, I got more used to her and over time, there was actually an improvement in me.

Phil still haunted me. I think he always will. Forever, in my thoughts and shadow, but Edward and everyone else helped me get through it.

Everyone, especially Charlie, was surprised and slightly hurt that I didn't tell them about Phil. No one was mad at me though, since I had a reason. Well, maybe except for Rosalie, who yelled at me at being so stupid. I guess I deserved that.

Now we were all older and graduated from university. It had been years and I had gotten past the worst. But I guess I should say that we had gotten past the worst. I was nothing without my friends, family, and of course, my perfect boyfriend.

We were gathered in mine and Edward's apartment, Edward having just opened his acceptance to med school. Emmett lifted me out of Edward's arms, much to my protest, and crushed his brother in a hug of his own.

"Congrats, little bro! I knew you had it in ya!" he boomed, clapping Edward on the back. Alice was next, jumping on Edward and squealing in his ear.

"EEEEEEEEEE!!! I can't believe it! I mean, of course I can since you're brilliant, but still… EEEEEEEEE!!!"

"Alice, I still need the use of my eardrums," Edward said, leaning his head away from his twin sister.

Alice rolled her eyes before wriggling off of him and bouncing towards the phone. "You have to tell Mom and Dad the good news! Then, tonight, all six of us are going to dinner to celebrate! Okay?! Okay!"

"Do we have a choice?" Rose said sarcastically. I laughed.

A minute later I jumped when I heard Alice shout. "BELLA!" she said after handing the phone to Edward to talk to Carlisle and Esme.

"WHAT, ALICE?!" I said back, mocking her volume.

She didn't look amused. "I am helping you dress up tonight and no arguments!" she put up her tiny finger as I opened my mouth to protest. "We are going someplace fancy tonight for dinner and I won't have you going in there looking as you do!"

"What's wrong with the way I look?" I asked, offended. I may not have been a great beauty like her and Rose, but I wasn't that ugly, was I?

"Oh, B, there isn't anything wrong with the way you look, just the way you dress. We've known each other our whole lives and you still haven't taken up any of my fashion habits, Bella. You disappoint me sometimes."

I rolled my eyes as Alice took my arm and dragged me to my bathroom and locking the door so no boys could interfere. Rose had probably gone off somewhere with Emmett. The two had gotten married last year and she was four months pregnant. Emmett had proposed on their two-year anniversary with an impressive princess-cut engagement ring.

Although Rose wasn't huge, since it was too early for that, you could still see a very visible bump on her swelling belly. Emmett was rooting for a boy although I knew he'd still be happy with a girl. He'd treat her like a princess.

Pinning my hair in a fancy up-do, letting a few loose tendrils frame my face, Alice curled those loose locks expertly. She then dressed me in a simple black evening dress; strapless, the skirt ending at the knees. Afterwards, Alice got ready herself, looking more perfect than I ever could, as usual.

"Where are we going anyway?" I asked Alice as I put on the diamond earrings she ordered me to wear.

"That Italian restaurant a few blocks away. I've always wanted to try it, but never got the chance or the occasion. Now I have both!"

When we were finally done, the guys plus Rose were waiting outside the apartment for us. As Edward opened the passenger side of his Volvo for me, (yes, he still had that thing) I noticed his eyes roaming up and down my body. It didn't matter how many years we had been together or the fact we lived together; I would always blush when he did that.

"You look exquisite," he said, kissing my cheek as he got into the driver's side. I blushed again and thanked him.

"You don't look so bad yourself," I said, looking at his own body, dressed in a spiffy black suit. But who was I kidding? Edward looked fantastic in anything.

He smiled, holding my hand the entire drive there, as short as that drive was.

The restaurant was gorgeous. I didn't even want to think of the money it cost to eat there. Edward gave me a look as we entered, knowing I'd make some kind of comment on the price. I clamped my mouth shut. This was a celebration and I was going to be good.

Once we were seated, Edward got up. I looked at him questioningly.

"Washroom, love," he said, but I could see humor behind his eyes, as if I was missing out on some inside joke.

"But we just got here," I said suspiciously.

He just shrugged and walked away. When I turned back to the table, everyone had that same glint in their eyes. I felt completely left in the dark.

"Easy, Bells. You look as if your trying to solve the world's greatest mystery," Jasper said, looking amused.

"Oh don't worry Bella," Alice giggled, "I have no idea how Emmett graduated college either."

"Hey!" Emmett said.

"That is a great mystery," I laughed, letting their weird looks go for the moment. I was going to find out sooner or later, even if I had to beat it out of Edward.

Edward returned, a huge smile on his face. "What's with the grin, mister?" I asked, poking at the upturned corners of his mouth. He simply grabbed my fingers and kissed them, placing them back in my lap.

"I can't be happy I'm going to med school?" he said, raising one of his eyebrows.

I shrugged and looked at him more closely. Edward just stared back at me, still smiling like an idiot. Okay, Edward Cullen…

"Good evening. I'm Robert and I'll be your server for the night. What would you like to drink?" a tall, dark-haired waiter said, coming to stand next to our table.

"A bottle of your finest champagne!" Emmett said, like they do in those cheesy movies. "Oh, and some soda for the lovely lady," he added, putting his arm around Rose.

Robert nodded and walked away. As soon as he was gone, Rosalie groaned and patted her swelling bump. "It totally sucks celebrating and not being able to drink," she said sourly and looking at her belly sourly. We all laughed and she scowled at us. "Wait till it's your turn," she said pointing at me and Alice.

"Yes, Rose, but it's not our turns yet, so I think we'll drink," Alice said.

Robert returned a few minutes later with a tray of five full champagne glasses and a champagne bottle, in case anyone wanted seconds. I scanned the menu as he placed the glasses of bubbly in front of everyone minus Rose, giving her a glass of Sprite instead. She grumbled.

We all ordered and Robert took our menus away. I turned towards Alice, who was on my right side, as I picked up my champagne glass and started drinking. I wasn't really paying attention as I took drinks from my glass, too busy concentrating on my conversation with Alice and the weird smiles she kept giving me, her eyes twinkling. I was seriously not liking not being in the know.

I put my glass up to my mouth again and all of a sudden felt something hard and cold bump against my lips. Puzzled, I pulled back to look at the odd object in my champagne.

Reaching into my glass, I took out the object and examined it in my hand. I froze.

It was a ring.

It was stunningly gorgeous. A delicate platinum band with a huge, round diamond in the middle and a pear-shaped smaller diamond on either side of it (picture of ring on my profile). It was so breathtaking it took my breath away. I stared at it, open mouthed for the longest time.

Edward's hand gently took the ring from my fingers, dried it with a napkin and turned me around so I faced him. I snapped out of my trance as he got out of his chair and bent down to one knee, keeping eye contact with me the entire time. His eyes were on fire with determination. I felt tears roll down my cheeks as I gasped and put a hand over my mouth.

Edward tenderly gathered my left hand in his, holding the beautiful ring in his right. He looked at me with such love, I nearly collapsed under the weight of it.

"Bella," he said lovingly. "You are the love of my life, my soulmate, my best friend, and so much more. When you're away from me, I fell like half of myself is gone. When you smile, I smile. When you laugh, I feel like dancing. When you cry, my heart breaks. I never want to be without you, ever." He looked at me from under his long lashes and I almost fainted. "Bella, will you marry me?"

I stared at him, completely shocked. How many times had I dreamed of this moment? I couldn't have imagined it more perfect than this. I loved Edward so much that it almost physically hurt to be away from him. He was my entire life and I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of it with him.

He kept staring at me, a little nervously now. Why wasn't he saying anything?

Oh right. I still hadn't answered.

Nodding vigorously, I removed my hand from my mouth and said "Yes!" through my tears of joy. Edward smiled his crooked grin so brightly, I thought I'd be blinded. His eyes shown with utter happiness and I knew mine were exactly the same. He slipped the ring onto the ring finger on my left hand and stood up. As soon as he had risen, I got up and jumped into his arms, kissing his lips with as much passion as I could muster in a public place. My hands found their usual spot; tangled in his bronze mess. His arms wrapped around my waist, one on the small of my back as he kissed me back just as eagerly.

Suddenly I heard a whistle and Edward and I broke away at the same time to look at Emmett, who was grinning madly. I noticed Alice, Jasper, and Rose were wearing similar smiles and I narrowed my eyes at them. They were in on this, I was sure.

Everyone started clapping then, and when I say everyone, I mean everyone. It seemed that every person in the section we were seated in had been watching the proposal, much to my embarrassment. No wonder it had been dead silent between the time Edward proposed and I said yes.

I laughed and turned my face back to Edward, who was looking at me, his eyes filled to the brim with both joy and love. He held my face in his hands and moved some of the loose curls out of the way.

"Thank you for making me the happiest man alive," he said, the grin never leaving his face.

I kissed him again and said as I pulled away, "And thank you for making me the happiest woman alive," I paused. "Hmm, so the ring was in my champagne the whole time. Cliché but clever," I joked. He laughed and hugged me tightly.

"I'm planning the wedding! Called it!" Alice said loudly, making all of us burst out laughing.

I could've sworn I was floating on a cloud.

5 years later

I felt the warmth of the sun as it shone on my arms and cheek. I groaned and buried myself further into the arms of the living Adonis holding me.

Although, this proved nearly impossible for I was about as close to Edward as I was going to get – with our clothes on anyway. My arms were wrapped around his torso as his were around my back. My face was buried in the crook of his neck and his was in my hair. Our legs were entangled under the sheets.

"Morning, love," Edward murmured sleepily into my hair.

"No, it's not morning," I protested against the skin of his neck. "Morning, bad. Nighttime, good. Sleep."

He chuckled and lowered his face to mine and captured my lips in a searing kiss. He always knew the best ways to wake me up. My mind went blank as usual whenever he kissed me, and just concentrated on the movement of my lips on his. Hell, I was wide awake now.

Unintentionally, the kiss grew deeper and our tongues danced together as Edward rolled us over so he was on top of me. My hands went under his shirt, making him moan against my lips. I smiled smugly, continuing to kiss him. I let out a moan myself as he started kissing me down my jaw and neck. His hands fumbled with the edge of my shirt, about to lift it up.

That's when a high-pitched wail cried through the baby monitor.

Groaning, Edward rolled off me and lay on his back, throwing his arm over his eyes. I laughed and leaned over him, kissing his cheek. I was about to get up to attend to the little wailer, but Edward wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me back down onto the bed. He then got up himself and looked down at my face.

"I'll get this one, Bella," he said smiling and walked out of the room.

I closed my eyes and dozed for a while. It had been five years since Edward proposed to me and four years since we got married.

Alice planned a gorgeous wedding. We decided to have it held at the Cullens' mansion back at Forks. Alice had the house decorated with flowers and all things white. The wedding was on the thirteenth of August and as much as I hated all the fuss and preparation Alice put into it, I really adored the end result. Alice was my maid of honor, and Rosalie was my other bridesmaid. Emmett and Jasper were Edward's groomsmen of course, with Emmett as his best man.

Every little detail of that day was perfect. The flowers, the decorations, the music, even the minister was perfect. The dress Alice helped me pick out was designer and was, of course, perfection (picture of dress on profile). We rented out a fancy banquet hall for the reception, and Edward took me to a tropical island for our honeymoon. And let me say; what a honeymoon that was. Not giving any details of course.

I lifted my left hand to the light streaming through the window in our room. The glittering diamonds of my engagement ring and the matching platinum of my wedding band caught the light dazzlingly. I sighed and closed my eyes again. We had come a long way since the incident, and although life wasn't perfect as I said before, it was as close to perfection as it was going to get.

All of a sudden, I felt little hands on my face and heard a gurgling giggling sound as a small weight was placed on my chest. I opened my eyes to come face to face with my little angel; my daughter.

Yes, Edward and I were parents. We, after all, had been married for four years. My little girl, Renee (I didn't name her Renesmee since I don't particularly like that name. I separated it into two names for this story, so her baby's name is Renee Esme Cullen), was ten months old. She was crawling and could stand up when holding onto a chair or table leg for support. She couldn't walk yet, but she was getting there.

We named Ren after my mother. Edward suggested it and I had no objections. Both of us kind of liked the name Renee and it was a good way to remember Mom. This way, I was able to keep my mother close, but at the same time, let her go.

Baby Renee looked mostly like Edward. She had a lot of the same facial features as him and the same bronze-coloured hair. Her hair, however, was in curls like Charlie's. She had the same pale skin as both Edward and I, and my big brown eyes. I thought they looked better on her than they did me, though Edward disagreed. She was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't have been more proud of her.

"Hey, baby," I said smiling. Renee gurgled and patted my cheek with her little hand. I sat up and put Ren in my lap, facing towards me. She found a lock of my hair brushing against my collar bone and started playing with it. Edward sat down beside me and wrapped an arm around my waist. I laid my head on his shoulder.

We sat like that for a few minutes before I decided it was time to get up. It was Saturday, so everyone was home today.

After getting washed and dressed, I did the same for Ren and then went to the kitchen, putting her in her highchair next to the table.

"Anything on the agenda today?" Edward asked, coming out of the bedroom and kissing my cheek. He opened the fridge to get the milk for Renee.

"Yup. It's Nathaniel's first soccer game today. Rose wants us to be there for it," I answered as I started scrambling eggs. Nathaniel was Rose and Emmett's son. At four and a half years old, Rosalie signed him up for a little soccer league. I had never been to one of his practices, but according to Em, he was a pro. I said I'd believe it when I saw it.

It was a rare sunny day in Port Angeles. Perfect for soccer. Being so close to Forks, Port Angeles shared it's generally rainy weather. The six of us moved here after mine and Edward's wedding. It wasn't a big move for the Cullens and I, and Rose already lived there, so it wasn't a big deal for her at all. Jasper though, who was from Houston, had a much bigger move than us. His parents were a little hesitant about his decision, but accepted it, even becoming supportive after meeting Alice.

After breakfast, I packed the baby bag we always carried with us whenever leaving the house. It consisted of Renee's necessities; diapers, extra clothes, baby wipes, a bottle, and anything else we needed for her. Edward grabbed the actual baby and we left for the soccer field, a five minute drive away from our condo.

Edward still liked to open the door of the car for me and hold my hand while he drove. Always the gentleman. Other married couples sometimes lost their love after a while or after having kids, but not Edward and I. I was still hopelessly in love with him, and he made sure to tell me and show me he that loved me too, every day.

Edward finished med school last year and just completed his first year of residency at the hospital here in Port Angeles. Since he wasn't a fully qualified and paid doctor yet, we decided to wait before buying a house and instead got a three-bedroom condominium. The third bedroom was really tiny and more of a study room than a bedroom. Edward played his piano and wrote new compositions in there. He wrote one for me; a sweet lullaby that he played for me shortly after the incident. He still hummed it to me almost every night to help me sleep. Yes, I was spoiled.

I was an editor for a publishing company in Port Angeles. It was a good job and I did it well. I was also working on writing my own novel, but it wasn't finished yet. With work and Ren and Edward, I didn't get a load of free time to write, not that I was complaining. At twenty-eight years old, my life was pretty fulfilling.

We parked next to the field and gathering our things and baby, headed over to where I could see everyone else sitting in the bleachers. Carlisle and Esme were even there, eager to see their grandson in action.

"Bella!" Alice called, waving from where she sat. She would have gotten up, but she was hugely 7 months pregnant with twins, much to her delight. She was even more overjoyed when she heard it was going to be one boy and one girl; she'd be able to design both girl and boy baby clothes.

Alice and Jasper married the year after Edward and I. The twins would be their first kids.

Jasper was a therapist, having studied psychology and therapy in school. It was the perfect job for him, since he was always so attuned to people's emotions and could calm anyone down so easily.

Alice and Rosalie partnered up and started a clothes store here in Port Angeles. They designed the clothes themselves and it was a good success. Alice told me that if business continued as it was right now, they may open another shop in Seattle within the next few years.

I waved back and gave Alice a hug when we reached them. "Look to your right Bella – no! Do it discreetly!" she hissed in my ear. I looked at her, puzzled, before discreetly turning my head to look at whatever she was telling me to.

I stiffened when I saw a strawberry blonde head among the crowd of parents. Tanya Denali. Well, Tanya Something since I wasn't sure if she was married and changed her surname or not. I looked back at Alice with wide eyes and she nodded in confirmation. Tanya must have been there as either an aunt or mother.

"Is she one of the moms?" I asked Alice, sitting down and facing away from Tanya. I glanced at Edward and noticed he was talking to Jasper about something. I wasn't sure why, but I was glad he hadn't noticed her yet. I trusted him, but I had absolutely zero trust in Tanya.

Alice nodded and jutted her chin toward a little strawberry blonde boy in a soccer jersey. "All this time and we never knew her son plays on the same team as Nate!" she said.

I, of course, had no idea of what happened to Tanya after graduation. I heard rumors that she moved to Alaska, but that obviously wasn't true now. I heard other rumors that even before graduation, she became a little crazy in the anger department and had to go to therapy (Tanya's therapy story will be expanded in the bonus chapter "Mr. Therapy Man" that will be posted eventually). Although she looked pretty sane right now…

I heard a booming laugh coming closer and turned my head to see Rose and Emmett coming closer. Rose was holding Nathaniel's little brother, Mark, who was two and had Rosalie's golden hair.

Emmett was twenty-nine and worked as a personal trainer and also taught a fitness class at the gym. He was popular with his students as he was a pretty laid back, fun loving guy. Rosalie often said she felt like she had three little boys instead of just two.

"Hey," Rose said, sitting next to me and placing Mark down on the blanket I spread out on the ground, to play with Ren. I smiled back and then Rose lowered her voice. "Have you seen Queen Bitch?" she asked, glancing towards Tanya. I laughed and nodded. Rose scrunched up her face in disgust. "I bet the kid doesn't have a father, that slut."

"Rose, quit being so judgmental," I scolded, but only half-heartedly. I wouldn't tell her that I thought the exact same thing.

"So judgmental about what?" Edward asked, squeezing in between Rose and I.

I never kept secrets from Edward, so I reluctantly nodded towards Tanya and he turned to see who I was looking at. He stiffened, much like I had, when he saw her, and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer.

"I don't need protection," I said, rolling my eyes, but wrapped my own arms around his torso regardless. Edward just narrowed his eyes.

"That's what you think."

I heard Esme call my name and I turned to talk with her and Alice, Edward not letting go of me. I was in mid-sentence when I felt Edward tense and I turned around to see what was wrong with him.

Tanya, having spotted us, was walking towards us, swaying her hips seductively. Even in her late twenties and as a mom, Tanya managed to look like a hooker. Just watching her made me want to throw up a bit in my mouth. Edward's grip on me tightened. I found his over protectiveness of both me and Renee sweet, but sometimes unnecessary.

"Hello, Isabella. Hello, Edward," Tanya said when she reached us. She sounded the same as she did nine years ago, right down to the supposedly seductive tone of her voice. I smiled politely at her.

"Hi, Tanya," I said, since Edward wasn't saying anything. "You have a son on the team?" I asked.

She nodded smugly, as if having a son on the team made her better than us. "Yes. His name is Connor and he's a fantabulous soccer player for a four year old." She flipped her hair and laughed in such a high-pitched tone, I flinched.

"Is his father here?" I asked, looking around for a possible Tanya Husband. She shook her head. "Oh. Who is his father anyway? Anyone from college?" I continued.

Tanya waved her hand in an offhand manner. "Oh, I don't really remember who he is." I resisted the urge to snort, but Alice behind me had no such luck and started giggling. You could only expect such a dense response like that from Tanya. 'I don't remember' was actually code for: 'I slept with so many men that I never knew in the first place'.

Tanya narrowed her eyes at Alice, then turned back to me and Edward. "So what about you? Are you still together, or did you finally realize you're better as just friends?" I stared at her in shock and anger. I was trying to be polite, but she made it extremely hard by saying things like that! She acted as if she believed our relationship was a failure, and had the nerve to say it. I couldn't understand how in her mind, she could look at our arms wrapped around each other and think we were 'just friends'.

I fought to keep my words controlled as I said, "Actually, we're married. Our wedding was four years ago. It was perfect, wasn't it?" I turned my head up to Edward and he smiled down at me, bending down to kiss the top of my head.

"Yes, it was," he said. I not-so-discreetly placed my left hand on Edward's chest. I saw Tanya's eyes zero in on the stunning 2-carat engagement ring and platinum Tiffany wedding band. The blue eyes narrowed as she scrunched up her face in jealousy. Jeez, you'd think after nearly ten years, she'd be over Edward, but I guess not.

"Ah, I see," she said, not containing the sourness in her voice. "Do you have a son on the team?"

This time Edward answered. "No, we're here to watch our nephew, Emmett and Rosalie's son. Do you remember them?" She nodded. Edward motioned his head over to Ren who was making squealing noises as Esme and Rosalie played with her and Mark. "Our child is over there. Her name's Renee." Tanya looked and Ren as if she were the devil's child.

"Hmm, that's nice." Then without even saying goodbye, Tanya turned around and rather abruptly walked away. As soon as she was gone, Alice burst out laughing and Edward and I joined her.

"That was… interesting," I snickered.

"I wonder what her career is," Esme said thoughtfully. She didn't laugh with us; Esme was too kind for that. But I could tell she was glad and relieved to see Tanya go.

"Probably a stripper," Alice whispered in my to me, so Esme wouldn't hear, and I coughed to cover my laugh.

"Was that Tanya?" Carlisle said, coming over to us and sitting next to Esme, putting an arm around her shoulders. "My, my, she looks… the same." That just set us off laughing again. She did look the same for the most part. You could tell she wasn't ready to leave her teens behind, despite the fact her teens left her long ago.

"Ma," I heard Renee call and I bent down to pick her up off the blanket on the ground. She crawled over to Edward's lap and curled up. I stroked her hair absent mindedly and in turn, Edward started to softly stroke mine as he tenderly looked at Ren. He was not only a loving husband, but a wonderful father. Unlike Rose, I could leave Ren and Edward alone for the entire day and not have a single worry. Rosalie needed to almost always supervise Emmett whenever he was with her boys; havoc would result if she didn't. Emmett certainly wasn't a bad dad, he just tended to take 'fun' to the next level a little too often.

I leaned my head on Edward's shoulder as the game started and I felt him lightly brush his lips against my hair. After a few minutes I pulled my head away to glare at him.

"Stop doing that," I said.

"Doing what?" he smirked.

"Distracting me."

"Bella, I'm not doing anything to distract you," he said innocently. He readjusted Ren in his arms so she was resting more comfortably. I rolled my eyes and sweetly kissed his lips. When I pulled away, he grunted something unintelligible and connected our mouths again for more, letting some of the sweetness go.

I smirked and pulled away again after a moment. "Keep it G-rated, Mr. Cullen," I said in mock strictness. "There are kids around here."

Edward laughed and said, "Yes, Mrs. Cullen." A thrill went up my spine as usual whenever he said that. I got a thrill whenever anyone called me that. It was still so unbelievable that I was Edward's wife.

Edward hugged me and Renee closer to him and kissed the top of Renee's head. He then turned to look at me lovingly. I smiled and pecked his lips.

He grinned crookedly. "I love you," he said quietly, but with conviction.

I grinned back. "I love you more."

He lightly brushed the tip of his nose against my cheek. "Impossible."

I sighed, content.

As I said before: Life wasn't perfect; no one's life was, but this was a close to perfection as life was going to get, for me. It had taken a lot to get here; healing, support, and even compromises on both sides.

But who was complaining?

Not me.

I had everything I could've possibly wished for; a loving husband, a gorgeous bright daughter, the best of friends, and the greatest of families.

It was all I ever wanted. And needed.

This was my life.

And I knew my mom would have been proud of me.


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Okay, so it breaks my heart that this is going to be the last update for SOTD for the time being. YES, you have read that right. For the time being. What does this mean? Well it means that this is NOT the last time I will be in SOTD land. No, there will not be a sequel. I am firm and unwavering in that decision, but I do have a few bonus chapter ideas I'd like to write and post. But keep in mind that this won't be for a while since I still want to keep writing Life ain't been no Crystal Stair and start my new stories.

The first bonus chapter to go up will be a chapter meant for comedic purposes. It will be about Tanya's therapy experience and will be called "Mr. Therapy Man", lol. The idea was given by a reviewer, Dragon1974UK, who said something about Tanya needing therapy in her review. This chapter won't be posted for probably another month, or two, or maybe even three. It depends on when I have time.

Anyway, since this will be the last time I will be posting in SOTD land for a while, and since the storyline is officially over, I'd like to thanks every single one of you who have reviewed and supported me throughout the story. A special thank you to everyone who has reviewed more than once and I hope everyone will check out my other story and read my new story which will be posted soon. I'm sorry, but the holidays have been so busy with all the homework and family stuff.

So, for the last time for a while, REVIEW!!!!!!!!!

With that, I bid thee adieu.

Peace out.