This is my first D. Gray Man fanfic. I suppose I should say now that I update erratically because of college, work, and I have no idea where this story is supposed to go. (I'm also pretty lazy but that's besides the point.) This is sorta spur of the moment writing.

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Prologue: Deceitful Purity

Vampires of legend are defined as reanimated corpses that drink the blood of the living to continue existing. They do not like garlic and holy items have detrimental effects. A stake through the heart and decapitation can kill vampires. Burning the body is optional, and sunlight will turn the vampire into a pile of smoking ashes.

What a load of bull.

I am not a reanimated corpse. I was born a vampire and I grew up a vampire. I have a beating heart and my body produces heat. Sure, I need to drink blood, but how is that any worse than humans killing and eating cows? At least I don't always kill the people I feed from.

It's true that vampires avoid garlic, and it's only because vampires have a sharp sense of smell. A very sharp sense of smell. So, if the scent of garlic is strong to human noses, think of how strong the smell would be to a vampire. It would make sense that vampires do not like garlic. Seriously, do people have any common sense nowadays?

As for the holy items, to put it bluntly, they don't work. I have gone into plenty of churches of several different religions just to see if anything would happen to me. And you know what? Nothing happened. No lightening striking me. No spontaneously bursting into flames. Nothing. Even so, I don't like going to any church, though the reason tends to revolve around the fact that those sermons and rituals are boring and repetitive. The crosses and holy water have no effect either. The holy water tastes like regular water. I don't see what's so special about it.

Now, I don't know about you, but a stake through the heart would kill anything. It doesn't really matter what species you are, but whether it be human, animal, or vampire a stake through the heart is kinda fatal. Same with decapitation. Do you see anyone walking around without a head? I suppose burning is the same as well. I doubt vampires are any more flammable than humans.

Also, the sunlight won't turn vampires into smoking piles of ashes. I should know. I walk around during the day all the time.

Humans create such ridiculous and horribly inaccurate myths. Oh, well. So much more simple for me to blend into human society without suspicion.


A dark haired man stood in the shadows silently watching passersby and trying to decide who would be his next victim. He quickly glanced at his watch. A little less than ten minutes before midnight.

A woman walked by without noticing the man. He eyed her for a moment or two. She looked to be a typical working class woman. Someone who would not be too terribly missed if she suddenly disappeared. And he was hungry.

He struck without any warning. He leapt out of the shadows and quickly shoved the woman into the closest alley. Before she could scream, a knife was pressed to her throat.

"Keep your mouth shut, lady and I—"

The man was cut off by the sound of pounding feet then a weight crashed into his side throwing him off balance. He hit the ground with a grunt.

The dark haired man looked up in time to see the woman run off. He quickly caught the woman's rescuer and slammed the person into the wall pressing the knife against the person's throat. The hood of the rescuer's sweatshirt fell back revealing startling white hair and bright silver eyes. The dark haired man blinked a few times. The person looked to be a fifteen-year-old boy. The first word that came to his mind was 'angelic.' A red scar over the left eye was the only thing marring the boy's face.

Said boy had an unreadable look in his eyes and asked in a steady voice, "Are you going to kill me?"

The dark haired man snorted derisively. "Of course. You interrupted my fun so you should be the one to entertain me now."

The boy's eyes widened slightly, then he did something unnerving. The white haired boy laughed. Without any warning, the knife was knocked to the ground and a pale hand wrapped around the dark haired man's throat.

"I think you're a little confused about who the real victim is."

The dark haired man tried to pry off the hand around his throat, but the boy had a strong grip. He then made a lethal mistake by looking at the boy's face.

The white haired boy grinned revealing long sharp fangs, and his eyes glowed a malicious red. "You wouldn't mind entertaining me for a while, would you?"

Fear and a searing pain as fangs pierced his throat. Pain that slowly faded away into a black abyss.

"Oh? I rarely ever see you kill your victims. Is there something special going on tonight, shounen?"

The white haired boy looked up from his meal. "No. He planned on killing that woman then stealing her money, so I was merely giving him what he deserves. Anyway, what brings you here, Tyki?"

Tyki grinned. "Always the gentleman aren't you, Allen?"

The boy rolled his eyes. "Of course. How do you think I survived so long? Who would suspect a gentleman to be a bloodsucking vampire?"

Tyki shrugged. "I suppose. As for why I'm here, I was looking for you to remind you not to stay out too long tonight. You have school in the morning."

Allen's eyes narrowed slightly. "I'm over three hundred years old. Why do I have to go to school?"

"Because despite your age, you look like a fifteen-year-old. And fifteen-year-olds are supposed go to school. You know that we need to appear human. The vampire hunters nearly got us last time. So, we need to be more careful this time around."

Allen grumbled a little but acquiesced. "Fine,

Tyki smiled at the younger vampire. "Good. Let's go home. I have work in the morning as well."

"What's your job?"

"I'm going to be a History teacher at your school."

A slight frown formed on Allen's face. "I don't need a babysitter."

"Believe me, shounen, you're going to be glad I took a job in your school. Especially when you see who else is teaching there."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Tyki just walked away without replying.


Allen watched Tyki walk away, perfectly blending into the shadows of the dark alley. Sighing, he carelessly dropped the human's lifeless body onto the ground and followed the older vampire into the shadows.


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