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Chapter 6

Allen lay half-awake blearily watching the rising sun brighten his room. Eventually, he sighed and sluggishly rolled out of bed. He really didn't want to go to school today. He didn't want to go through another disappointing day.

Over three months had passed.

Three months since his Master had broken down the front door and did something to his head. There were blank spots in his memory, much like when Master disappeared ten years earlier. He still couldn't remember what happened back then, just a vague feeling that he needed to protect something…or someone.

Three months had passed since that night Kanda kissed him. It annoyed him that a blush still formed whenever he thought about it.

Three months since Kanda started avoiding him. The dark haired teen no longer ate lunch in the cafeteria. Allen sometimes caught a glimpse of him in the hallway, but there was no contact otherwise.

Lavi was more distracted than usual. He often finished his lunch in a few gulps then ran off, rarely offering explanations.

Lenalee seemed to be off in her own world. She still talked and joked around with him, but she spent more and more time admiring the jewelry or ribbons she wore. She had something new everyday. A new ring or bracelet. A different ribbon to tie her hair. He had asked about it, but Lenalee always replied that they were all gifts from a friend.

Even Tyki wasn't around as much as he used to be.

Allen forced back the rising loneliness. He hadn't felt so alone like this since…since Mana died all those years ago. Shaking off his depressing thoughts, he forced himself out of bed. Maybe breakfast would lighten his mood.

He half-stumbled to the door, hoping Tyki wouldn't mind waking up a little early to cook breakfast.

The vampire pouted about the fact that Tyki banned him from even touching the stove five years ago. It wasn't his fault that the former stove disliked him enough to short-circuit, thus sparking enough to set the kitchen and eventually the rest of the house on fire. And it definitely wasn't his fault that it happened to be a very windy day, fanning the flames and causing a few more houses to catch fire. He had just wanted pancakes.

Opening the door, the first thing he noticed was red hair in front of Tyki's door. Automatically equating red hair with his Master, he nearly jumped out of his skin. He froze with a deer-in-the-headlight look on his paling face. His mind slowly processed that the red hair was short and a few shades brighter than Cross's. Instead of a burgundy eye leering at him, a wide emerald eye stared at him in shock.

The two of them gaped at each other for nearly an entire minute before they could get their voices to work again.

Allen thickly swallowed. "Lavi?"

Lavi nervously laughed. "Allen? What are you doing here?"

"I live here. What are you doing here?"

The redhead stumbled for an answer, but was spared from having to reply when tanned arms wrapped around him from behind.

Tyki lazily draped himself onto his lover with a satisfied grin. He studied Allen's reddening face. "Something wrong, shounen?"

The white haired vampire picked his jaw up from the floor, jerkily shook his head and fled back into his room. Hunger forgotten, Allen caught his breath and proceeded to try and erase all the mental images of Tyki and Lavi bombarding his mind.

While he knew what sex was, being around Cross for so long, Allen hadn't indulged in that particular pastime. Aside from the fact that he looked like a fifteen year old, he just hadn't felt attracted to anyone in that way.

Until now, of course.

But, unfortunately for him, the object of his affections was going through a lot of trouble just to avoid him.

Allen had come to that conclusion two months ago. Whenever he managed to catch a glimpse of Kanda, either Lavi or Lenalee accompanied the dark haired teen. It may have taken him a month, but he figured it out eventually. At least he finally understood why Lavi and Lenalee kept giving him apologetic glances. Though, it didn't really do much for his self esteem, which was at an all time low. And considering that he and Kanda were next-door neighbors…

Sighing, the vampire dressed for another school day. Fortunately, today was the last day before winter break.

School had become a tiresome chore for Allen. Dealing with his Master and teenaged humans day after day left him exhausted. Every weekend was a welcome relief.

Deciding that he didn't want to chance fate, Allen crawled out of his window. The mere thought of accidentally walking in on Tyki and Lavi sent a shiver up his spine.


"Wow. You never told me you lived with Allen, of all people. You two don't even look at each other at school."

The Noah grinned lazily. "You never asked so I never told."

Lavi flopped back onto the large bed. "Nearly gave me a heart attack."

A tanned hand slid onto his chest and rubbed circles over said beating organ. "Aww, poor Lavi."

"Yeah. Poor me. What are you going to do about it?"

A thoughtful look formed over Tyki's face. "Well, being a benevolent teacher, I have a responsibility to take care of my student."

"Ohh…do continue, Professor…"

Tyki nodded in what he considered a sage manner. "And so…I shall, unfortunately, have to kick you out since school will start soon."

Lavi slowly blinked. "What?"

"Due to the delay, we shall have to have an…extended lesson to make up for lost time. Tonight."

Understanding, the red haired hunter laughed. "Well, teacher knows best and all that."



Road liked dreams. In fact, her very existence was defined by dreams. But on rare occasions, Road wanted more than just dreams. Sometimes, reality outshone ethereal fantasy, distracting her from her first love.

She remembered a time when her every heartbeat had been a countdown to her last and final breath. When mortality loomed over her like a menacing shadow that could never be dispelled no matter how much light had been present. Caged by her human heritage, Road sought solace in her dreams. While she slept, she could be anything and everything. She could be anywhere, unhindered by the cruelty of time.

She loved her dreams.

Loved them more than she loved her own life. So when a strange man had approached her and offered her a chance to become one with her true love, Road gleefully accepted.

It did not matter that seven humans had to die for her. Not if she could finally be at peace with herself.

She had embraced fantasy as a human. As a vampire, she merged with it. Fantasy to her was reality. Her precious dream reality.

But true reality liked to rear its ugly head every now and then. Once every long while, something from the real world shone so brightly that she could not help but investigate. Road always felt guilty whenever she went searching for those distractions. After all, it was akin to betraying her dreams. But, she could never resist the temptation.

This time, Lenalee Lee was one of these interesting distractions. And for some reason, Road could not find it in herself to feel guilty about anything.

In a way, Lenalee was like a dream herself.

Kind, caring, selfless, loving. The Chinese girl was perfect. And perfection was an unattainable dream. An ideal that would never be brought to fruition.

So in Road's eyes, Lenalee did not belong to true reality. No, the Chinese girl belonged in Road's perfect dream reality. There, Lenalee could be the perfect doll. One that would never age or decay as humans were wont to do. One that Road could dress up to perfection every day, though time had no place in dreams.

For now, though, Road was content to let Lenalee live her human life.

Lenalee was perfect but even perfection could be made better.

After all, anything was possible in dreams.


Cross lit another cigarette and ignored the fact that smoking wasn't allowed on school premises. He never cared much for rules anyway. Rules were boring and existed for idiots like his wimpy Servant.

He missed the old days when the Roman Empire had been at its peak. Now they had known how to party. Alcohol. Women. Orgies. That had been the life.

Now though, orgies were considered indecent. Especially out in public…or was that against the law nowadays? Bah! Humans and their misguided modesty.

Cross glanced at the aesthetically unpleasing clock attached to the wall. How he wanted to smash it into countless pieces. Unfortunately, he had been told that the school could not continue to pay for new clocks everyday, so he had to quit that particular habit.

He didn't need a clock to know that time was running out. Everyday brought the Earl's supporters closer to Allen. And he knew they would find him. It was only a matter of time. Even the threat of the Dark Order's Headquarters wouldn't stop them now.

He crushed the cigarette out with more force than necessary.

He had worked too damn long and too damn hard to get rid of the Millennium Earl. As if he would allow that bastard to return.

Besides, Allen was his. If he had wanted his Servant dead, he wouldn't have turned the annoying brat into a vampire in the first place. Allen was more useful alive. Not only did the boy serve as entertainment, he also kept the debt collectors off of Cross's back. And that was actually worth something.

Not only were the Earl's supporters closing in like vultures, the Dark Order was getting restless. Every hunter knew something was about to happen, and Cross was hard pressed to keep suspicion off of Tyki and Allen. He allowed a smirk to form at the thought of the hunters protecting the very creatures they dedicated their lives to kill.

Irony aside, Cross felt boxed in. Trapped between the hunters and the vampires. And he despised being trapped. He was too much of a free man to feel relaxed when the walls continued closing in on him.

Had this been any other time, he would have hopped on the first train out of the place. But, with Allen here and unaware of the situation…

"The things I do for that stupid Servant of mine…"

Cross lit another cigarette.


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