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Inuyasha, Kogome, and Shippo were heading to the Higurashi household, wondering if they could make it without running into anymore people.

They were wondering this because after their run in with Simon, they ran into a total of 14 homeless people, two crack addicts, one nosy policeman, and a deranged guy who kept alternating between humming "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen and screaming that God had told him to kill everyone on Earth.

"I hope they can get that man the help he needs."

"Listen, Kagome, they'll try their hardest, but he's probably not going to get any better. The only thing we know they can do is put him in a nice, safe place where he can't hurt any one."

"Well, yeah, but hoping can't hurt. Oh, we're here."

And as she said that, they turned a corner and saw the biggest house that ever existed. And leading to said house was about 100 steps going up the hill that the house rested on.

"Hey, Inuyasha, I'm exhausted. Carry me to the top."

"I'll do better than that. Get on my back."

And once she did so, he jumped all the way to the top of the stairs in an instant. And Shippo, who had been napping on Inuyasha's head, jumped off and yelled that he almost fell.

Kagome chuckled at the small kitsune youkai and knocked on her house's big, wooden door,

Inuyasha was apologizing to Shippo for the sudden wake-up when he was startled by a wolf demon that had just opened the door.

"Lady Kagome, welcome home. And who might these two be?"

"Oh, Ayame, this is Inuyasha. He's the replacement for Kaguya."

"Yes, she deserves what she gets for attempting to kill you."

"And this little guy is Shippo. He's Inuyasha's adopted son."

"Good, I will inform the maid that she needs to prepare a room."

"Excellent, Ayame. Oh, and say hi to Kouga for me."

Inuyasha turned to Kagome and said, "I don't think that slave owners are usually friends with their slaves."

"Yeah, well we've been called progressives and youkai lovers and everything in between, but we don't care. Well, let's go in, we want you acquainted with your new home as soon as possible."

For about 15 minutes Kagome showed them around the house, occasionally saying things like: "That's the servants' hallway, that's where you'll be sleeping." and, "That's the kitchen. We already have plenty of cooks so you won't be needed here that often." Then, as the trio was about to enter the family room, they ran into a youkai about Shippo's age.

"Well, hi Souten."

"Hi Kagome, I just wanted to see what the new guy looked like."

"Those are some pretty big words coming from such a little demon."

"Well I may be young, but I'm your sempai here, so you need to give me the respect I deserve."

"Now now, Souten, don't be too harsh. I know! Shippo, come here. Now Souten, I'm sure Shippo's bored, so why don't you go play together?"

Shippo looked up at Inuyasha as if to ask if it was okay.

"Go ahead; I'll fill you in later."

Souten took Shippo's hand and ran off towards the servants' quarters. And just like that, their trio became a duo.

"Hey Kagome. What did you say the youkai's name was?"


"Is she a thunder demon?"

"Yes, actually. How'd you know?"

"Because I overheard two youkais from school talking about their little sister, Souten.

Kagome, those youkais were two of the ones that we just killed."

"Damn, well then, Souten can never find out…Wait, why do you look so shocked?"

"I never would've thought that you'd be one to cuss."

"Well, that's what you get for judging someone so quickly. I mean, you barely know me. I could be a psychotic murderer that takes her slaves and tortures them to death for all you know. I mean, I'm not, but I could be."

Inuyasha was saved the embarrassment of admitting he had been hasty by the appearance of what he assumed was her family. And sure enough:

"Inuyasha, this is my mom, my brother, and my grandpa. Mom, this is Kaguya's replacement."

"How nice to meet you."

"He looks cool, sis."

"Demons, everywhere I look, I see demons. They're going to kill me, I just know it."

"I'm so sorry about my father, he was caught up in a slave riot in his younger years, and it seems to have traumatized him."

Seemingly out from nowhere, the old man pulled out a katana and swung at Inuyasha!

But Inuyasha was too fast, he sidestepped the attack, took the sword and broke it in two.

"Arg, I keep telling them not to let him near the swords. But they don't seem to listen; this is the 14th sword this month."

Turning to Inuyasha, she said:

"Again, I'm sorry about my father."

"It's not a problem, though you may want to put a lock on you weapons vault."

"Ha ha ha. I'll see what I can do."

And with that, the Higurashi adults left.

The brother didn't stay much longer. With a quick "Hi, I'm Sota." he ran back the way he came.

That left the duo alone again.

"So, Kagome, what will I be doing in this house."

"Oh, sorry, mom was supposed to explain. You will be my personal servant. And don't try to poison my food please. I don't want to go looking for another replacement so soon."

"Don't worry; I want to live…Wait a minute! Your personal servant!"

"Yeah, that's what I said."

"But shouldn't you get a female to be your servant?"

"Oh, come on. Be a man."

"That's the problem!"

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