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Too Good For Me

(pt. 1)



My bedroom door violently opened as light poured into my recently dark room. It's pretty obvious who the culprit was.

"EDWARD GET YOUR SCAWNY ASS UP! SCHOOL IS CALLING!" my brother Emmett…but of course. He continued singing the opening song to the Lion King.

Turing to my Star Wars Chewbacca alarm clock I see that it is only 6:30 in the morning. If school starts at 8:15 why the devil is it necessary to be up at this time? Oh wait; it's the first day of senior year. Epic, right? I think not.

I know Emmett will continue his romping down the halls so I gave up on my attempts at sleep. Before putting on my glasses I flicked the switch of the lamp that sat next to my bed.

I closed my eyes and stood up after trying to adjust my eyes to all this brightness.

"Ohh Edward!" he practically screamed.

"What do you want with my life Emmett?" my voice sounded extremely annoyed. Good.

"I have a surprise for you." he sang. "Do you want to know what it is?"

"Not really. There is a voice in my head saying that I should listen to you but I can barely hear it because there is an even louder voice screaming that I should just tell you to fuck off." I turned away from the giant standing in my door way and walked over to my dresser.

"IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SENIOR YEAR! YAY!" he completely disregarded my comment.

"Oh joy." the dullness was very relevant.

"Aren't you excited?" he asked. "I mean it's the year before college. This is the time we leave our marks for the future classes to see how awsome we are. We must prepare for the booze and hot chicks of freshman year at college. You cannot say that this isn't a blockbuster moment of life. It's like the beginning of the end."

His attempt at sounding smart almost made me laugh, almost.

"Oh my gosh Emmett, I just may piss my self from all of this excitement." Sarcasm. My favorite form of figurative language.

"You are such a bitch at times." Idiot. "At least try to look cool today. I heard from Newton that some new seniors are coming. They could be some hot chicks."

"Must you refer to girls as hot chicks. It's only slightly insulting to them." MORE sarcasm. I am on a roll today!

"Whatever. Hopefully Newton doesn't follow me around like he did last year. Jeez the kid is desperate for attention."

To be honest I could care less about Emmett and his friends. They are all annoying as hell. Except for Jasper, he is occasionally cool.

Emmett continued to blabber on about all the pranks he would pull and the girls he would bang. I was barely paying attention. Damn I need new clothes.

"You know Edward, you should get a girlfriend. Or maybe just a social life." I turned around at him extremely annoyed.

"Don't give me that look Edward. I know the damn story. You have 'responsibilities and college applications are on of the main ones'. Just get laid and maybe I would lay off you about it."

"I'm glad you understand that I have to keep my priorities in line. Maybe afterward I will consider a girl." I sighed. I have no chance with a girl anyway. I am not what you call a 'ladies man.'

"I am going to find you a girl by the end of this year if it's the last thing I do." he was so determined. How pathetic.

"Don't get your hopes up."

"If you don't want a girlfriend then I could help you come out the closet. Don't worry I support you in any gender you choose." that stupid grin. I wanted to wipe it off his face. I have a better alternative.

After slamming the door in his face I continued my search for an outfit. Good Lord I sound like a girl.


We got our schedules in the mail about a week ago so I was already excited about English being my first period. English, biology, and science came easy to me.

I finished arranging my locker and checked my watch. Two minutes until first period.

Then came the loud booming laughs. It was my brother and his football team buddies being loud and obnoxious as usual. That was one of the main things that annoyed me. Oh and lets not forget the side of sluts; Tanya and Lauren. There isn't a damn thing attractive about them. Stupid cheersluts. And then behind them was little Mike Newton trying to gain some attention.

Well Forks High, you have really out done yourself in the academic department. Sarcasm if you couldn't catch that.


Last period before lunch. Most people enjoy lunch. Personally, it is hell to me. The rejections I got last year from sitting at tables were pretty pathetic. Even Mike Newton doesn't like me near him even when he's alone. That's so sad.

You probably think I am friendless. I mean a few people are cool but not in a best friend way. The only people I really talk to are members of the Star Wars fan club and Alex Kegan. Not to sound like a character from a movie on Life Time but Alex is the only person who understands me. He is also an aspiring doctor. Sadly he isn't in my biology class.

So I sat alone in the very last table, lost in my thoughts until I felt someone close to me. I turned my gaze from the window to see her face.

"Um, hi" the words slipped from her beautiful lips.

I think that was the most marvelous "hi" I have ever heard ( I don't say that about just anyone either) The girl with the beautiful brown hair and deep chocolate eyes.

Sigh, I know where this is going. I lust after her while she hooks up with some muscular foot ball player. She is way too good for me anyways.

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