To the Soldier Without a Name

To the Soldier Without a Name

Midii Une sat down at her desk and took out a pen from the pen holder and pulled out a pad of paper from a drawer. On the top right hand corner, she wrote the date: December 24, AC 194, She hesitated before writing the greeting

"He probably doesn't remember me, I bet," she whispered, "I almost got him killed."

She put the pen at the left hand corner of the paper and wrote, "Dear No-Name,"

Midi smiled, "No-name, how typical. I can't believe he didn't have a name."

She remembered w hen she first laid eyes on him. His hair hanging over the right side of his face, those deep forest green eyes and his calm voice. She began writing again, "I'm not sure why I'm writing you and I don't know how this letter will find you. Today is Christmas Eve. You're supposed to be with your family on this day. My father is still sick, my three little brothers are older, but still younger and littler than I. And you told me I am happy? You have no idea what this is like. You have no family, no home, no obligations. You don't have to worry about buying gifts for anyone, you carry a special gift with you wherever you go. I don't know what it is, but it's something special. I feel it when I'm near you. Maybe that's what is about a soldier. I felt it when I first saw you."

Midi lifted the pen up and put the end to her lips, "what kind of thing to say is that?" she asked herself, "why can't I just go out and say it?" she tapped the pen against her mouth, searching more to say. She picked up her glass of eggnog. She drank. After a moment, she began the next paragraph.

"What is it about you anyway? I spent just a little time with you and already I learn things about you. You saved me, twice. Oh, No-name, how can I make you understand? I want to be with you. I wonder how you are spending your Christmas Eve, your holidays. I miss you. Do you miss me? Have you forgotten all about me? I never forgot about you, I can never forget you. I think of you everyday. Is it because I'm a spy that you left me those few years ago? Or is it that because you can't have anyone close to you? You don't want me to like you, is that it?"

She paused and decided to end the paragraph there. "It is true, he doesn't want anyone to like him." She told herself.

"Well, tough, No-name. I already like you. And I think I know why you don't like me back, you're afraid, is that it? It doesn't matter if you like me back or not. It won't change the fact that I like you, maybe I'm even in love with you."

She dropped the pen, "why did I write that? Could I really be in love with him?" she said out loud, "Yes, I am. I am in love with a soldier without a name."

With new feelings, she wrote again, "believe it or not, I do. We are the same, in some way or another. My heart will keep spying on you. You will be on my mind always. Remember me, because I will always remember you."

She took a breath, deciding to finish the letter there, "Love, Midii Une." Then she took out an envelope and addressed it, To the soldier without a name.


On the L3 colony, Trowa Barton, the soldier who had no name now had one. He still didn't have a past or a home, but he now had a name and a future. He looked out the window while holding a pad of paper, Dear Midii, I hope you haven't forgotten me, and I hope this letter finds you…

The End