"Livin' easy, livin' free… hhmmm hhmmm hhmmm… goin' down for d'e time… yer friends are gonna' be d'ere too… Ye're on the highway to hell… hiiiigghhwaaaay to hell…." The wrinkled, old janitor Jonesy Mills shuffled around the empty school's football court. He was completely consumed in his own thoughts.

"Ye're all gonna fry tonight ya little rodents. An' ye're all goin' straight back where ya belong."

The dark night swallowed the old man and hid him from prying eyes. Over a couple of weeks the local high school had gotten an increasingly alarming amount of moles in the football court. A couple of crashes in the football team so far, but nothing severe. Secretly the janitor thought this was a sign from a higher power to just cut the school football team.

"If they can't run without trippin' over their own feet they shouldn't be runnin' at all…"

But seeing as the football team brought in most of the money the school had, they couldn't afford to just cut it entirely. So because the school would rather spend money on overtime for the school janitor rather than a certified exterminator, the principal had decided to enlist the help of the slightly sadistic and less than lucid janitor. Jonesy was not a well liked man. He wasn't hated either, just a little feared. The kids all feared him. There were only a few who even dared to say hello when they passed him in the crowded halls. Some boy and his friend.

"What is the name of that boy…? Ahhrr screw it!" Unfortunately Jonesy was getting older. He forgot things.

The janitor was currently walking around the section of the football court riddled with molehills and plunging down iron rods. He then connected the iron rods to each other with metal wires. Raw steel wires that looked like something from a bad Frankenstein movie. If anyone would have been there that night they could have stopped the old man from ever connecting the wires to the generator resting beside the bleachers. The sickly yellow overhead lights illuminated the front part of the court and shone down on the lone figure traipsing around the court lost in his mind.

When the last wire had been placed Jonesy was about to turn on the "on" button. The more or less homemade generator hummed in expectation to be switched on when he heard a noise. It sounded like chirping. Or tiny giggles.

He turned and squinted into the dark. He then took off his glasses; 'cause them aint' never improved anythin' anyway. As he squinted into the dark he suddenly saw the furry, little rodent-devils popping their heads above the ground.

"What the hell…?" He pushed the worn ball cap of his head and turned to flick on the rest of the overhead lights. He heard a click and the hum of the energy saving light bulbs firing up. A half second later the court was bathed in bright, yellow lights. Then he saw them. Right there in the far corner of the field stood a dozen or so moles. They didn't seem to be bothered by the lights, but just continued to sniff the air like they were looking for something. He could hear their loud pitched squeals from across the court and matched them with a steady stream of profanities as he started walking towards them, shovel in hand.

"Those damn rodents! I'm gonna' make 'em wish they were never ripped from their momma's womb!" His angry, hissing curses covered the sound of squeaks behind him.

He reached the multiple molehills and started chopping away with the shovel. Angry curses flowing freely as he chopped away at the ground. He stumbled around among the iron poles desperate to get the pesky critters and barely missed the sounds behind him. He turned in time to see something he would never have believed had he not seen it with his own two eyes.

On top of the home-patched generator sat more than a dozen moles staring right at him. In the fake light from the projectors he saw their eyes light up and reflect with a sickly yellow color. He saw one of them jump down and turn on the generator a second before fear consumed him.

It hummed as it fired up and he saw the electrical sparks jump between the lines leading directly to where he was standing. He looked around in horror as the sparks shot through the raw metal wires and into the iron rods. He saw the wires light up like glow threads in lamps and saw the sparks travel among the rods stuck in the ground when it suddenly occurred to him that he was standing in the middle of it. The amps and volts coursed through heated iron pipes and into the higher layers in the ground and into the booted feet of Jonesy Mills as he watched in horror.

This was how he would forever be remembered by the ignorant kids at this damn school. The scary janitor that was stupid enough to electrocute himself.


All noise stopped as the electricity paralyzed every muscle in his body. His limbs stiffened and shook. His heart rattled in his chest and his diaphragm stopped pumping air into his lounges.

and then he was gone.