Summary: What if, when Willow does the reversal spell to end the spell to have her will be done, the effects of said spell are still in effect??

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A/N: Okay… so, I've been rather absent in the FF world of late due to sickness, but I've had this lil puppy sitting around on my flashdrive for months now and it's nagging has finally won me over. I'm completely obsessed with the episode 'Something Blue' and this lil scenario is one that came to me when I first saw the episode oh so long ago. So, tell me what you guys think!

Willow's eyes widened as she magically appeared in the dark crypt where her friends were currently struggling with demons. Was that Spike Buffy was kissing on the floor? Ekk! She closed her eyes, desperately trying to picture the page of the book where she had gotten the spell from, searching to remember the words to the reversal spell. Oh, thank the stars.

"Let the healing power begin

Let my will be safe again

As these words of peace are spoken,

Let this harmful spell be broken!"

She opened her eyes again as she finished the spell that would make this whole mess go away. Wait a second… she blinked, many times. This wasn't right. Nothing had changed! Xander and Anya were still fighting off demons and the blonde couple was still making out on the floor.

"Buffy!" shouted Xander, needing the assistance of his super-powered friend. She reluctantly parted from Spike, remembering that her friends needed her help. She jumped to her feet, pulling the vampire up with her.

He retreated to the side as she joined the fight. Willow saw him watch the Slayer nervously, his hands twitching as if he was only barely restraining himself from throwing punches by her side.

"What's going on?" she begged of the nonresponsive air. Evidently, Anya had heard her.

"You called Xander a demon magnet. Now he is!" the ex-demon glared at her for a moment before rushing back to her boyfriend. Willow's eyes widened again. Uh oh. How was she supposed to stop this? She already did the counter spell, but that must have simply taken away her ability to have her will be done. Right now, they needed protection. Unfortunately, the group had backed themselves into a tight spot.

"We need to get out of here!" Xander shouted.

"Well, glad you're here to point that out for all of us!" Spike retorted from the sidelines. "Care to suggest how w– Oi!"

Buffy slammed her fist into the side of a demon's face before spinning around to face her fiancé.

"You got an idea honey?"

The vampire ran to the back of the room. "Yeah!" he pulled up a sheet of metal from the floor, revealing a passageway beneath the ground. "This should lead us to the sewers. We can escape through there!"

The two shared excited grins.

"C'mon Xander!" Buffy shouted, kicking another demon square in the chest while grabbing Anya's upper arm, forcing her to spin around and follow the sprinting Slayer. Xander ducked a swing from a rather nasty-looking demon before doing the same.

"Hurry up, Red!" Spike shouted to the shock-frozen witch. She quickly stumbled forward as Xander jumped down the hole first, landing ten feet below and tucking into a roll. He quickly stood and caught his girlfriend. Anya stood up so the two of them could grab Willow's legs as Buffy lowered her friend into the hole. Spike then scooped his girlinto his arms and she promptly gave him a quick kiss. He leapt down, somehow closing the door above him, and landed on his two feet.

"I can't see anything!" Anya whined.

"This way," Spike declared, enhanced vampire sight guiding him to the sewer entrance. He lowered Buffy to her feetbut grabbed her hand, pulling her after him. Buffy grabbed Willow's hand behind her and the five formed a chain. When they reached the tunnels, everyone began to run, all hands dropping except those between the two couples. Spike led them through twists and turns.

"Where we headed?" he asked.

"Um…" Buffy thought fast. "Will, do you think you could fix the demon issue?"

Possibilities spun through her head. "Uhh… maybe," Willow panted. She was tired from all of the running. "I could try doing a protection spell… But, uh, I'll need stuff… I have some back at the dorms…"

"Ol' UC Sunnydale it is."