Hello Darlings. Hope you liked the story! Big thank you for all of your support! I've gotten nothing but great reviews for it, and it REALLY means a lot to me. Sticking through with me was a big deal, you have no idea. But there isn't a sequel anymore. I had drawn it out and dwindled it, and it was just really really sad.

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Remember This: Bella's a normal twenty year old girl, except for the abuse. When she wanders the streets of a ritzy neighborhood, she is found by Mike Newton, Edward Cullen's personal chauffer. With Alice's meddling, Bella is forced to move in with him. The only problem is that Bella suffers amnesia, and wakes up without memory multiple days a week, not to mention Edward's obvious annoyance with the middle class girl. With Bella's pain, Edward must find a way to accept his own past and find love with the only girl who may never truly remember him.

How Far We've Come: The world is dying. For Edward and his family of vampires, this news doesn't matter much for them. The humans would die, but animals would adapt. But the humans have a plan: a new, top secret, extremely selective colony on Mars. When Carlisle and his family are chosen to go, they take the chance to help the fragile humans and keep them healthy. What Edward wasnt expecting was Bella Swan. She wasn't chosen, but somehow she's trying to board her way to safety. Having her there risks the entire human race, and yet he can't turn her in and have a hand in killing her. Living in a new world and adapting to her father's death would be hard enough, but when you throw in a multitude of secrets, things are bound to fall sometime. And when they did, civilization was sure to end with a bang.